The Young and the Restless Weekly Promo

Farewell Brad along with that lovely body and speedo of yours…. Please note: The clip is best viewed in Firefox and not Internet Explorer.

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    Brad is So much better as an actor than alot of these new kids on Y & R. Colleen, Eden, Abby. They are all horrible actors. I know they are Young, but so is Theo, Noah and they are great actors. Brad should NOT be killed off Rather than Killing him off they should just leave him as Missing in action and bring him back at a later time. He is a veteran actor and should stay on Y & R. But I know writers don’t take into account what the viewers would like. Regardless, Y & R is a great soap opera and will continue to watch.

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    I like Abby too. And I think the actress is great. As for Eden … no change there. Sanders or Marano … I don’t care for the character.

    The promo looks really, really good! In fact, I love it! Looks like we will have another great week – which we always have since October!
    As for Sursok, I don’t know … I think I learned to live with her, but that’s all. Will never loving her and would still be very happy, if she would leave.

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