A Great Reason To Stop Watching AMC for Y&R

Calling all All My Children fans. If you’ve heard about the smokin’ hot chemistry between Billy Miller’s Billy Abbott and Elizabeth Hendrickson’s Chloe, but haven’t wanted to switch networks out of loyalty to ABC, you should definitely watch this clip. It is so worth it and is more than enough of a reason to dump the dregs of Pine Valley and give Genoa City a chance. These two could be the next big super couple for The Young and the Restless. They have amazing chemistry, are great actors and their characters are tied to the core of the show. This is a couple worth investing in, on a show that honors its history.

Would you consider giving The Young and the Restless a chance?

A Great Reason To Stop Watching AMC for Y&R

  • No! As much as I like Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller they aren't enough to get me to tune in. (24%, 91 Votes)
  • I'd need to see more, but I like what I see. (6%, 22 Votes)
  • Yes! Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller are great actors, I'd tune in for them. (70%, 269 Votes)

Total Voters: 382


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  1. Profile photo of luverica

    The DVR is a great invention. For those of us who do believe, as Nelson Branco so excellently pointed out in his most recent Nelson Ratings column, that AMC has been improving, but also enjoy Y&R, then record both. That’s what I do. Right now I’m enjoying one show as much as the other. For those who don’t have the capability to do that, then you’ll have to make your own choice. I will say this. As much as I enjoy Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson’s work, they are not my main reason for tuning into Y&R but that’s just me.

  2. Profile photo of timepass

    As much as I enjoy Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson’s work, they are not my main reason for tuning into Y&R but that’s just me.

    I love them both really, and I was looking for to see them together, but I am the fist one to tell you that they don’t work as a couple, I am so surprised but I don’t see any chemistry between the two!

    To each their own!

    Must be because I really don’t want Billie stock with a child he just got here! Too many stories to tell to be stuck with a child!

  3. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    My problem with this poll is that Y&R is an ensemble show, I enjoy Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson but I tune in for everything. I love the entire cast because even though I may not like some characters they are fun to watch. I just can’t watch a soap for just one couple, I just watch the clips on youtube.

    However, I watch Y&R religiously because its just that good.

  4. Profile photo of nOva

    AMC has been ass-awful since Leo and Vanessa left. The Cambias/Ryan/Kendall saga killed the show and it reeks now. I’d forsake AMC for anything at this point.

    But, vitriol aside, I did recently begin watching Y&R just for the heck of it. There’s enough stuff happening to keep me interested other than these two.

  5. Profile photo of elbugten

    I don’t know. I’d have to see scenes with dialogue rather than just a music video montage. That didn’t really give me the characters’ dynamic or tell me what they’re about. It looks like they’re good together, but it doesn’t tell me their history other than that she’s pregnant and he cheated on her (I think?) with the blonde girl. Forgive me b/c I know nothing about Y&R. I’m not even sure who Billy’s parents are; is his mother Jill? As much as AMC and GH give me headaches sometimes, I really don’t want to take on another show right now. I do love Elizabeth Hendrickson, so I might be willing to try if I knew more about the couple.

  6. Profile photo of ktuc

    While I do enjoy the Chilly scenes, I’m seriously contemplating changing the channel from Y&R. They’ve ruined one of my favorite characters with such an inept actress in the role of Colleen.

  7. Profile photo of BigDede

    Could someone please tell me what chemistry Chloe and Billy has?

    Now Lily is a very boring, bland character but at least she has an ounce of chemistry with Billy. When I see Billy and Chloe together I just see Billy showing annoyance and Chloe stalking him.

    Now I would love if Victoria wasn’t such a bland, boring character because a JT/Victoria/Billy triangle would have been good. But hopefully Mac will come back and Billy will tangle with her.

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    AMC will have me back, now that I saw that clip of Greenlee driving off that cliff in a wedding dress! I like Greenlee, and Budig, but that was the funniest shit I’ve seen all week!

  9. Profile photo of Runningmouth

    Where is the option for “Not in this lifetime?”

    The only thing Chloe and Billy make me want to do is poke my eyes out with a hot poker, disconnect my TV and run for the hills …

  10. Profile photo of arizona66

    Anyone who watches Y & R know these two do not have hot chemistry. Hate chemistry yes, but not sexual chemistry. No way no how. Chloe is a totally asexual creature, with a squeaky rat voice and a horribly written character. Chloe is FFWD, Chilly will FFWD material too and cannot wait until Billy is out of her orbit.

  11. Profile photo of Miry

    Not true that “Anyone who watches Y & R know these two do not have hot chemistry.”
    To each his own, my friend.
    I think that Chilly are smokin’ hot, and I love all their little scenes, and the flashback epi’s, and when she dreamed she was married to him and they kissed, freakin’ h-o-t!
    I want the triangle to be between Cain, Chloe, and Billy (with both men falling in love with her– and their baby). She brings out the best in BOTH men, and they are the only y&r youtube clips I regularly watch. BUT I want it to be Chloe and Billy as the endgame (at least until the real Mac comes back and we find out that Jill and Kathrine aren’t really mother & daughter, and that Billy and Mac aren’t related– then that will be the new triangle, with Billy & Mac ending up together, and Chloe and um, hmmm, JT!)
    Finally, Lily is just *ugghh* and she sucks the life out of both men. Can we catch a recast please?

  12. Profile photo of monamis

    Chloe and Billy have the chemistry of a mean girl and her gay sidekick.

    For romantic chemistry, they don’t compare to Lilly and Cane or even Lily and Billy.

    I think your question is worded crazy, and you will not get any valid responses from it because you force people to speak positively about a character many despise.

    Yes EH is a great actress, but if you want to save her character from impending doom, tell the writers to stop writing her as a one dimensional shrew with no redeeming qualities.

  13. Profile photo of monamis

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t even finish the video. I made it to 2.5 minutes of Chloe and Billy. I thought the other video posted on the rivalry with Billy Cane and Lily was much better.

  14. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    I totally agree, Miri!! Obviously, there are quite a few people who love Billy and Chloe and think they have smoking chemistry. People need to stop making statements about what OTHER viewers purportedly see/like/etc.

    I watch Y&R for reasons other than just Billy and Chloe, but they are definitely one of the big reasons I tune in. They are just sooo entertaining to watch and, I agree, could be a supercouple of the future for this show! :-)

  15. Profile photo of angie2000

    Is this blurb really serious? I thought this was the month of February not April 1 (aka April fool’s day). Wow if the Billy character wants to have a super couple status–he better hope for a Sharon character hookup. A Billy and Chloe connection will be definitely “Must Not See TV”

    Wow…I was trying to stay positive this week. Oh well maybe next week.

  16. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I really like AMC, the show’s absolutly not what it once was, but it is improving. That being said, I’d like to see more Y&R videos and clips. If AMC ever does get canceled, I will very possibly switch to Y&R.

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