Would You Like Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans to Return As Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell?

With the not so shocking news that Days of Our Lives has fired Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans I have to ask, would you like Nichols and/or Evans to return to General Hospital as Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell?

The week of August 18, 1998 was the week I started watching General Hospital. It was that week that Katherine Bell appeared alive at Stefan Cassadine’s trial and it is that storyline that hooked me on the show. It was also my first introduction to Nicholas and Evans. I would absolutely love it if one or both of them returned to General Hospital. Unfortunately, all the You Tube clips of the trial I could find have their embedding disabled so the above clip is from Stefan’s 2003 death.

Would you like Nichols and Evans to return to General Hospital?

Would You Like Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans to Return As Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell?

  • No! I don't like either character. (8%, 50 Votes)
  • Eh! I don't care. (4%, 27 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd love them both to return (51%, 317 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd love Katherine Bell to return, but I don't care about Stefan. (1%, 9 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd Love Stefan Cassadine to return, but I don't care about Katherine. (36%, 224 Votes)

Total Voters: 627


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8 Responses

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    J Bernard Jones

    I’d much rather see Mary Beth Evans back on As the World Turns as Sierra Montgomery, the love of Craig’s life, Lily’s sister, and Lucinda’s only biological daughter.

    Of course given head writer Jean Passanante’s spotty track record, that might be more curse than wishful thinking.

  2. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    While I have loved Stephen and Mary Beth on DAYS as Steve and Kayla, they just did not have the same chemistry as Stefan and Katherine. Stephen and Genie Francis had much more chemistry as Stefan and Laura. I would like to see Stefan back on GH but since Laura isn’t there… And we know how much GH values actors over 40….

  3. Profile photo of elbugten

    There was no option for “no, GH would just screw it up” which is my vote. SN and MBE were better as Steve and Kayla on Days. They just didn’t have the same chemistry together as Stefan and Catherine. Plus, GH doesn’t use the veteran characters they aleady have unless they’re mob-related. Exhibit A: John J. York. Exhibit B: Carolyn Hennessy. Exhibit C: Nancy Lee Grahn. And let’s not even get into the hissy fit they had when Y&R wanted to hire Finola Hughes. I LOVE Anna but Guza made her into a simpering idiot this time around right up until the Scrubs wedding. GH:NS was much better at showing the “real” Anna Devane. Until GH is willing to use the veteran cast it already has (Jane Elliot, Lesley Charleson, Jackie Zeman, Ron Haie, John Ingle, John J. York, I don’t want to see any more new or returning characters. Utilize the actors you already have.

  4. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    Although I know GH would screw it up, I always loved Stefan and would love to have him return — there is potential there not only with Nicholas but also his niece (Sam- maybe a story finally revealing her father?) and sister Alexis.

    Also an idea I just had — since they are obviously never going to give us our Liason, it might be interesting to see Elizabeth swept off her feet by a tortured older man. She is similar to the type Stefan has been drawn to in the past (Laura, Katherine) and with all the Cassadine/Spencer history, it could have potential.

    The only problem is GH doesn’t have the writers to do it justice…

  5. Profile photo of discodan

    Oh and also,

    I don’t wanna see MBE back at GH. The character of Katherine Bell was about as interesting as Kevin Collins’s twin brother Ryan Chamberlain.

    Now Stephen Nichols… Now that would be amazing. There are so many unresolved issues with Nikolas. If you remember correctly, Stefan had just tried to kill Emily but killed Summer instead, right before his own death. There is Spencer, who bares the name of the Cassadine’s greatest foe. There is the relationship between Alexis and Stefan. And who knows? Maybe he had a kid in the time between. Or maybe we can finally get the complex version of Helena instead of the crazy old bag that kidnaps babies and whisks them off to Turkish churches. LOL

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