Heather Locklear Is A Wanted Woman

Heather Locklear is a wanted woman. E! Online's Mark Malkin is reporting that Locklear has been approached to reprise her role as Amanda Woodward. Also of interest in the article is that Malkin's source told him "I don't think anyone else from the original has been approached yet." If true it would mean that Lisa Rinna, who told Malkin earlier this year "I would do it in a heartbeat", hasn't been contacted.

Would a Melrose remake need Heather Locklear?


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OH SWEET BABY JESUS, CHRISTMAS DONE COME LATE THIS HERE, YEAR! Forget Shannen or Tori on Nu-None-0-2-1-0, Amanda Woodward is back BITCHES! Get outta my office Alison!

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Heather is the reason I started watching MP in the first place; that's when it finally heated up and she was the one who saved it from early oblivion. It ain't Melrose without Miss Heather! Also Melrose would be a better place for Vanessa Marcil to land than Port Chuck.