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    LOL Season

    That is so true Erica is a twig Greenlee should had knocked her old behind out, it looks like it is going to be funny

    Can’t wait for the real Kendall to come back and lay the smackdown on Binks, Zach and Reese.

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    ROTFLMAO!!! I can’t wait. She’s Erica Kane people and this is not her first time in the rodeo. If Kaye Chancellor can hold her own in a catfight, and she can, why can’t Erica Kane? As I’ve said before, Greenlee is like this annoying little Chihuahua that likes to nip at the heels of Pit Bull Erica. Erica takes it and mostly laughs it off or gives her a good bark that sends Greenlee off with tears forming in her eyes but there comes that time when the Chihuahua works the Pit Bull’s one last nerve. That’s when the Pit Bull takes the little mutt by the neck, or in this case gives her a real good shove, and gives her the beat down she’s been asking for.

    It’s Erica freakin Kane people.

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    *LUKE DON’T WATCH IT! You might blow a gasket.*

    Today was a weird day but Liasonaddict you just made my day. ROTFL! I’m done w/ this show! Absolutely done! I thought Greenlee’s “death” would reference Leo’s death not Ryan faux death.

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    “ROTFL! How did she let a woman on the verge of collecting social security beat her behind like that?!”
    Why, whatever do you mean? Erica Kane is and always will be 40 years old, no matter how old her children or grandchildren get, even when they become older than her! Both women are pretty tiny IRL. CM doesn’t call RB “Peanut” for nothing, and SL is no more than 5′ tall and literally a size 0. I think it’s a pretty fair fight, especially with all of SL’s pilates informercials, lol!

    One question: what are Greenlee and Erica fighting about, other than Fusion? I think Greenlee is too important of a character to kill off, but I wonder how Jack will react to Erica injuring his daughter?

    As far as the rest of the s/l’s go, I’m looking forward to the fallout between Kendall and Bianca and also Starr getting to hold Chloe on OLTL. I’m hoping Sonny DOES kill ZaCrazy on GH; I’m SO tired of the Mobtacular stories.

    BTW, yesterday my local newspaper ran an Associated Press story about the imminent GH explosion and how it would lead into the hospital getting a makeover. They said the new set would debut in April and in the s/l the Q’s would be donating the money for hospital renovations. It must be a big deal if mainstream media is covering the story. Either that, or it was a slow news day b/c our paper NEVER carries soap stories. Even the weekly recaps don’t always appear. They mentioned that the Nurse’s Hub set is iconic to GH fans and has been a part of the show for most, if not all, of it’s 45 year history. Along w/ the newspaper story was a pic of Robin, Patrick and Epifany at the nurse’s station.

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