Mac Attack?

A fairy godmother has told me that The Young and the Restless has cast Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) missing in action granddaughter. Amanda Aardsma has landed the plum role of the Chancellor heiress. As reported before, Mac doesn’t make her Genoa City return until March. From what I’m hearing some fans may be happy with the newest development with Mac’s return.

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    Will I be the only person upset over the fact that our belowed Ashley Bashioum either couldn’t or won’t return to the soap?

    Anyway, I would like some Mac on our screens, but I don’t know how this recast will do.

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    She looks like a Mac to me. For the rest we will have to wait and see.

    Happy with the newest development!? DNA won’t lie and resolve this insanity about Katherine and Jill as mother and daughter! >) :)

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