Who Should Zach Be With?

Now that Kendall’s (Alicia Minshew) awake the show’s writing is making it look like she may have to fight to keep her man and prevent her sister’s fiance Reese (Tamara Braun) from stealing Zach (Thorsten Kaye) out from under her hospital bed.

Who do you want Zach with?

Who Should Zach Be With?

  • Someone else (9%, 119 Votes)
  • Reese (17%, 218 Votes)
  • Kendall (74%, 933 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,270


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26 Responses

  1. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    If Reese wasn’t with Bianca than that would be a good triangle..I think Thorstan and Tamara have great chemistry together.

    Poor Binks

    And with Greenlee leaving Kendall needs someone to have bitch fights with..I think Reese can give her a run for her money

  2. Profile photo of seasonb

    Kendall just because once a character has stated a million times “I am a lesbian” it would be nice for them to actually be a lesbian. Character consistency and social responsibility aside, whatever keeps Tamara Braun’s talents on my screen works for me.

  3. Profile photo of luv_bytes

    I’m not sure what show you are talking about in the description but it sure as hell isn’t the AMC that I have been watching. Personally I don’t see any chemistry between Zach and Reese, and why would I?
    The chemistry between Zach and Kendall is enough to blow up my big screen. I haven’t seen the show writing that Kendall will have to fight to keep her man, she already has her man. AMC should try writing something better to keep their fans or what little they have left.

  4. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Writing a good triangle is tricky and I dont see this one as having much potential. Yes I see chem between reese and Zach but having a man develop feelings for another woman WHILE HIS WIFE IS IN A COMA is not a good way to building a triangle (a coma I might add came about as a result of her risking her life to protect their children). I think most women will see him as a skunk and reese as an inteloper – all the sympathy will be pretty much one-sided (Kendall’s) A triangle only works IMHO when the audience can see rooting for both sides.

  5. Profile photo of Kea

    I vote Reese. I love the chemistry that her and Zach share, I could definitely see something more between them. I’m all for it, especially if it means keeping Tamara on my screen longer!

  6. Profile photo of KathyNYC

    This triangle makes no sense..period. Zach..who supposedly donated sperm for Bianca to make a baby because “he would anything for her”..moves in on the woman that Bianca loves without regard to how this would make her feel? Yeah that makes sense..NOT.

    Not that anything in this storyline makes a lick of sense. It’s all a contrived mumbo jumbo mess.

    Reese cannot leave Pine Valley soon enough for me. The lack of decency in any of this is nauseating.

  7. Profile photo of babyc

    Reese needs to leave Pine Valley, alone. I don’t want to ever hear from her again. Not only she ruined Bianca, Zach, Kinks, Zendall and Zinks, but she also may the cause for even more Rendall or whatever it’s called. God, CoolReese is Babe 3.0!!

  8. Profile photo of At50

    I like TB but Reese is a terrible character. She’s whiny,needy,confused, selfish and weak. The Reese/Zach relationship makes little sense and has ruined the same-sex storyline with Binks and made Zach look like a disloyal jerk for flirting with his sister in laws fiance well his wife was in a coma.

  9. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    What triangle? I don’t see it on Zach’s side. He is just being a friend. Reese maybe slightly flirty over friendly. Of course, they did have an ambiguous scene where out of the blue Zach talks about feeling not acted upon. Was he talking about his feelings or Reese’s? Then Reese says she has to know what his feelings are. Why? oy veh. I think this damages the wedding story more than making Zach look unfaithful.

  10. Profile photo of tyjuniorweb

    He needs to stick with his wife, Kendall. As far as I’m concern, a triangle is not even possible with him, Kendall, and Reese because Reese is a lesbian, or at least that is the character she should be portraying. All this chemistry testing that they’ve been doing between Zack and Reese has only succeeded in a huge backlash against the character of Reese. If there needs to be a triangle, it should be Kendall/Zach/Bianca (and not in the romantic sense, but because Bianca has given him a daughter, something Kendall will never be able to say she did first if she were to become pregnant in the future.)

  11. Profile photo of baby57

    Reese is a lesbian who is in love with Bianca. Turning her Bi or straight is a slap on the face and insult to the lesbian community. Reese character is ruined, especially if she betray Bianca with the father of their child they created together and Bianca’s who they ruined her life because of their betarayl. AMC better take their lost and send Reese packing because she has no rootable value. She will only turn viewers away and help the downfall of the ailling show.

    If Pratt is really salivating and so in love of his Carly/Tamara Braun to feed his fantacy, He should send her away for a while and bring her back as a different character.

  12. Profile photo of season1217

    How is Reese being bi or straight a slap in the fact to the lesbian community? I find many, many, many things wrong w/ this s/l but Reese and Zach bonding and Reese seeming confused about her sexuality are not one of them. Reese was in a heterosexual relationship before she met Bianca. So is it a slap in the fact to heteros for her to be a lesbian or bi?

    So many people complain about there not being diversity or complex characters or stories on soaps but when soaps do attempt to write something new people complain about that.

  13. Profile photo of dragonfly

    Zach has no interest in Reese other than friendship and the whiny witch will soon understand that. Why?
    Why would Zach feel anything romantic for a woman who is suposed to be a lesbian in love with his sister in law? Please, he has Kendall…. Reese/Kendall? Where’s the choice?

    Let’s see exactly what Reese/TB have done for AMC:

    1. Ruined the previously beloved character of Bianca leaving tons of fans never wanting to see ER back again.
    2) Has made Zach look clueless as she decides that maybe she’s not really a lesbian but has fallen in love with a man

    3) Raised the ratings…. not hardly.

    4) Created a character that is a joke, complete joke and is hated by so many fans.

    The best thing for AMC is for TB to follow ER out of PV. My wish is that Reese leave in a bodybag.

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    Why would Zach feel anything romantic for a woman who is suposed to be a lesbian in love with his sister in law? Please, he has Kendall…. Reese/Kendall?

    Why would he decide to impregnate said sister-in-law when he’s married to fertile Myrtle? Also, Reese didn’t ruin Bianca. The out of character writing did.

  15. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I voted for Zendall because I *don’t* want Zach/Resse nut I wouldn’t mind Kendall hooking up with someone else, like JR., and stirred up trouble.
    I don’t mind the character of Resse and love T.B. so I wouldn’t mind her stating on the show if she hooked up with someone else perferably a woman!

  16. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Had Tamara Braun been casted as Kendall I would have wanted (Thorsten/Tam) Zendall in a heartbeat. Since Alicia renewed her contract I still really want to root for Zendall. Alicia and Thorsten’s chemistry is off the chart. We don’t need a triangle we need a good solid storyline for the couple.

    I love the character of Reese but I don’t really see her hanging PV if Bianca leaves. Staying in Pine Valley while her wife and 2 kids head home sounds horrible. At this point I don’t really see a triangle working out where both sides are equal. That said anything Tamara is on I will tune in for…please DON’T PAIR HER WITH RYAN PLEASE!!!

  17. Profile photo of season1217

    The thing is that sometimes narrow-minded people are right. Some say that black people only voted for Obama because he was black. The truth is not all black people voted for Obama and I’m sure the majority that did did it because they felt he was a better choice but there were some blacks that did vote for Obama because he is black. Reese’s parents may be saying she’s confused because they don’t want her to be a lesbian but that’s not to say that it’s not the truth. Not everything is black and white. Sometimes the “bad guys” are right and sometimes the “good guys” are wrong.

    Everything about this s/l shows Reese, Bianca and Zach to be selfish and thoughtless. The fact that Bianca was with Reese for 5 minutes when they both decided it would be a good idea for Bianca to get pregnant by her sister’s husband w/o consulting her sister is the definition of selfish and thoughtless.

  18. Profile photo of ABC_Faithful_Fan

    Like I said in ano post … in one swoop TPTB screwed up the relationship w/Zach & Greens/Binks/Kendall/Ryan (who cares)/and plenty others.

    But, yes, let’s leave Reese a lesbian … eventhough she just got out of a hetero relationship w/her fiancee.

    It’s like Anne Heche & Ellen DeGeneres! UGH!!!

    At one point, when Kendall & Aidan cheated, I would’ve loved Zach with Greens.
    But I’m done with Kendall abusing him. He’s not perfect but he’s better than Kendall and her butting in. Like mother like daughter.

  19. Profile photo of atirllorrac

    I love your post. I couldn’t have said it better. I don’t see any chemistry between Zach and Reese. He is just trying to be a friend because of Bianca. Zach and Kendall have more chemistry than any couple I’ve can ever remember seeing on a soap, (that includes Tad and Dixie). I agree the writers need to learn how to write good story. It’s time for some “Love in the Afternoon”.

  20. Profile photo of birdie7

    It’s a slap in the face to the gay/lesbian community because it now gives credence to everything Reese’s parents, the “bad guys”, have been saying about Reese: she is confused about her sexuality. Reese’s parents are 100% right, these two supposedly uncaring, narrow-minded people have been right all along about Reese. Additionally, aside from what it’s done to Kendall and Zach, it makes Reese and Bianca’s decision to have another child all the more horrible because they decided to bring a child into this relationship that was doomed in the first place. The pure selfishness, thoughtlessness, immaturity that those two showed when deciding to bring an innocent child into the world is astounding. Again, it makes what Claire, Reese’s mother, said all the more truthful, Reese is acting out. What a trainwreck of a character and Tamara Braun is a lousy actress.

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