Joy and Elisabeth Duke It Out Over Sarah Palin

Today it was almost as if The View took a step back in time. Controversial film maker John Siegler had Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck duking it out over the November presidential election and Sarah Palin, while Whoopi, Barbara and Sherri tried to get a word in edge wise. Siegler dropped by The View to promote his new documentary Media Malpractice. For those who have missed the pre election sparring, the second clip you’ll particularly enjoy.  

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    First off, Palin was running as vice president, not president. I’m no fan of Elisabeth, but Joy has got to be fired, she’s a raging bitch. She never shuts her fat mouth up. I’m sorry, my loathing for her is way hi.

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    Courtney fan4life

    I am a dem and I loved Obama! But I still respect Elizabeth and her views and Joy needs to learn some respect and respect others views. Going on oh we won yea is childish. But I’m not surprised. JOY GROW UP!

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    Luke Kerr

    It’s also very interesting that before the election Joy couldn’t stand it when people used the "patriotic" card, but that is exactly what she used in one of the clips.

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    I love how Siegler says that the media was “in the tank” for Obama. Well, anyone with good sense was for the man, especially after the eight years we have just endured — and we will evidently feel the affects of the Bush administration for years to come.

    The reason that the McCain/Palin ticket was defeated was that they spouted the same ol’ crap Bush has been spouting for years and people didn’t want to hear that noise — and for good reason.

    Republicans haven’t the first thing about how to help this country; they only know how to help their cronies and themselves.

    I’m no fan of Joy’s, but I know how she feels: she’s just frustrated that these so-called conservatives won’t admit the truth even when they’re hit over the head with it: Bush was the worst president ever — and the Republican Party is nothing but a bunch of self-righteous, morally deficient nitwits.

    Obama won. Get over it and the truly patriotic thing: support our president!

    My personal theory? Ken Corday is a Republican.

    Nuff said…

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    J Bernard Jones
    What I find odd (he says sarcastically) is that Palin in the interview continues blaming campaign staff for her screwing up her own interview with Couric. After all, the reason the Couric interviews — every single one of them — went badly was not because of Katie Couric OR Palin’s handlers. The reason all of her interviews with Couric and the majority of the other televised interviews that she had were so disastrous was because of the words that came out of Palin’s own mouth.

    As for The View today, was Joy disrespectful? Yes. Why? Because it’s the-shoe-is-on-the-other-foot-syndrome on both sides of the political spectrum. For 8 years, conservatives gloated over being in power and played the anti-patriotism card against anyone who disagreed with them and liberals waxed about inclusion and being left out of the process. Now the situation is reversed politically, with one notable exception: the former President now back in Crawford could have cared less about inclusion because in his words, "you are either with us or against us." On the other hand, the current President from Illinois is reaching out to Republicans and conservatives on a variety of issues, even though he doesn’t have to on many issues in order to push through his agenda. I’m far more comfortable with the latter, than the former. That Palin would whine about having been mistreated is a big boo-hoo to me. If she wanted to have been treated differently, she should have had better answers to a lot of easy questions.

    In regard to Joy, as Whitney Houston once said, it’s not right, but it’s ok.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The reason the media went after Palin’s pregnant daughter is because the Right Wing, Conservative Stance against teen pregnancy ALWAYS looks down on liberal women and minorities when they get knocked up out of wedlock!!! It shows her blatant hypocrisy and her inability to even foster her one-sided beliefs in her own household, let alone, her misguided efforts to keep sex ed out of schools throughout Alaska. A prophet needs to be able to lead their OWN house, before they tell me about mine! And YOU GO BABS! Forget Joy and Elisabeth, they are both two yapping pups in this clip, but Babs defended the game and pointed out that Palin set herself up for failure because of how doggone stupid she came off! Did you hear this:

    Sarah: It was told me that we were going to do another segment.

    I’m sorry, but we had eight years of a world leader who couldn’t freaking talk, I do not want my vice-president to sound like an idiot and I know plenty of Republicans who feel the same way. What happened to the days of the Republicans being the elitest? The well-heeled, the well-spoken. Do we really want her going to England and telling Tony Blair, "It was told me we needed to do a sit down?" I don’t.

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    J Bernard Jones

     You are right, Revafan: the only reason why the President on the United States of America won the election is because "Color people voted for him" — black, Latino, white, Native American, Pacific Asian Islander, lavender, magenta, fuschia, navy blue, ultraviolet, tangerine…..

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    Jamey Giddens

    The only reason why "that man won" is becuase most of the Color people voted for him. Also Demicats are what got us in this "Economy Mess", first the deconcats gave moragtes to anyone..
    That is a ridiculous lie. Blacks make up 10 percent of this country, PLENTY of white folks  and others voted for him too. And I will not stand here and let this accomplished, IVY  LEAGUE educated individual’s accomplishments be MINIMIZED by his race. Jesse Jackson was black too, America didn’t vote him in. The only reason BUSH won was his last name…

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    Jamey Giddens

     You are right, Revafan: the only reason why the President on the United States of America won the election is because "Color people voted for him" — black, Latino, white, Native American, Pacific Asian Islander, lavender, magenta, fuschia, navy blue, ultraviolet, tangerine…..
    THANK YOU! ALL the white folks at my office voted for Barack, hell they were on his team when I was still repping for Hillary! What more did Bush have to do for this country for people to realize it was a DISMAL mistake to ever put him in office? We’re in a zillion dollar war (based on faulty intel), and facing a billion dollar receession, all because he came from a presidential oil dynasty. Bush went home a hero in Texas. He did exactly what the big oil folks in Houston sent him  to do. Bankrupt the country, while Exxon and the like bled us all dry. Go look at the Forbes list! No oil company is hurting. Dick Cheney’s former company Haliburton got all the contracts to rebuild Iraq, after Bush went over there and tore it up. Thank GOD it’s all behind us now. America has spoken, deal with it! Barack won, without a crocked brother in Florida to fix the elections.

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    Jamey Giddens

    It’s also very interesting that before the election Joy couldn’t stand it when people used the "patriotic" card, but that is exactly what she used in one of the clips.
    That was a reaction to eight years of being told you were unpatriotic if you DARED to speak out about Bush. Well, what’s good for the Democrat is good for the Republican. If it was unpatriotic to speak out about Bush, then it’s unpatriotic to speak out about Obama, ESPECIALLY since he has yet to, you know, plunge us into a war based on a lie.

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    The war was no lie, the Bidladin pple came over here and took town two of our building or are forgetting that??? And who would Bush want to banrupt our country? And the oil pple are hurting becuase their dam CEO and Excitives are and the owners of the dam oil companys are so dam greeddy.. Same goes for the automobile crisis.

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    Jillian Bowe

    COLOR people? Are u serious?! People still using that term? As Stephanie Tanner would say on Full House, "HOW RUDE!" I wish people would stop saying that Pres. Obama got in because of that. Obviously people of ALL COLOR got tired of the old regime and decided something was better and he was it. Jamey, Al Sharpton ran also and COLOR people didn’t vote for his ass either so that entire theory is such a crock of you know what. Joy was right on the money! She had also said something before that Sherri had to contend with and Whoopi as well, if this were a MINORITY teen pregnant, the right wing would be all over that family like flies to doo-doo. Sarah can’t have it both ways, you can’t trot your child out one min to make yourself look good and then cry foul. Katie Couric asked her one simple question, "What newspaper do you read," and she (Palin) tried to make it look lik e Couric was trying to say people in Alaska don’t read newspapers. She got played and she needs to own up to her mess. STILL bugging out over the COLOR remark.

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    Jamey Giddens

    There are more Black people in this country than there is whites and other races.
    :O :O

    And who is he sending our money over to other countrys so other woman can kill thier fetus??
    Oh…right, conservatives say abortion is wrong because it’s murder right, and the bible says though shalt not kill…so…why again did a Republican president start a war??? What would Jesus say about that??? What about the death penalty? It’s wrong to kill a fetus that has no feelings or emotions, but it’s perfectly okay to bomb a tenament in Iraq because they "heard" a terrorist was there and then apologize about all the innocent women and children who were in that tenament, who most definitely could feel pain???

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    Jamey Giddens

    if this were a MINORITY teen pregnant, the right wing would be all over that family like flies to doo-doo.
    And they have, for YEARS! That COW Ann Coulter just wrote a book trashing minority mothers for having kids out of wedlock, when her HOME GIRL Sar-Sar couldn’t keep her own damn child’s legs closed! 

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    Jamey Giddens

    am done arguing. Jamey you will see he will SREW ALL OF US OVER.!
    Honey it couldn’t get ANY WORSE! Read the paper! The country’s finances are BLEEDING OUT! Democrats didn’t do that! The Big Automakers don’t lobby democrats, the oil companies don’t lobby Democrats.

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    Jamey Giddens

    And then there’s that DRUG ADDICT Rush Limbaugh, the voice of the Reblican media, who said drug addicts should go to prison for life, yet he’s out buying pain killers in back allies! HYPOCRITES!

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    Jamey, you are right on. The right wing needs to realize that they lost and need to redefine themselves and get their acts together. I think people are sick of the Republicans act like “holier than thou” when they are just as flawed and human just like everyone else. I sick of them acting like they know everything and don’t know s#$t. I do believe that you can’t preach one thing and do another. I feel that the Republican can realize that just because you two parents in the home and have morals doesn’t mean they not going to make big mistakes. I feel they look down on single mothers and now her daughter is a single mother. I feel that any one can make a mistake, but it takes a bigger person to admitted it and have empathy for others.

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    Jillian Bowe

    There u go! Ann had to back up when Whoopi was about to lay into her. How worse can it get now? God the man ain’t in office a month and you just have people being silly by not giving him a chance… Then again some of them still say COLORED!

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    Some of you need to just stick to soaps, and stay OUT of politics. We all know why Obama got elected. He got elected because he was new start, he was young, inspiring, eloquent, yada, yada, yada. I like the man, and hope he does well, but the liberal media and the color of the skin helped him get elected. And Democrats and Republicans are EQUALLY to blame for the economy. We can thank Bill Clinton for allowing everyone in America to get a loan approval, and the banking industry. We can thank George Bush for not doing anything about it. (Even though he and othe Repubs. warned about this all going down) Now, are we all happy?

    As for Joy- She is the loudest, big mouth liberal I have EVER encountered. She should be banned from T.V. She will say anything just to have something to bitch about. At least Whoopi and the rest of them have a little of intelligence to spout. Elisabeth is not always right, but I give her credit for putting up with those onesided liberal bitches everyday of her life. Anyone else ready for her and her pregnancy hormones to go raging? (:

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    Republicans suck in every way: they sucked the marrow out of the bones of this country and sucked the life out of their own party. Republicans are the reason this country is in the crapper. And if Revafan001 is the typical (presumably white) Republican voter, then excuse me while I hit my knees and thank God that Obama won!

    And, btw, when did bring liberal become a bad thing? I’d much rather be liberal than a hate-mongering conservative douchebag who has permanently crawled up Rush Limbaugh’s ample drug-addled ass.

    And so what if the media’s liberal? They get to see people like Bush close up and know what an uncaring jackass of a president he was. Are there actually people who are proud that they voted for Bush/Cheney TWICE? Then take your share of the credit for the sewer this country has become over the past eight years.

    Seems to me people throw around terms like liberal when someone doesn’t agree with them. I’ve thought lately that I would never vote for another Republican for as long as I live, and Revafan001 has convinced me to stick to that vow!

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    If it where the color of his skin that got him elected than what the heck got the other 43 men that came before him elected? Is the media biased? YES! But the same liberals that are on television now were there 4 years ago when Bush got reelected. If minimizing PRESIDENT OBAMA’s victory is what it takes to make you feel better than go ahead. But what I will always remember most about November 4, 2008 is not that just the first black president was elected but that I saw people of all colors and ages and beliefs crying and joined together.

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    Bangel Angle

    All these party-liners need the shut it up. The mess we’re in now is a bi-partisan mess. Its not only because of Democrats or Republicans.

    Bush didn’t have filibuster-proof numbers in the Senate when he was president and he needed Democrats to approve his plans in the House.

    Blame the ex-president all you want for other crap like response to Katrina and Iraq blunders, but the economy is all Congress, both Republican and Democrats. Because they hold the purse strings.

    Just like the first half of the bailout that disappeared with no real regulations was a bi-partisan blunder.

    When it passed, both Obama and McCain was proud to have it approved. And now that Obama’s president, he’s upset about how it was handled. Maybe he should have thought about that while he was still a senator. Because back then, he refused to go to Washington *before* it was passed and work to make a better bill. Why? Because he was campaigning.

    So don’t give me this mess about how bad the republicans or the democrats are. They all are full of crap and need to get their act together.

    And I like Palin. I may not agree with her about everything, but she’s genuine. Just because you don’t agree with her doesn’t make her stupid. Look at her record. She’s a alright politician… if you can use the word “politician” and “alright” in the same word.

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    And lots of non-blacks worked on his campaign.

    These silly episodes whereby anyone with a book deal can discredit Obama’s steps to get into the White House are laughable and nothing compared to our troubles with the economy today.

    Instead of writing books on how to make things better, they rather put their pens to creating dissension and placing blame. Conversations on “Who did it first” mean little when people are losing their homes and out of jobs.

    Who’s going to fix those problems? Certainly not John Siegler, Joy, or EH; and something tells me they couldn’t even if they tried. And let’s not get started with Sarah Palin, she couldn’t get one complete sentence out of her mouth the entire election.

    NO one is entitled to anything in this world, not even 15 minutes a fame. Sarah Pain should count herself lucky.

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    Jamey Giddens

    but the liberal media and the color of the skin helped him get elected.
    No one said it didn’t help. Sure it helped, just like the skin color of the past 40 odd ones helped THEM too…

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    I totally agree with you both J Bernard and Scout–especially your Whitney line J Bernard.

    I’ve gotten to the point now where I just laugh when a Repubs tries to scapegoat “liberal media” for some dumb-ass comment one of their own makes–or just the dumbassness in general of one of their own. It’s become like the dog-ate-my homework excuse. Couric asked Palin the most straightforward questions imaginable–and questions than ANYBODY could have predicted. Palin was either not prepared or not capable enough or both to answer them competently. End.of.story.

    As for who voted for Obama…I live in the yuppie central part of Dallas, Texas. This community is mostly lily-white and has for all the previous years I’ve lived here been vehemently Red State-leaning with a few lone duck Democrats like myself. But in this past election, the majority of my surrounding voting districts, made up of mostly white folks like myself, and indeed Dallas County as a whole voted for Obama.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The liberal media, the liberal media, America woke up, people can’t deal, so they blame the media. The media skewed left when Bush got elected two times, face it, America was ready for a change. The media didn’t get Barack elected, what he stands for did. Don’t hate, congratulate.

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    Bangel Angle

    The media is pretty liberal. That’s not all bad, because no one turns on a Democrat quicker than another Dem. The only time Republicans turn on each other is if it involves a sex scandal.

    The media has always been pretty must to the left just like talk radio is pretty much to the right. That’s because, look at where most of the national media comes from… areas that are basically liberal (some even extremely liberal).

    The media played a big part in getting Barack Obama elected. But so did his campaign. I hate when people act like the man isn’t a politician. He knows how to talk one way and slip and slide the other way to work a deal. The media chose not to show him as that because we wanted a Cinderella story.

    But people need to stop putting Obama on a pedestal. That’s how you get your feelings hurt. See that man as he is… because a man on a pedestal falls hard (ask Spitzer, Blago, Edwards…) Heck, part of the reason Bush got in there was because of B. Clinton’s clipped wings.

    Democrats, need to stop acting like they’re the peace makers and Repub. are either evil or stupid.

    Rush Libaugh is an a-hole. But Rachael Maddow isn’t? Yeah, she is. Sarcastic, know it all, a-hole. Which one you like depends on how you like your hole served to you.

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    Wow this got very heated, maybe everyone just needs to be sure to take a deep breath, and relax a bit before they reply lol.

    Now on the subject of Obama in office, I do not agree with him, I did not vote for him
    and there are multiple reasons why, and he has proved to me in the ‘little’ time he is in
    office what the next 4 years are going to be like, I am worried for our country, we are
    in a time of ‘change’ but the question then becomes is Obama going to make the
    changes the need to happen that will allow for a positive outcome or not.

    I am scared for the country, i am worried about a lot of things, would i be worried if
    McCain was in office? Yea, but he isn’t so that isn’t a question.

    Obama has been elected, he is our president, and like it or not that is just the way it is.

    Now it is up to us the people to decided if the choices he makes are worthy or not, I hope
    that the people that voted for him were right, that he will be a good leader, but nothing i have seen
    has showed me that he is the man i wanted in that posistion.

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    I understand what you’re saying, Johnathon, because I feel the same way about McCain — having him in the Oval Office would have made me very uneasy.

    I just feel like this: say what you will about Clinton, but he got a blow job and left us with a surplus. Bush, dry drunk that he is, got us into this mess of a war and left our ecomony in shambles.

    I was initially for HRC in ’08, but Obama got the nom and I voted for him instead. Of course, there’s reasons not to trust the Dems, but the GOP has shown its true face the past 15 years, and damn, is it ever ugly!

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    After 12 years of complete house & senate control 1994 – 2006 and 6 years of complete control under BUSH 2001 – 2007 the REPUBLICON PARTY needs to shut it’s mouth sit back and take it’s medicine…look at our country with unemployment headed toward 10% by the end of the year. I think it’s safe to assume that if the shoe was on the other foot…the REPUBLICONS would be throwing everything at the democrats oh yeah that already happened back in 2001 when anyone that disagreed with BUSH was a traitor or presumed unamerican. I will never forget how the REPUBLICONS here in my home town treated us …now sit back and take your medicine…between those worthless tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% and his obsesive war on IRAQIS we now have to pay for BUSH and his multitude of mistakes for many years to come…how dare they try to defend themselves to us that knew better all along …they should all be ashamed.

  31. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    After reading all this I’m really proud of my fellow AMERICANS that are sick of Republicans lying to us. Republicans think that people are going to believe their crap after everything they did while they had complete control…well I don’t think so. What I’ve read on here tonight is a wonderful example of our freedonm to say it like it is…and not be banned for doing so…case in point JOY on the View has every right to bitch after all she votes and pays the taxes that these dumb bastards have wasted making themselves rich over the past years under REPUBLICON control. I really want to thank JAMEY you nailed it everytime…I just love you!!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Democrats, need to stop acting like they’re the peace makers and Repub. are either evil or stupid.

    And Republicans need to stop acting like they’re the party God wants in the White House and Democrats are all amoral, godless hedonists. Especially when several in their ranks are voting against gay rights with one hand while trying to find a little action in airport mens rooms with the one foot.

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    Bangel Angle

    So some Repub.are hypocritical on gay rights. So what? Some Dems are hypocritical on racism, women rights, and true government reform.

    And Repub. are not the only one that vote against gay rights, but they’re the only ones taken to task for it.

    Just like the ten Democrats that didn’t vote for the stimulus bill. I keep thinking who are these guys and why didn’t they tow the party line… and why do we expect the opposition to?

    Anyone who walks the party line gets on my nerves. Democrats don’t lie? Don’t steal? Aren’t filling that stimulus bill with a bunch of pork to help open some doors for them politically? Meanwhile borrowing money from foreign countries like they’ve got one big Visa credit card– paid for by our future.

    Its stupid to blame all our problems on one party, when both are too blame. Its crazy to give one party total control of Washington. There’s a little thing called checks and balances.

    We messed up when we gave Repub. all the control. Then we think its smart to do the same thing with the Democrats, total control? Absolute power corrupts absolutely.It doesn’t matter which party it is.

  34. Profile photo of Scout

    Talk political theory all you want, folks, the bottom line is that this country was dragged completely down into the shi++er by a Republican: George W. Bush. And how did he do it? With his Republican-instilled entitlement, oh-so high moral ground and…well, remember what Dorian did to David under that table? Think of GWB as Dorian and David as the big oil companies.

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    Bangel Angle

    RevaFan doesn’t speak for the right any more than a Joy speaks for the left. They’re extreme and in some ways very ignorant… used to push buttons one way or the other.

    I ignored that stupid comment about colored people (I want someone to call me colored to my face…) Its just simple-minded flame-baiting.

    I don’t agree with attacking Palin. She’s done a lot of good in Alaska. And I don’t put Obama in the greatness category, because he’s just a man and a politician at that. To steal a line from Bush: let history judge him. He’s only been in there a couple of weeks.

    This is what I say to those who want revenge for the last eight years– get over it.

    Let’ fix this country without trying to demonize this country. Because Bush didn’t get into power alone. Bush had plenty of Democratic support to pass his plans. I can’t think of one bill that was signed into law with zero Democratic support. Not one.

    So the Repubs failed our absolute power test. Now its the Dem. turn and we think they’re going to pass with flying colors. No one passes with flying colors.

  36. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    First Palin opened herself up when she agreed to run with Mccain…then she spewed her hatered toward Obama and from there everything she said was pretty stupid…that’s not the fault of the media that’s her damned fault. As Bush and his 8 years they speak for themselves…we are seeing the fall out of that mess everytime we turn on the news and here of thousands more jobs lost DAILY. Democrats are not perfect by no means,but they do care about the hard working and the poor. Republicans only care about BIG money,and who everybody is sleeping with…then they hide behind the theory of smaller government. Bush has out spent every president in history!!! are deficit is so big that the deficit clock in Ny can’t even count the numbers anymore. I want to ask people to name at least 5 things in eight years that BUSH did for the better of this country…come on just name five laws he passed that helped everyone in this country without violating peoples freedoms & privacy.

  37. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington


    While I agree that Sarah Palin brought all of this on herself but don’t rope all Republicans together because there are some who really do want what is best for the USA they just have a different I dea of what the best is. I’m not an American but I’m from a country whose politicians make the most repugnant Republican look good.

    I think many people such as yourself who were treated badly by a large number of Republicans during the W years feel very justified now and any attacks on Barack Obama leaves them smarting. I was never completely conviced by President Obama, to me he’s an unknown entity and I live by the code “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t”. But he is the legitimate elected president who has been in office barely a month and I think people should give him a grace period of six months with no expectations or criticisms. Let him do his job with every one’s support and then if he screws up royally he can be called to task but if he starts to succed then he should be given the tributes due to him which he RIGHTLY deserves.

  38. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Mrs Adam Carrington ICAM. Pres. Obama hasn’t been in office a full month and already you have people acting up. Give the man a chance for goodness sakes. DoobieKat, you are on the $$$. You can’t cry foul after trotting your kids out to the media. You either keep them at bay or not.

  39. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    John Ziegler ( the correct spelling of his name ) is a garbage mouth that was sued here in Louisville ,Ky for sexual harassment & lost his job on 84-WHAS AM for that sexual harassment back in the late 90’s right here in old Louisville. I wouldn’t take a word of his garbage seriously…he is nothing more than a double crossing womanizer that everyone here in Louisville knows about. He was well known in Louisville to be a liar …that would lie about anything or anyone if it could make him a dollar.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Bangle Angle, you are absolutely correct, both sides can be hypocritical, and both sides are to blame about what is happening in our country, me personally, I am over the whole concept of the "moral majority", because that is insulting just plain not true, to attempt to drive home the propoganda that "conservatives" are good, Christian and moral, while "liberals" all want free love, and for people to be able to marry their poodles. I am sure it is also insulting to Republicans the whole notion that they are all war-mongerers and racist. I know that isn’t the case, but when a "charmer" like RevaFan is the one speaking for the Right it tends to incite a reaction.

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