DC #356: Days of Our Lives Emergency Episode

Days of Our Lives fired Thaao Penghlis, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans and the unexpected news brought Luke, Mike, Jamey and Jillian together for a second Days of Our Lives emergency episode in the past six months.

They discuss the impact the firings of these veteran actors will have on the show. They talk about what this means for the remaining actors over forty still on the show and speculate who Ken Corday might axe next. They answer a reader’s question of which is worse, to watch vets like Nichols and Evans get fired and keep the Days of Our Lives sets or have the show end up with a production model like Guiding Light. Luke asks if these latest firings could all be apart of Corday’s scheme to get Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn back later in the year. Mike, Jamey and Jillian weigh in on if they think it is a realist possibility.

Fans of Patch and Kayla call in with their reaction to the surprising firings and vent their frustrations at the decisions by NBC, Corday, Dena Higley and the other executives at the show.

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12 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Ricki

    Couldn’t the slight rise in Days ratings for 1/19-1/23 have more to do with the Deidre & Drake exit and less to do with Higley’s storytelling?!?

  2. Profile photo of Daniella1030

    Someone said that Mary Beth Evans should play Nikki’s sister Casey on Y&R. OMG! that would be so awesome!! My comment was aired!! Cool. I said Dena and Ken made Ellen Wheeler looks like Maria Arena Bell. LMAO!

  3. Profile photo of troymcclure

    YAY, you discussed my Barbara Walters question.

    thank you, I enjoyed listening to all of your ideas, sometimes I don’t agree with you all but it is always enjoyable hearing your thoughts.

  4. Profile photo of Johnathon

    T_T I tuned out of DAYS, I was so tempted to tune back in, and when I heard that Tony was murdered i was thinking "YAY SERIAL KILLER!" then I heard the rumored way Steve/ Kayla are leaving and becoming the next Uncle Mickey since he was recast…

    And now i have no real plans to tune back in.

    I figure the vet killing Tony off will be Anna, people will ask WHY!???? The reason behind it, Dena Higgly is writing.

    I was thinking about it and I am actually thinking about tuning back in just to see Steve/Kayla leave, because I started watching DAYS on Frankie and Jennifers wedding so it does seem fitting that I stop watching when they vanish.

    Right now i am disgusted, the show is horrid, and its just to sad to think about.

    On ABC picking it up over starting a new show, I personally would rather see a Teen soap greenlit then see DAYS move to ABC, because i have already seen one soap jump networks and be destroyed i would really rather not deal with a ‘extra’ year of DAYS being destroyed even more before ABC pulls the plug.

    Also i think a teen soap would be awesome, there isn’t one on in the US and the advertisers would love it :).

    Thank you guys for this episode, it was interesting, and a good listen.

  5. Profile photo of dmfj

    You gave Dena some breaks, that was very fair and I appreciated hearing it. She may not be the best writer but the bad writing was happening before her term began. My broken record is still playing that they need to only show the over 30 crowd for a good six months and then maybe sprinkle the younger ones in. The vets are the future of the shows and the future is now. They should be on until they physically can’t or do not want to be on anymore.

  6. Profile photo of Scout

    “(The vets) should be on until they physically can’t or do not want to be on anymore.”

    I think we’re already there — and in the case of Frances Reid, I think it’s both!

  7. Profile photo of Ryan

    A Guiding Light Production model would be worse than seeing vets fired. The show may be able to sustain its North American audience, but it would die everywhere else if it looked like GL.

  8. Profile photo of Revafan001

    Luke to your question: No, I think Corday is trying to kill off DOOL with one or two vets at a time! Like Jamey, has said the past “corday wants out of the bussiness”.

  9. Profile photo of Laurie

    Thanks for your podcast. I usually find your shows entertaining, even when I think that you guys often don’t have a clue.

    Regarding your comments about the character of Tony (not about the actor Thaao, duly noted), I’m sorry but I can’t let the hypocrisy of your podcast go by without commenting about it. Why do you consider the character of Roman John Forrest “Father John” Black Dimera okay to watch but the Tony/Andre storyline too unbelievable? Why are you outraged about how Matthew Ashford’s character of Jack was trashed by James Reilly but are just willing to shrug off Reilly’s trashing of Tony in the 90s as just bad luck for 80s fans who are stuck in the past? Jillian commented about how Tony/Andre hadn’t been back on the show that long. He’s been on and off ever since the early 90s, dodging deaths and bad storylines for a long time. I love Steve and Kayla, but if you’re going to talk about character longevity, Tony/Andre has been on the Salem canvas a lot more frequently than that supercouple had been around with their long. 15-year-or-so hiatus. There was a lot of story left to tell for either Tony or Andre, but the DAYS people in charge pissed all of that away, just as they did with John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla. You want to take away characters that have unbelievable identities and nothing to do? Why don’t you start with the Josh Taylor version of Roman? Josh Taylor never really took that role away from Wayne Northrop; and all Roman is good for is being a sounding box for Sami to whine to. OK, that’s all I’ll say about that, although I could say a lot more.

    As for Steve and Kayla, I agree with Jamie about how their return was handled badly. Of course, Reilly was writing at the time so I’m not surprised. Amnesia is such a trite boring plot device in soaps now that I wish there was a law against it. DAYS has a bad habit of bringing back popular characters while they have headwriters that don’t know or care about the history of those characters…and this all started with said genius James E. Reilly. Jamie was reminiscing about how great Reilly was. Well, I say your time is better spent reminiscing about Maggie dePriest and Sheri Anderson. Reilly was good at ratings gimmicks, outrageous camp and flash. But dePriest and Anderson really wrote the core heart and soul stories of DAYS that made fans care so much in the first place. They were the ones that made us give a damn about what happened to John Black or Steve Johnson. And that’s the kind of writing we need now, ratings be damned.

    And speaking of ratings, what’s happening now reminds me of THE PRODUCERS. It seems that Corday, Higley and Tomlin are all determined to write the worst soap in the history of the world, and they’re gaining viewers because of it. I can’t begin to understand this. Also, kudos to Jamie for mentioning Tomin’s role in all of this. Even Higley wrote some good stuff with the plane crash last year. But the minute Ed Scott left and Tomlin took over is when this show started to spiral down the toilet. I’ve been taking to call this show PASSIONS LITE rather than DAYS. Whatever Ken Corday’s show is now, it’s not DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

    As for me, after Thaao’s last episode, I’m taking the high road along with Drake, Deidre, Stephen and Mary Beth. Maybe I’ll have more self-respect in the morning.

  10. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    Not surprised about Tony. He’s been on and off Day’s several times. I will miss Thaao’s classy persona.

    Steve and Kayla – I started watching Day’s around 1989, 1990, while I missed the classic beginning of their story, I remember when Steve died and the casket switching. I was upset that Kayla might do her big goodby to an empty casket. Her subsequent pairing with Shane pissed off fans at the time. I agree that 16 years was too long, and their return story should of been memorable.

    Another thing with the vets- they are the victim of intermittent storytelling. You can’t do a small boring storiy once a year and expect the audience to care about the couple. They been doing that with Abe and Lexie for years now. When they worked steady, if you did not like one story another one would be coming shortly. Now, if you didn’t like the story they told during May sweeps that was it for the year!

    Well, it was nice to see Patch and Kayla again after so long, and the actors could still touch my heart. Such classic soap characters, the bad boy with the good heart, and the romantic heroine.

    Mary Beth Evans made a great Day’s romantic heroine. She was 25 when she joined the show. Day’s had a lot of them. Hope (Kristian Alfonso was 20), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves 18). Even the early 90’s Carly Manning (Crystal Chappel who was 24) or Isabella (Stacy Geeson 25) managed to team up with Bo and John as the next love interests after the supercouple pairing.

    Where are the new romantic heroines? Sami and Nicole aren’t. The younger crowd? Where is the combination of story and actor that charms/interest the audience?
    Is it that hard to find a charismatic younger actress?

    So long Kayla, Steve, Tony. :(

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