Eric Braeden to Michael Fairman:”Cut Down On Hiring New Actors”

Once again Michael Fairman from On Air On Soaps has gotten the 411 on your favorite soaps and their stars. The soap journalist had a no holds bard chat with The Young and the Restless ac Eric Braeden (Victor) and asked him about the firing of Don Diamont (Brad).

MICHAEL: What are your thoughts on Don Diamont (Brad) being ‘let go’, since he had been part of the Genoa City canvas for so long?

ERIC:I was very sad about that, to be quite frank with you. He did some of his best work in the last months, where he played the ‘shifty’ guy and the bad guy and you don’t know quite what he is up to. I think he played that extremely well. I always think that’s a mistake to let people go that have been part of the fabric as long as he has been. Furthermore, he was related to people on the show, and personally, I think those things are a mistake. If you want to want to save money, then cut down on hiring new actors.

Is Ken Corday listening and taking notes?
To read Braeden’s take on the revitalization of Victor and Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) romance and more visit Fairman’s site.

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    Yeah, EB is definitely preaching the word. Maybe he should be an EP. Btw, has anyone seen his movie? It’s a cheap affair but OK — but EB basically plays TGVN, mumbles and all. LOL!

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    EB is 100 % right. But the buisness world always gets rid of the higher paid people and hirers the cheaper waged people. My husbands job just did the same thing. They layed off some supervisors yet rehired 3-4 temps. It don’t make any since though because then you have to reteach all over again all the basics. Actors and actress are in the same boat. Brad shouldn’t not of been let go AT ALL. He was a great actor, belonged in all the storylines. Eden, Jana, Amber, Chloe, Cane, Billy are all names who could of been dropped from the soap. I hear they are bringin back Mackenzie. That shows even more disrespect to Brad / Don !!! Maybe we will get lucky and they’ll bring Brad back as a Ghost like John. Maybe he will haunt Victor. lol.

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    I was very saddened by the departure of Don Diamont(Brad Carlton) for many reasons. He is a very good actor, and I remember when I started watching the Young and the restless in the summer of 1993: he was going head to head against Jack Abbott to be in charge of Jabot when Victor Newman was in Kansas!

    Equally as important are the emotional ties that we develop with the actors as time goes by. I feel that he, the other actors, and I are all aging together. It really is sad to see him go. Let me know whether you agree.

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    This is a daytime serial, not 5 one-offs per week.

    If Soap gods want to know why they’re losing their audience, they should understand that we do feel like we know these characters. Weaving in too many unfamiliar faces (to which we have no connection) is very dangerous because if the show feels like it’s full of strangers, we viewers are less inclined to stick around.

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