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Here’s the Scoop! 02.05.09

Jason needs Anthony alive to make sure the Feds bust ZaCrazy and not the Jackal. Jason is a good friend, Sonny needs to pay attention and take some pointers.

Is Spinelli going to get his hero cape to match Jason’s? It looks like Spin takes some risks to save others but it’s his brain that MAY be the real savior as he finds out what the Feds are really up to. RUMOR has it the Feds want the toxic spheres back so that they can turn them over to Equinox. Does Batman take advice from Robin?

Winnie! Sorry I like Senta Moses so I would really like to see what sort of story they’ll give her. Remember, she’s on the Jackal’s side despite who she works for and let’s face it, we have plenty of males in that age range, we need some ladies. Winnie SHOULD be working in a hazmat suit to get the remaining spheres but when she spots Spinelli also in head to toe hazmat, will she turn the Jackal in or turn a blind eye?

Johnny and Maxie didn’t give in… I’m a little torn over this one. The pair is hot, there is no denying that but I do not want the Spixie friendship completely trashed so I’m glad they didn’t go through with it. Lulu is not going to be feeling the same way. A kiss is not always just a kiss.

More Ethan today… More Ethan and Luke. Ugh! Sorry, I am not a fan of Ethan Lovett. I do not see the point. As much as I firmly believe Sonny does not deserve a big name to play Dante, I really hope this dude is not Dante. As for SCOOP on Ethan, RUMORS say he’ll be revealing his Spencer connection. Remember there were RUMORS that his family and Luke have crossed paths before.

How slow is this storyline going? Too slow! And it SEEMS it MAY even be going slower than we realize. General Hospital tapes about 2-4 weeks out, meaning what they film today will air on our screen in about three weeks. Sarah Brown updated her Facebook status: Sarah Brown is going to work – GH fans – you are gonna love this Epi-splode! Have they not filmed the big explosion yet?

Basically everyone here knows I am a Liason Fan. BUT, I do not hate Lucky and Elizabeth when they are reunited properly. Elizabeth wants Lucky to take care of the boys should something happen to her and that kiss that’s coming… well it SHOULD be happening on the hospital roof when Lucky gets Elizabeth up there to be evacuated. Is Lucky leaving too? No. RUMOR has it he’ll stay behind to help others. Nice, now you remember you’re a cop.

Does anyone like this stunt? I read a lot, sometimes too much and I have to say when I see fans that like what we’ve been seeing, I am truly shocked. I know I have been overly critical of GH lately but I feel after all these years of watching this show five days a week, I’ve earned the right to be critical.

As I mentioned above I do not want Ethan to be Dante. There is still GOSSIP and CHATTER out there that GH is trying hard to land Tom Pelphrey for the role. What about Dante’s little brother Michael? I’m still seeing that Michael will re-casted and SORAS’d.

We talked about Scrubs fans upset over no love scenes for the newlyweds. Once the crisis is over and all is well, you SHOULD be getting your love scene.

Leyla and Andy are dead, Trevor SHOULD be next. Monica’s death will be teased.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Is Matt Hunter leaving PC? That’s a RUMOR out there, one I find hard to believe without a little more info. Johnny has a meltdown. Ethan and Lulu meet. Will Lucky help his brother in finding out answers about Rebecca? The Feds still want to take down Sonny Corinthos. Patrick and Robin work on waking Michael up.

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    Thank You Regan
    I DON’T LOVE LUCKY AND ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought it was so cruel what they did to the LIASON fans , this is not the way you treat fans!!
    Playing the song to show us LIASON is over , they never did it before, the did it so we will stop annoying them with the LIASON story….
    I hate Guza and Frons I want them fired!!!!!!!!!!

    I also hate Ethan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    GH needs to reconsider how it does its sweeps extravaganzas. This is too slow, too drawn out. Not enough is happening to keep viewers glued to the screen Monday through Friday to see what is happening and going to happen. Too many stories and not enough action.

    Get on with it GH. Do something right for a change. Instead of all these little piddling scenes that are pretty much repeated drek, give us action that moves forward. Pile on the complications. Toxic balls, explosions, rooftop evacuations, give us more, more,more. Didn’t they learn anything with the black and white ball where the resurrected Diego managed to kill Emily while ZCrazy was stabbing Ric and giving Luke a heart attack? More complications. More catastrophic events to stress and stretch the players.

    Give us a reason to tune in instead of boring us to death with the same old crap. Pick up the action, guys, pile on the complications until all hell breaks loose. Then show us the consequences of decisions and actions, the residual effects on relationships, the aftermath of the entire sweeps extravaganza. We are NOT stupid, despite what the idiots in charge seem to think. If they, the idiots, expect viewer loyalty, they they too need to demonstrate some loyalty to characters and story history.

    NOTE: Please teach the writers and the actors the difference between subject pronouns and object pronouns. (Jason and I can do things, but if something is for Jason then it had best be for ME not for I.) I don’t know who is at fault here, but it came out of Sam’s mouth.

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    Thanks for the spoilers Regan

    I thought they were laying it on a little thick with Lucky n Liz

    They could have given Liason one little scene together and than to play their song was like a slap in the face but I will move on for now and I will never give up on my favorite couple

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    I do not like this stunt. I see it as a way to kill off or abuse the characters and actors/actresses that they have used and used poorly to distract us from the weak and inconsistent storytelling that has been GH since the writers’ strike if not before.

    I have watched faithfully since 1/15/09 ( and since 1978) and I am bored. Bored to death in fact and trying to hold on. I have actually begun to dislike Jason as a character. Do not ask me to feel sorry for a guy like that anymore. He needs some new dimensions. 4 months ago I felt this way about Sonny. If this is what TPTB have done to their two anchors, how can one be anything but critical.

    They have even manage to water down Spinelli in that year.

    I will tell you the most positive thing about this crisis is PATRICK. He is the hero and I like him more than I ever did.

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    Hi and Thanks

    But who the hell is Andy??

    I am sorry I have not watch the show since last November, so I dont really know who is who.

    Hope all is well with everyone??

    Liason is Love!!!!!!!!1

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    All I have to say is YAY! too people with no chemistry don’t end up together (Jason and Liz Webber). What a novel idea.

    Anyway, I’m really interested in Maxie and Johnny. While I like Spinelli, there’s nothing in this green Earth (or GH’s version) that will convince me that he and Maxie could ever be better as more than just friends.

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    Thanks for all the spoilers Regan. I wasn’t planning on watching GH yesterday, but after reading a comment on Perkie’s blog I had too. At first I thought WTH were they thinking playing our song with Lucky in the pix? Then for an oh so brief moment I thought well maybe this is what Jason deserves, he is the one who kept pushing Liz away and now let him drown in his regret. After I banged my head against the wall I brought myself back to my Liason world and thought again WTH, come on, WTH, damn you Frons and Guza! I want Liason together so bad, but if they were going to put Liz with someone, why oh why back with Lucky, this couple sux ever since JJ left. Give Liz her Jason back and then Lucky and Sam can go enjoy the hot tub.

    Regan, I to was disappointed with Johnny/Maxie. I like Maxie with Spin as BFFs, but Johnny deserves someone better than Lulu. Carly just gets through telling her who died and all she could say is, when do you think we will get out of here. She is a selfish little be-itch who deserves no one.

    Blackjack, I to think Ethan reminds me of EJ. I think I’m in the minority on this, but I could like him. I love Luke so maybe that’s why I’ve kind of taken to him.

    I also think this whole s/l is soooo boring.

    Have a good day everyone.

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    The B*TCH slap heard round Port Charles yesterday was that of TIIC taking it to the Liason fans. Could not believe that they played THE song while Liz and Sucky were reconnecting……

    The bright spot, however, was the Hawt JoMax action. I love that they didn’t seal the deal because that would have led to a mutual loathing of one another for destroying their key relationships. This way they will both churn on the electric chemistry and moments between the two of them while trying to tolerate the respective anchors in each of their lives. Their chemistry was off the charts and I loved how Johnny and Maxie were seeing beyond the other’s tough exterior and encouraging one another, baring their souls and challenging each other to follow their dreams. Foundations for greatness, at least I hope! Bring on the JoMax.

    btw, Liason4eva, Andy was the anesthesiologist involved in the nympho Kelly storyline and he was also on Night Shift. Shame they brought him back just to kill him, but that’s how this cookie crumbles.
    Liason is LOVE!

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    Overall the story is not terrific. The problems w/ it are the same problems with the show in general (which have been listed here already.)

    However, there are *some* good things about it. The Q stuff has been good (LOVED yesterday’s stuff), I love seeing Jason/Sam working together again, loved the Sam/Spin stuff, people are liking the Johnny/Maxie scenes (personally, I don’t like that they were making out…that’s messed up, imo), Leyla’s death made me get teary eyed, etc… I’ve actually been FF a lot less.

    I’m glad you clarified that this isn’t Sweeps though Regan. Maybe that’s why I’m being somewhat easy on it. If this were sweeps, I’d rate it lower, but since this is technically just a regular week, it’s halfway decent. Right now, I’m still rating it a C.

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    Regan Cellura

    Yes there are parts of the storyline that are OK, but really is OK enough? I like JoMax and the screentime for them. I like that Patrick is front and center. Jason T. has been great in his scenes. The Q’s getting some much deserved screentime is great as well but it only reminds me that under normal circumstances, we wouldn’t be seeing them at all. Robin’s PPD storyline is getting better.

    I’m not a JaSam fan but really what I am not a fan of is Sam seems out of place in this storyline. To me, she’s just following Jason around. I liked her with Spin but instead of giving us more of that, they have her pop up at Jason’s hip, again. Before you all start crying foul, trust me, this has nothing to do with Liason. Not a fan of the Feds or how horribly they write the PCPD, it’s shameful IMO. The medical stuff for a show with HOSPITAL in it’s title is laughable. Lulu is annoying me to no end. They are moving this along way too slowly. Which makes certain plot points absolutely ridiculous. We are STILL within the same day.

  11. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Absolutely, no single couple can make or break this show. GH’s main problem is the writing. Until that is fixed, or at least improved, I don’t see this show getting any better.

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    i agree with you Regan the story is going to much slow!!
    Also I don’t like the edit of the show , we saw Claudia tell Sonny that Antony shoot Kate and thd the next episode we don’t see what happen , what Sonny did the past hour? also Monday’s episode we saw Jason and Sam seeing the OR, and after that Sam went and told Patrick But where was Jason? , the next time we saw him he came out of nowhere.!
    I understood that Elizabeth and Monica were sleeping , so that was a good reason why we didn’t see them on tuesday, but the rest is idiot!!

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Is OK enough? Well, I guess it’ll have to do for now, lol. I’m just relieved when it’s not total crap, or incredibly boring.

    As for Sam being out of place in the story, well I think the same can be said for Jason. I mean really, why is he front and center in this story? He shouldn’t be, so for me, having Sam there makes about as much sense as having Jason there…none, lol. But I’ll put up with it because I like Sam :) And if she weren’t his sidekick during this story, someone else would be.

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    True Daisy, Jason is somewhat out of place but that’s Jason’s role on GH, the guy who jumps in to help in any and all crisis. We SHOULD see Jason taking more of a back seat to Patrick soon as Patrick will be the "hero" that stands out the most. Monica mentioning how Jason could have been a great doctor wasn’t pointless dialogue.

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    OK Jason is there because he is the first man who knew about the danger , The FBI told him about the shipment, and he was the one who figure it out , he came to GH to try to help them dealing with this.!
    now after what went there, he couldn’t go home and let the rest to deal with it , his friends and family are there, so it is in his DNA to help them!!
    This is not out of place!!!!!!!

    As You know I am a big Jason fan!!!!!!!!!!!

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    After reading the comments, I went and watched yesterdays show (in parts) on youtube. Ugh. I remember when watching GH was my big break. This stuff is not suppose to give me a headache and make me want to cry. Everyday, I come here and hope for something better. I can’t really complain about BH and GV because I think they are doing pretty well with the crazy pushed back together stuff and I could buy it but for the fact that earlier in the day they were both in love with other people – EARLIER IN THE DAY!! And Jason, please when would have not walked into Liz’s room. Lucky knows everything and there was no reason to think there was anything else going on in there but him being a supportive friend and coparent. That part is sort of unbelievable.
    ITA with Regan about Sam just being on Jason’s hip although the only thing I liked (other than JoMax which was interesting) was watching Sam shoot Jason. Somehow it made me feel a little better. If I close my eyes I can pretend she just shot Frons. I guess this is unfair as I’m not a Sam fan but I think it I was I would be disappointed with this material. It seems to do nothing for her. None of it was interesting or new or even that difficult for KeMo. But I’m not such a lover of hers so maybe her fans are happy.

  17. Profile photo of morningstar67

    Jason was at the hospital to warn Patrick.
    Sam was there because of the accident.
    Liz was there because she was in the OR.
    Lucky showed up to support Liz
    Lulu was there because of Kate.

    I think it all ties together.

    I laughed at Jason’s expression when he realized that Sam shot him. I can not wait to see what the after effects are.

  18. Profile photo of ghaddict

    Everyone has a valid reason for being their and, due to the quarantine, none of them can leave….no one seems terribly out of place to me…..Sam shooting Jason yesterday was just too good…..I have to say though, I’m probably not going to be a fan of Lucky’s now that he isn’t with Sam…..That just seems impossible since the writers make him seem like such a shmuck….

    I think there are supposed to be several explosions though I can’t imagine them all still being at the hospital 3 weeks from now…..

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    Hey everyone Im Phil nice to meet you all Heyy Regan I was wondering If in your Opinion If you Think Steve Burton will Leave Gh when his Deal Expires as well as Scrubs because there deals are up soon as well and if they lose them how do you think it will affect Gh?

  20. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    melanie, I can’t speak for all Sam/KeMo fans, but *I* am happy that she’s front and center :) And her shooting Jason was a hoot, imo

    Regan, true, Jason is the guy who jumps in to help in any and all crisis, but Sam has always been the girl who does that too (except for a few months there when they turned her into a revenge-seeking missile).

    Spoilers/Rumors Questions:
    1) Regan, I can’t remember if you’ve written about this yet… Have you heard if Mark Pinter (Agent R.) is sticking around for awhile?

    2) I’ve read somewhere the vague hint that Sam is getting a father “figure” – they wrote that Frons wanted Guza to finally write the Sam’s father story, but Guza felt it wasn’t the right time, so they came up with this “father figure” story as a compromise. Any clue what that could possibly mean? I can’t even remember where I read that, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

  21. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Hey everyone Im Phil nice to meet you all Heyy Regan I was wondering If in your Opinion If you Think Steve Burton will Leave Gh when his Deal Expires as well as Scrubs because there deals are up soon as well and if they lose them how do you think it will affect Gh?

    Hi Phil, welcome to DC… Steve is SUPPOSED to decide by March if he is staying or going. I am not sure if it will be announced what his decision is. As for Scrubs, yes I believe both Kim and Jason’s contracts are up this year and IMHO them re-signing might have a little to do with whether or not NS3 gets the go ahead. IF they leave, it would impact GH greatly as Robin and Patrick are the only real couple on the show. Fans want more love in the afternoon, you can’t lose the only love we get.

    1) Regan, I can’t remember if you’ve written about this yet… Have you heard if Mark Pinter (Agent R.) is sticking around for awhile?

    He SHOULD be around through March. Beyond that, I have no idea. Isn’t his wife on an East Coast soap?

    2) I’ve read somewhere the vague hint that Sam is getting a father "figure" – they wrote that Frons wanted Guza to finally write the Sam’s father story, but Guza felt it wasn’t the right time, so they came up with this "father figure" story as a compromise. Any clue what that could possibly mean? I can’t even remember where I read that, but I figured I’d throw it out there.

    There has been some TALK about this storyline but this MAY be more fan wishful thinking turning into internet gossip. Kelly has outside commitments that have been RUMORED to be not as easy to schedule around as previously thought. I’m not sure how much of her own story Sam will get. It’s a great storyline idea IMO, as much as I’m not a Sam fan, IF she’s going to be a leading lady she needs a storyline to back it up.

  22. Profile photo of wiccachick_1

    So focusing in on the JoMax stuff which is my favorite thing going right now, I was happy that they put a stop to the physical side of things (for now) but so many things were brought out between them on an emotional level that I cannot help but be excited for things to possibly come. Two reckless and wild people take themselves to the edge and it was hot. Yet, they somehow pull each other back from it at the same time. They do the responsible thing which is good (but the heat between them lingered through the rest of the scene). Then Johnny supported Maxie, listened to all the crap she had done and basically shoved that aside to focus on the positive side of Maxie that rarely gets kudos. The man gets all kinds of points for that in my book. I hope we see lots more of these two in the future.

    LOVED LOVED LOVED the Q moments (yes, including the Jason and Monica stuff). I loved the LL2 stuff. It was sweet for LL2 fans to see that mending of the past. I laughed hysterically when Sam shot Jason and I’m a Jason fan! LOL! I also liked Carly. I’ve been liking her a lot lately. Something must be wrong with me! hehe

  23. Profile photo of ghguy45

    Heyy Regan Yea I agree Gh cannot afford to lose Scrubs Or Steve I think the show tanks if they do i hear there is lots of Big Gh Stars Deals coming up this year should be very interesting I bet most stay though because of the econamy

  24. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    He SHOULD be around through March. Beyond that, I have no idea. Isn’t his wife on an East Coast soap?

    Yup Regan, he’s married to the awesome Colleen Zenk Pinter who plays Barbara on ATWT, and I’m pretty sure that’s filmed on the East Coast.

    I can’t imagine how Kelly’s GH time wouldn’t be effected by her Vegas show. I think she’ll be doing the Vegas show 6 days a week or something like that…

    Thanks for the info!

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    They were playing Liz and Jason’s song because Jason was outside of Liz’s room and looking in. They always play the song when TPTB are trying to hit the viewer over the head with the “my life is too dangerous” hammer. It wasn’t for Lucky and Liz.

    Sam is following Jason around like a little puppy dog. Why was she carrying a gun? She went to the hospital because she had a head wound. She was supposed to have a CAT scan. Was she going to carry the gun throughout the testing? My local hospital has metal detectors in the emergency wing. Why the heck didn’t she leave the gun in the car? Also, the guy that was holding Jason had a gun as well. He was delivering stock to the hospital. Is it in such a bad neighborhood that truckers carry guns? I was very happy that he was holding Jason and not Sam hostage. How many times have women been used as shields on this show? I thought it was funny that she shot him too. I guess she isn’t such a great action girl. I hope she goes to the shooting range soon.

  26. Profile photo of samrocks

    Please don’t shoot me Daisy, EET, Blackjack, and others but…

    I *don’t* like how Sam seems to be following Jason around all of a sudden. I know it’s crappy writing, but since I’m always telling Regan that we should accept the writing as “fact” when critiquing the characters, then I have no choice but to “blame” Sam. I realize that they are all stuck there for a reason, but I am so disappointed with several people’s behavior: Schmucky, ShrewLu, Sonny, Sam – OMG, I just realized that the list is too long to keep going. :)

    Bright spot…JoMax. They are sooooo hot. I know, I know – I am probably kicked out of the Spixie club now. :(

    Can I still be on Team Sam? I love the screen time for KeMo – it’s the out-of-place-ness (yes, that’s a word, darn you!) that is really bugging me.

  27. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    re: people carrying guns, I wrote this on Perkie’s Obs blog:
    But this is Port Charles, where the mob rules, women are victimized regularly, children are kidnapped and shot in the head — if you lived there, wouldn’t you carry a gun? I know I would, lol!

  28. Profile photo of samrocks

    Is it possible that one of the toxin’s effects is partial amnesia and/or brain damage? I ask because everyone seems to have forgotten their *best* qualities.

  29. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP or Fanfic? Are Molly and Kristina getting SORAS’d too? What about Morgan? RUMORS say Molly and Kristina will be sent away to school to protect them from ZaCrazy. When they return, they’ll be teens.

    Obviously, if the Michael story is a go and Dylan Cash is out as Mikey, the rest of the kids need to be aged as well.

  30. Profile photo of samrocks

    How in the world do you SORAS people who don’t even get screen time as it is? For all we know, this Ethan guy could be Morgan – Carly wouldn’t have even noticed he was missing. 8)

  31. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    LMAO… So TRUE Samrocks, so true.

    Like I’ve said previously, GH wants to build up their teen set much like OLTL who has had a lot of success with the teens on their show. IF this happens, it SHOULD be around summer when teen storylines get the most attention.

  32. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “I think Spam had the gun in her no-no place, that is the only spot big enough for to fit it…LOL (just my opinion)”

    You are so bad LIASONADDICT. And funny!!!

    “*sigh* She was carrying it in the wasteband of her jeans, in the back – we saw her pull it out of there.”

    AH Daisyclover – At first, I thought that said wasteland instead of waistband and that was way too funny until I realized who wrote it. Sorry.

    See, it still leaves Sam carrying a gun while driving. Have you ever tried driving with something in your waistband? It does not feel good!! Very uncomfortable!!! Why didn’t she leave the gun in her car? Silly writers!!

  33. Profile photo of Scout

    “am i the only one who thinks ethan looks like a scroungy james scott (dool’s ej)?”

    Thank you, blackjack21! You hit it right on the head! And it hurt in a good way! LOL!

  34. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I am sure they do which is why it is strange that Sam would put it in her pants when going in to the hospital to be examined. Did she travel to the hospital in an ambulance? That would also be strange. This is not an attack on Sam. This is just another strange plot point in the list of strange items overlooked by TPTB.

  35. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I don’t carry a gun, but I’m *pretty* sure people take it out of their waistband when they get into a car, lol.

    EDIT: I corrected the spelling of my other post. Thanks for pointing that out sueboo, don’t want to confuse anyone else…

  36. Profile photo of morningstar67

    Can we not just consider the source? After all Sam is Sam. No further explanation about why she would be carrying a gun is needed.

    In addition to her missing and hitting Jason….I think it was timming. She had her eyes closed at the same time he moved, or at least that it what it looked like.

  37. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Huh? Why is someone who is firing a gun doing so with their freaking eyes closed? Does that make any sense?

    Jason moved because she was saying that she couldn’t make the shot. He had to do something or he would have been dragged out the door and shot by the FBI.

  38. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Actually no, the guy wasn’t going to drag Jason out the door. The door was locked remember? Sam would have had to throw the chair to break the window in order for the guy to get out (that’s what the guy was telling her to do after he first grabbed Jason), and Sam wasn’t going to do that. The only way the guy could have gotten out was to break the window himself which would have meant letting go of Jason. So the guy wouldn’t have been able to drag Jason anywhere.

  39. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hey you’re the one that said Jason would have been dragged out the door, I was just telling you why that would have been impossible, LOL. But yes sueboo, Jason did indeed have his eyes open during that scene – you’re right about that :)

  40. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    The whole point was that Sam is carrying a gun that she doesn’t know how to use. Jason could have been dragged out if the dude shot out the door. It is only glass. Fans wouldn’t be critiquing silly things like why there are guns on these people if the whole marble plot didn’t have so many holes in the story.

    I have overlooked plenty of silly things over the years because the show was overall entertaining. It isn’t well written and there are not just a few things to overlook.

  41. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I think the glass must have been bullet proof and the guy knew that…otherwise why wouldn’t he have just shot out the door before Jason and Sam found him?

    But yeah, I get what you’re saying…most things really don’t make sense on GH anymore.

  42. Profile photo of samrocks

    One thing about this crisis that *is* entertaining is pointing out all the random things that don’t seem to make sense.

    It’s like Frons and Guza have provided us with a virtual game of Where’s Waldo.

  43. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I was thinking that I might be better off treating it like a drinking game.

    You chug a drink everytime Sonny cries betrayal.
    You take a drink everytime Zacrazy laughs at his own behavior.
    You take a drink everytime a character confesses to a crime while seemimgly alone in a room.
    …… everytime Lulu makes something all about herself…… Kate gets shot ……Sam is in her hottub… a character gets into a car accident….a Quartermaine dies ….etc……

    We will all be fall down drunks by the end of the week.

  44. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Hey guys I have heard allot of people voicing there growing frustration over the current SL and what is happening to many favorite couples. We all know this is fronsie, everyone sign that petition and let our voices be heard!

  45. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SCOOP: Oh geez… another roof collapse another trapped Carly and Sonny. I am begging these writers to come up with one original idea. That’s what we should drink to. I’ll even buy.

    Jax is missing. He’ll land the helicopter on the roof of GH after the blizzard is making it impossible, Jax makes it possible but the helicopter goes down and where’s Jax? No worries, he’s fine and he’ll try to land another helicopter on the roof. Um hello, bad weather, just survived one crash, do you really want to cause another? But hey if someone else gets to play hero, why not?

    Robin sends Emma to Mercy with Maxie as we’ve been discussing. How will Patrick feel about that? And something’s not making sense? Maxie is SUPPOSED to be with Emma at Mercy but at some point she’s rushing into GH looking for Spinelli. He’s missing, remember we’ve talked about this as well and in GH’s quest to make Spin an idiot, he’s SPOILED to have locked himself in a closet. WTH? Guess who goes running in to save Maxie?

    It’s not Olivia who destroys the DVD, it’s Claudia. Good thing for the Mafia Princess there’s a fire for her to toss the DVD into much to Kate’s dismay. It looks like Kate is handed another blow when she thinks Sonny must be hurt, that’s the only explanation for why he hasn’t come to rescue her right? Well at this point, Sonny pops up and it’s his wife’s arms he’s in.

  46. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Really? People are liking this stunt? It looks like most if not all are liking the JoMax dangle, but the rest of the stunt is laughable at best. The editing, story/character continuity, is all jumbled and goofy. It’s General Twilight Zone Hospital. We’re even pondering drinking games to get thru each episode. There are small spots of interest in each episode, but mostly I ask myself if I should ask for an hour of my life back.

    Jason: What the hell is wrong with you?


  47. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Maybe “most” but definitely not “all” JasonMorganIsAHottie – I’m not crazy about the JoMax stuff. They’re okay together, but their little make-out session (followed by both of them telling each other how great they are and how good they are for Lulu and Spin) rubbed me the wrong way.

    As for the drinking game…bottoms up! :beer:

  48. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The gun thing might not be so entirely stupid. It really depends on what types of licenses they have to carry. Every state is different, but I know at one point Jason mentioned that he has a permit as a bodyguard. i dont know if Sam has one, but I would assume if Jason took that precaution (or think how easily mac could have arrested Jason and Sonny all these years) then Sam as his gf/fiance for so many years would have had one too and there may be laws when it comes to that about leaving a gun in a car unattended in a glove box that isnt locked up etc. The problem is that if you are going to have characters that routinely whip out firearms it might be nice if occassionally the writers worked into the script some one line explanation. Jason says to Sam, I didnt know you were locked and loaded. Well I was going to unload the Z shipment when the accident happened, I didnt have time to secure the gun in the trunk before the Ambulance showed up.

    But really this is the smallest issue with the scripts right now. I am still hung up on why no military personel or cops were sent in to the hospital to secure this toxic substance and why classified info (the existence of the toxin) is being offered up so casually ie: raynor telling Jax, Jason telling all the people in the boardroom, winnie dishing with Spin, raynor dishing with Sam. PUH – LEASE.

    As for Sam being an appendage, actually I dont see it. She hasnt spent any more time with him than Spin has or Patrick has etc. Jason is the star of this s/l so they have him making his rounds so to speak. If anything, I think its interesting that they have her spending so much time with Spinelli. Clearly they are trying to re-establish how deep that frienship goes.

    It was asked how Sam fans feel about her in this storyline. Airtime THUMBS UP. Stupid plot THUMBS DOWN. JaSAM time THUMBS UP. Having Sam pop up here and there with no rhyme or reason THUMBS DOWN. Is it the meaty Sam-based storyline I wanted, no way, I have long wanted what Frons wants here – the Sam finds her dad story – but its better than when she was stuck in LuSam backburner territory.

  49. Profile photo of samrocks

    It was asked how Sam fans feel about her in this storyline. Airtime THUMBS UP. Stupid plot THUMBS DOWN. JaSAM time THUMBS UP. Having Sam pop up here and there with no rhyme or reason THUMBS DOWN.


    JasonMorganIsAHottie…ROTFL about your last line.

    Daisy… :beer: I’m way ahead of you. Of course, I wish you would come to the dark side and see the greatness that is JoMax. Hey, I love Sweet Spixie, but if they’re not gonna give it to me, then bring on Sexy JoMax.

  50. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    See I think Spin/Maxie make much better friends than anything else. Plus, if she’s paired with Spin, she’ll just be stuck in comic relief mode for the most part, while if she’s paired with someone else (Johnny for example) we’ll get a different mix of soapy stories for her.

    Johnny is okay…he’s never really done much for me. I’d be open to a JoMax romance, but starting them off w/ him cheating on Lulu just bugs me. I said this on Perkie’s thread: when I feel sorry for Lulu, you know something is *very* wrong because I can’t stand her, lol

  51. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I think you mentioned the other day that you missed part of the lead up. Not sure if you know this, but with the michael c. benefit coming up, he had been obsessing about his part in that and that lulu keeps idolizing him ….but if she only knew sort of thing. Maxie had just seen Spin with Winifred and I think was sort of having one of those “what do you do with a problem like Spinelli” moments where she was trying to talk herself out of romantic feelings and then bemoaning the fact that if she went there she would still lose spin because she would mess it up. JoMax were talking about this being one way to get the people they love to fall out of love with them and therefore not get hurt. So yeah, it was cheating, but always seemed to me at least that they were, as Johnny said yesterday, playing a bit of chicken, seeing which one would talk the other out of it.

  52. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Yeah EET, I was saying that I FF through some stuff (so unlike me, right?) and thought maybe I had missed a Johnny/Lulu breakup or something. I got the whole ‘oh we were being self destructive’/’playing chicken’ thing, but I felt that while that may be true, it was so lame. Could you imagine your boyfriend telling you that? If a guy ever said that to me, I think I’d punch him in the face! LOL. It’s not a *big* deal, but I didn’t like it…

    EDIT: basically, I was looking at it from Lulu’s perspective more than from their’s

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I guess I was looking at it from the pov that yeah, I would punch him in the face for saying that, but not as hard as I would punch him if he said he ordered a hit that got my cousin shot in the head.

    Plus the fact that it was playing against the backdrop of Lulu acting like a heartless twit didnt help didnt exactly help me care about her perspective LOL

  54. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Yeah Daisy, she would be more mad about that kiss then the fact that he had something to do with Michael’s shooting.

    That would be so Lulu like…And she’s supposed to be Laura’s daughter? I say she was switched at birth, this Lulu is an imposter, lol

  55. Profile photo of jcp201

    The Jomax scenes were about the ugliest kissing I’ve seen on GH in a while. I don’t find anything remotely “Hot” about them. Two crybabies who are using people’s faith in them for bad behavior. Bored now.


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