Bridget Forrester: Black or Blonde?

Bridget’s (Ashley Jones) quest to win the next season of Project Runway took a new twist today as she went undercover as a French designer, with a black wig and everything, in an attempt to hide her identity from Nick (Jack Wagner) and fool him into hiring her. It’s not having Bridget become a psycho as so many of us hope for, but its an improvement over her being an I’ll Google That Dr.

Do you prefer Bridget with blonde or black hair?

Bridget Forrester: Black or Blonde?

  • Black (43%, 112 Votes)
  • Blonde (57%, 151 Votes)

Total Voters: 263


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    Darren Lomas

    Luke, you beat me too it – I just saw the episode and was going to do a Madame X post. You’re too quick!

    Simonstuart – LOL you’re right, Nick has treated her like crap for much too long… and boffed most of her female relatives… ew… please Bell, don’t go there again.

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    Yeah, Darren, I am so over Nick that it is not even funny anymore. The only person that will make me like Nick again is Felicia. I seen the seduce dance she did with Nick and it made me like Nick again and brought out a funny and hot side to him that we haven’t seen in forever. I love Heather Tom, but Katie has been a bust and needs to go. Lesli Kaye needs a s/l and her hooking up with Nick could create fireworks and bring this show back to life and move away from awful Steffy/Rick pairing. The only scene I like with Rick is with Stephanie giving him hell. But Bell is an idiot, but I hope he loses Katie and hook up Felicia and Nick.

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    Darren Lomas

    I agree! Felicia and Nick could inject a little life into this show… there is too much contrived nonsense going on. Stephanie and Rick were great in those scenes – such a welcome relief from the stupid Rick/Steffy "romance". (I was going to put a puking smiley here, but damn it’s gone!)

  4. Profile photo of jpp1975

    I have to say that I am enjoying this Bridget/Madame X business. It has lots of Jackie, which I love since she’s the new Sally Spectra, and Bridget isn’t whining, moping over Nick, moping over children, or moping over some sick Forrester. It’s a kajillion times more entertaining than Steffy’s pained looks.

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    Beyond how dumb the idea is the first place – I mean did she just leave her patients behind in one day?

    I never understood the logic of having the audience see through the disguise but not the characters. Unless you live in Metropolis with Clark Kent – most people can recognize a woman with whom they have married, cheated on, and divorced despite the fact that she is wearing a wig! Which is why I’m glad that Nick saw through it today and and Bridget doesn’t have to run around LA in white pancake makeup for more than one more day.

    On the other hand I am glued to every Stephanie and Rick scene. When she tried to explain the pattern that Rick has of seducing women so Ridge will get angry – that was good! Now if only Steffy and Taylor didn’t need to be in those scenes……..

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