Does Pop Singer Jordin Sparks Have Shemar Moore Gasping For Air?

Tell me how Shemar's supposed to breathe with no air? Former soap star Shemar Moore has Hollyweird buzzing over his arrival at last Wednesday's 35th Annual Peoples' Choice Award in L.A. with the much younger, if not restless, Jordin Sparks on his arm. Sparks, who has reportedly pledged to remain a virgin until marriage, and recently praised fellow squeaky clean singers The Jonas Brothers, took home the award for Favorite Combined Forces (Is that some sort of Star Trek lingo?) for her duet with Chris Brown, "No Air" (Best song of 2008 in my opinion!).  Hmmm, I wonder how dating the Criminal Minds star, who has been one of Hollywood's most sought after sex gods for going on two decades, figures into the former American Idol contestant's plans to remain chaste?



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Well she certainly isn't going to remain a virgin if she keeps hangs around him
Liason love remains the same...

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Why not, a lot of man find that marrying a virgin is quite marvellous, and might I add unique!?!

Most man still thinks that there is two kind of woman; the one you sleep with and don't marry and the one you marry! It is that atavistic!

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He's a big time player so I hope that's not true.

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The youngest winner in the history of the show American Idol Jordin Sparks has released a second album. At each of the tracks, it is different, everything sounds easy, and blazing interest.