Brad’s Funeral: The Ex-Wives Club

Brad’s funeral on today’s episode of The Young and the Restless  was basically a gathering of the Brad Carlton (Don Diamont) Ex- Wives Club. There were a lot of touching moments and flashbacks (see more pictures after the jump), but it was Jack (Peter Bergman) who had the line of the day when he told Traci (Beth Maitland) he had a new nickname for Brad, "Bradcicle." I did think that it was interesting that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) was missing from the funeral and after the service. To be fair, they did explain ahead of time why she had to leave town.

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    Also — where’s Lauren. My Y&R history is a bit vague but I am pretty sure that she and Brad had a relationship at one point — there was an ex-flame of his that kidnapped her at one point, wasn’t there?

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    A very heartfelt and tearjerking episode. I miss Brad already!

    Meanwhile, I love that Traci has more of a presence on the show. She’s always been my favourite Abbott.

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    Scott Novick

    Also — where’s Lauren. My Y&R history is a bit vague but I am pretty sure that she and Brad had a relationship at one point — there was an ex-flame of his that kidnapped her at one point, wasn’t there?

    Lauren and Brad had two different affairs during each of his marriages to Traci. During Brad’s first marriage to Traci, he left Jabot to get away from Jack and went to work for Lauren, and it wasn’t too long before he was shacking up with his new boss (who was on the rebound after her marriage to Paul ended). But Traci got pregnant and Brad told Lauren they had to end it. Unfortunately, before he could get home, he was kidnapped by his looney ex-wife Lisa who spirited him off and held him in a cage. That’s probably the story you’re thinking of; Lauren discovered Brad being held prisoner while on a skiing trip with Jack and Lisa tried to nab her instead. After Brad was rescued, he tried to get back with Traci, who had lost the baby, but she rejected him.

    During Brad’s second marriage to Traci and Lauren’s second marriage to Scott Grainger, Lauren and Brad had another affair. Sheila Carter found out and tried to use the pictures she got of the two of them together to blackmail Lauren into keeping mum to her friends the Forresters about Sheila’s past. Lauren didn’t want to do it, but Brad didn’t want Traci to find out and convinced her to give in. Lauren and Brad stayed involved even after his marriage to Traci ended and Scott died, and one night of hot sex together even gave him a heart attack!

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    Mike Jubinville

    "He was kidnapped by his looney ex-wife Lisa who spirited him off and held him in a cage."
    Now I know where Jorpa came up with this idea…and I bet she doesn’t think it’s looney at all!

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    Brad was never my favorite character, but these episodes surrounding his untimely death have been classic Y&R. Do the damn thing Maria Arena Bell and Paul Rauch!!!

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    Brad was not one of my favorite characters, but I am kind of sad that he is gone. I wanted him to hook up with Phyllis. Him and Michelle would been hot together, tearing each other clothes off and blackmailing each other. Phyllis is the only woman who could handle Brad’s shenanigans. We miss you, Brad.

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    “He was kidnapped by his looney ex-wife Lisa who spirited him off and held him in a cage.”
    Now I know where Jorpa came up with this idea…and I bet she doesn’t think it’s looney at all!

    Mike! Your old timer’s disease is showing. LOL YOU and Lisa talked about the cage in the NBC podcast #97 or #98. It was the one where y’all talked about the mile high club at the start of it and the cage thing at the end of it. I just gave you what you wanted. LOL

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    I would have loved to see a scene with Beth Maitland and Tracy Bergman. Lauren has quite a history with Brad and she should’ve been there. The reconciliation scene between Tracy and Lauren was quite touching and it would’ve been really nice to see them mourn Brad together. I’m loving Y&R right now and normally I think Maria Arena Ball can do no wrong but she kind of dropped the ball on that one. Other than that, Brad’s memorial was very touching.

    I can’t wait to see Colleen give it to Victor, the nasty old fart.

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    This episode was a slam grand home run triple touchdown 10-point fabulous brilliant example of soap opera production as a whole at it’s finest – a five star episode. From the soulful, psychologically complex writing to the masterful acting to the high-level production (all though I still need some set improvements to modernize the look of the show – Ron Moody, please take a break from OLTL and AMC to do Y&R a wee favor) to the subtle, yet effective directing, this was one of 2009’s so far, best single day example of the genre. Where do I even begin?

    The funeral: having just the women there was an absolute beautiful gesture to the nature of Brad. He was a woman’s MAN and he loved women, a lot of them and the flashbacks and tributes to him reflected not only that but all the good parts of Brad’s character. Each ex-wife remembering the good he had brought into his life was so special and touching that they could all put the bad stuff behind them and just think about how, when he wanted to, Brad could be a thoughtful, generous, tender, intelligent, loving man. His 2 daughters just brought that home even more and what a treat to have Judaism brought into the ceremony with Rabbi Nussbaum and the traditional Jewish burial and memorial rights of passage. The burying of the body 24 hours after the death, the torn fabric, the 11 months of mourning (sitting shiva) and just the more casual way of conducting a tribute to a person’s life was so unsual to witness on a soap. It actually made up for the ridiculous s/l in which it was revealed that Brad was really George Kaplan, a young Jewish, Navy SEAL whose life was turned upside down by the sins of the Nazis and his families persecution. The viewer was treqated to all of those great, old flashbacks to when he was a young, gorgeous, yet deep boy keeping Traci’s “dream” alive, birthing their child together, Ashley’s memories of the secret they both took on regarding Abby’s true parentage and Victoria’s short but sweet time with him although her father was never going to allow that marriage to succeed. Really all Brad wanted was to be loved back in the same way he loved others. That is also what got him in trouble a lot. he had many flaws as Victor pointed out but the funeral scenes at the graveyard were just perfectly effective at telling the viewer the whole, true person that Brad was.

    Then the scene of Victor and Neil discussing Brad was the opposite. The men talked about Brad’s other side, the “hustler, swindler, con man, cheater, manipulating scoundrel” as Victor put it. And THAT part was a side to Brad that always got him the broken hearts and failures that seemed to halt him from being a fully realized, content person. If there was one character who fully embodied the word “restless,” I would agree that it was Brad. he could never settle on just one thing to make him happy. It seemed like he alwasy had to go after the next thing, or position of power or women or revenge or what-have-you. He was never settled down and his last act of heroism was maybe the settling under the ice that he needed to be at peace of mind. I could bicker about how they should not have killed him just as this Abby and Victor kicking him off the board was starting but I think the writers felt it is going to be more effective for other characters to have had this happen and his death is already reverberating and spinning off stories that will go on and change people’s lives forever. You can already see the effect that it has had on Colleen, who has never been a more string, pulled together, sassy young woman whom seems bent on getting revenge on Victor and maybe being a thorn in JT and Victoria’s marriage. And Abby, too, now sees Victor in a totally different light and he is far from the man who bought her that million dollar horse a month ago to win her love away from Brad. Her reference to Brad as her “father dying” to Victor was all we needed to hear to know that her feelings have completely changed and her perspective is now fully developed.

    The scenes at the house just continues the tribute and begun the fallout that is going to shake these characters to the core. The best line of the day was when Traci was remembering all the snarky nicknames Jack had for Brad, considering Brad began life in GC as the Abbott pool-boy/gardner. Just like that, Jack quipped to his sister, “I’ve come with a new name… The Brad-cycle!” That was such a hilarious, brilliant one-off line that revealed everything about Jack and Brad’s relationship. I rewound and watched that about 10 times and each time my my shock was faded and my laughter was louder. Traci admonishing him was the essence of her character as well. Truly a BRAVO moment.

    My one quibble was that 2 women were not there but I guess the funeral was truly for the women he actually married, not the women he almost did, Nikki, or the woman he cheated on other women with, Lauren. Nikki, we knew, was out of town, visiting her sick sister, casey, who I am praying to the soap Gods that Maria Bell signs someone fabulous to the role, like Deirdre Hall, and have them flesh out what was always a minor, talk-to character when she was on. Lauren though, was actually a woman that Brad loved although they were always having an affair on one of their spouses. This is just a quibble but I do hope they have a scene where Lauren finds out he is dead and she gets a little tribute to the steamy nights they shared. She helped to rescue him from the cage his psycho ex, Lisa, was holding him in and he had a heart attack one night while they were having sex. Lauren deserves a scene to include her thoughts, just to drive home the point of what an actual loss this is. Many newer viewers probably do not understand the rich, deep history Brad has with this show and Don Diamont’s acting is a testament to that.

    Then, the other side of the coin was the fabulosity that was the Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/jack s/l that went “KA-BOOM” in this episode. Phyllis getting Nick to confess and when he told her he loves both of them, Michelle Stafford proved why she won her 2 Emmy’s and why she should win one just for these scenes alone. She brought back the Phyllis we thought was gone. The truly needy, insecure, borderline-psychotic human being that Phyllis can go to if she is pushed by her own weaknesses and wanting, finding and holding onto live has ALWAYS been her number one priority in life. After these last few years of marital and family bliss, it is all about to be taken away from her and she had to stop herself from revealing just how far this was driving her to literally kill Sharon, if she needs to, in order hold onto Nick and the family they have created. She was not going to let him move out. She is about to change her strategy and this was all done with Michelle’s facial expressions, her tone, her violent tendencies peeking out when she began flailing at Nick with her hands. Michelle S. has created one of daytime’s most complex, 3-dimensional, not black or white but gray, human beings on television. She was riveting to watch from the confrontation with Nick to the very last scene when Sharon looked up and saw Phyllis standing at the edge of Brad’s freshly dug grave. That was a great, juicy cliffhanger and I screamed out loud because I cannot wait to see what is said. Sharon Case also shined in her scenes with Jack, blaming herself for Brad’s death, knowing that Brad saved Noah because it was HER son. Then to drive the point home that no woman loved him back the same way he loved them was Sharon’s talk to Brad at the grave. She just bascically said outright that she was so sorry she could not return the feelings and depth of love and care he had for her.

    I could go on and on, scene by scene, moment by moment and just devour this stuff. When VCR’s were the thing, I would tape the show and I have, over the years, saved many, many, what I consider to be classic “perfect” episodes of the show. I have now, of course, transferred them all to DVD and labeled flash drives. With DVR’s now and the ability that I have to take the DVR data and record it on to a DVD or burn an episode on to a DVD or flash drive from, it such an easier, more compelling, more organized way to save those shows you would want to watch 10 years from now for fun and memories. I have episodes from as far back as Lisa holding Brad hostage in that cage, David Kimble’s death by trash compactor, Christine’s rape, her mother’s death, and so on and so on. If I had the time, I could edit some YouTube videos that would delight the die-hard Y&R fan. Anyway, I just had to get that out and I am so delighted with the state of Y&R right now and loving it in a way that I have not since probably the last decade. It really seems as if Maria Bell has gone into her late father-in-law’s brain and imagination. With the help of Hogan Sheffer, Scott Hamner, Paul Rauch and the entire crew and cast, Y&R is at the top of it’s game, currently the best, most realistic, most humanized soap opera on air and it just received a total HH ratings of 4.0, the first time in years for a soap to do so. I can only hope they have continued success and bring on the great writing, acting and everything that makes it a wonderful, touching, entertaining show to watch everyday. Thank you, DC, for being a forum, where crazy, intense fans like myself, can share our joy and love over this genre, hopefully with others who appreciate the same thing. Luke, Jillian, Jamey, Mike, Tina, Regan and the rest of the crew, thank you for the site, the intelligent podcasts and discussions and making all of us feel a part of the world. I truly appreciate. Now, I want everyone, whether you have ever watched Y&R or not, if you truly love the genre of soap opera, you must be watching Y&R.

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