DC #357: CBS & Days Do Or Die Time

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Mike, Jamey and Jillian discuss the latest in CBS and Days of Our Lives news including…

Jamey’s twelve step program for soapaholics.

Was it a surprise that Craig actually received custody of Johnny on As the World Turns? Brad and Katie are trying to have a baby. Does Oakdale really need another Snyder baby?

The group reacts to John and Marlena’s leaving Salem. Did the Days of Our Lives give fans what they deserve or did they cop out. Should Hope Brady get a new love interest to help spice up her storyline with Bo?

It’s do or die time for Guiding Light and the count down to Grant Aleksander’s return has begun. Will we be tuning in for his return and will it be enough to help save the show? Is a Cyrus, Lizzie and Bill triangle worth watching or should it just be the Bill and Lizzie pairing?

The expected death of Brad Carlton on The Young and the Restless has arrived. Will Colleen be able to hold her own against Victor and is it make or break time for her? The gang discusses where they would like to see Don Diamont end up.

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78 Responses

  1. Profile photo of bonobochick

    Now I am torn between wanting Jade with Casey or Matt. :quest: Alison is just SO tiresome. Can we have a poll? I am curious what people think on this.

    Going to listen to the podcast now. I’ve been waiting for the one where Jamey lets loose about the Jarlena exit.

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Leave my Alison alone, LOL. I in the minority, but I am liking Casey/Alison. I want Dusty, Meg and Paul to go off the cliff and never to be heard from again. I liking Jade and Emily teaming up, but rooting for Casey/Alison.

    Days is a joke and I with Jamey that I am voting with my remote, turn off Days.

    Y&R is the only soap that is good and writing good storytelling and character driven s/l.

    B&B is incestous and hope that GL is renewed.

  3. Profile photo of sodsince16

    Why is everyone on B&B trying to avoid Ridge “going berserk ?” Perhaps, James and Taylor should provide some counseling so that Ridge can avoid the awful fate? Or is everyone on the show just worried that Ronn Moss will wind up on The Soup again? I think Stephanie et al need to learn the difference between over reacting and overacting from Ridge.

    Also, this show is still on warp speed. The Jackie M. fashion show was yesterday in B&B time……….

    Lastly, I look forward to Bridget’s bellhop inspired looks for the spring designed in a homage to former her former step-mommie Stephanie.

  4. Profile photo of shale

    I am done with this. You all are just as bad as that Nelson Branco one week you all are giving GL props then you all bash it. Yall need to make up your damn minds. I am over this so yall just get over it!@

  5. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    Yeah I’m a little upset over the GL bashing as well…this is getting ridiculous…this show is so much better than that crap on GH,DAYS,B&B,and AMC. I know that you guys have had problems with these shows too,but it;s time to stop the GL bashing…since they are making every effort to correct it’s mistakes and that is obvious if you would only watch the show for real.

  6. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Shale and Doobiekat, why are you both mad at the GL critique? If we all agreed on the same thing, it would be a boring blog and podcast no? Everyone’s entitled to their opinions that’s what makes us all unique and interesting.. J Bernard, all Stephanie needs is a hat and she’s good to go!

  7. Profile photo of Ilovethesoaps

    First of all, I hope that the actor that plays “Brad” finds a “home” somewhere on a soap. Best of luck to him!!!! I don’t get the comment about Peapock?? The church has a t.v., in the chruch??? I don’t understand the statement??? GL, always make you shake your head and makes you want to spit!!! That is nothing new! Either, you are for the show or your NOT! But, please! This “I hope gl makes it, then I don’t care if gl does’nt make it! that mess should STOP!!! Guys, I really appercate your show and I try to listen with a “ear to hear” sometimes it seems YOU talk and YOU don’t know what you’re talking about!!! I will move on, now do you feel that its alright for an actor to write their own storylines??? I don’t think thats right!!! Listen, folks I can listen to you all day!!! But, just remember we all feel bad about how things are going on with the soaps, as much as we like to hear the truth, or opinons we also would like to some encouragement, honest conversation, and not all the negatives, look I enjoy the show. Its just I don’t always agree with what is being said on the show. :8)

  8. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Illovethesoaps, in Josh’s church he has PLASMA screen tv’s all on the wall. That’s a headscratcher for me when GL is on a tight budget. The church isn’t a MEGA church like they have all over the country so its not needed. Luke NEVER said its ok for a actor to write their own storylines, hence the comment on the Dee and Drake leaving. We are being honest on OUR opinions of shows.

  9. Profile photo of daysfan65

    Jillian Bowe is my new hero for her little rant about the butchy dress of La Forrester. I agree 150%! She has got to be dressed appropriatly! I totally thank you for your comment, and for making my day that much brighter!

    Peter, in the forums! :)

  10. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I do not believe there is either a for or against when it comes to any show. To talk about issues facing a show from a week to week basis and having changing opinions as developments progress is part of what we do.

    In the context of GL specifically we have said that we hope that it survives, but that does not mean we are not going to discuss the problems that exist with it. At the same time, it is not contradictory to also say that considering that other shows such as Another World were canceled while still in decent form and not bare bones like GL now is that we wish GL would have been canceled in much better form than to go through what it is going through now so that we can have fond memories of it instead of ones that involve the issues it has faced instead of it fighting for life.

    Jillian’s comments about the TV was based on the fact that there are two actual flatscreen LCD or plasma TVs hanging on the wall of Josh’s church.

    I never said it was good for any star to write their own stuff and control their s/l. In fact I said just the opposite. I believe that each and every actor should come to work and portray the scripts to the best of their ability no matter how crappy they are. Yes, a star should have input about their character in the context of whether or not something is out of character for their character, but stars should not be able to control s/l, romantic pairings or whether or not their character is written off one way or if their character is pregnant or not depending of i they don’t want to wear a pregnant fat suit for nine months. Actors should be professionals.

    As for Jonathon’s assertion that we pick on shows on a rotating basis. We criticize a show when we think its doing bad and praise a show when it is doing good. In addition, most of the people who are on the CBS podcast are not on the ABC podcast and vice versa, except for me and occasionally when Jamey fills in on the ABC episode. So if people think I’m unfairly picking on shows on a rotating basis from one network to another I can not control how people interpret my patterns of liking or not liking something.

    If you compare AMC to OLTL or even GH’s lowered standards its still a really badly written show. If you compare the CBS soaps or Days to Y&R then GL and B&B are light years behind it. I’ve said recently and maintained, even against other people’s opinions of it, that Days is improving and my primary criticism of ATWT revolves almost entirely around Dusty/Paul/Meg and Co. Other than them I enjoy ATWT for the most part.

    Finally, this podcast is a round table with a variety of hosts with varying opinions on how things should go. We are never going to agree on how things should be handled and I wouldn’t want us to for the simple fact that if we did we’d be the most boring thing you ever listened to.

  11. Profile photo of shale

    I tell you why I am mad at the GL coverage on this site, one week we hear how GL is doing better then it has been a “hot mess” and made no effort.

    We hear this crap oh I will give GL a chance in 2009 and EW is improving the show then EW is a bad and ruined it. It is just as bad as Nelson Branco one week in the article GL is improving then the next week he states he has dropped it and has not been watching nothing but Natalia and Olivia.

    It is the exact same thing here, and the constant rude comments made about GL. Yet there are post made Top 10 reasons to watch GL and then you all do not even talk about any of the stories from the past week at all other than Cyrus with Lizzie or Bill? There were Huge developments with Beth and Coop, Shanye and Dinah, and Natalia and Olivia things that some of the bloggers say are good but don’t even talk about it in a Podcast.

    I get everyone has their own take on this but the constant flip flop and just out of the way comments made about GL is bad.

    And just as I have been told before I will stop pissing myself off, but it bugs me to no end.

    Oh and that crap on the Days ER podcast EW has taken a pay cut along with the writers and production crew. I watch ATWT too and while it may look like the traditional soap opera it’s story telling process is not but GL is telling the stories the old wway with more character driven and it makes GL just as much of a Soap.”

    I get that GL is in danger and may get canned, but it should be covered with as much depth as the next soap.

    I wish you all would have someone like Jonathan or J bernard on podcast people who are actually objective it would be great to hear their well thought out views other than just reading their great work and posts.

  12. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    daysfan65, I try.. *LOL* Nordstrom, hell even Macy’s and B&B can get a STEAL from there considering 11 of them are going out of business!

    I think its more than 2 plasmas/lcd’s hanging up in Josh’s church. Again, Josh is no TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar or even Eddie Long to have those in there. If you look them up folks, you’ll see why and get why I said Josh has no MEGA church.

    We all have different opinions on things, if we always agreed we’d sound like some yes men and women on the podcast. If some of you think that GL is good, that’s good for you and your entitled to your own opinion and beliefs. If some of you don’t again the same rules apply.  Look at Luke, he loves him some of that no good Gloria while Mike, Jamey and myself think that heifer needs to be running the prison laundry service. There are some times we do think on the same page on things and other times we don’t… You can’t get mad at someone for being their own individual… If the show/character/writing is good I’ll be the first to admit it but at the same time if its not I will admit that too no matter what the backlash.

  13. Profile photo of ajpp50

    From what I hear is Deidre and Drake didn’t want the cast to do a big send off ie a cake and a party. They didn’t say anything about the SL itself. That shit was all Dena.

  14. Profile photo of ajpp50

    I’m going back to my angry place over all of this. I need to walk away because I’m starting to think about dropping kicking ep’s and hw’s in the small of their backs down flights of stairs. relax relate release BTW I saw the info about the cake and such on Deidre’s message board so I think it’s pretty legit.

  15. Profile photo of Johnathon

    First my ‘fans response’ ((I Haven’t listened to the episode yet lol))

    Leave my Alison alone, LOL. I in the minority, but I am liking Casey/Alison. I want Dusty, Meg and Paul to go off the cliff and never to be heard from again. I liking Jade and Emily teaming up, but rooting for Casey/Alison.

    See Jade can go off the cliff as well imo, but I am liking Alison and Casey as well!;I haven’t watched ATWT in two weeks but they were one of the good points when i was.

    Now onto the GL bashing…

    (Please take into account the fact that i haven’t listened to the episode before bashing me and saying I am just saying this cuz I am a blogger, because really I wouldn’t lie, I will say if DC is full of crap and if I lose my job then I will lol, but let’s just all hope it doesn’t come to that lol.)

    I have noticed as a trend that the soaps go thru kinda a mocking stage on DC, first it was Passions (T_T) then it was GL, then AMC started feeling the hate and now its back to GL.

    Yes the podcasters can be a bit overly critical of the shows, but at the same time they do speak their minds, and i would rather hear them mock some show i like then hear them lie.

    I do believe GL is improving, the show is A LOT better then it was this time last year, and I do think they are doing everything they can to improve it. 

    I hope that you guys will continue to listen and continue to be a part of the community.

    (EDITED To add ‘If’ to DC is full of crap lol, I don’t think DC Is full of crap LOL)

  16. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    A person has the right to change their opinion as much as they want.

    As for "rude" comments. What some consider to be rude, others consider to funny, straight talk or sarcasm. We could never record this podcast to the specifications of what each and every person might consider "rude" that others might consider "humor", "sarcasm" or "straight talk." It would be impossible.

  17. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    We podcast and we blog, but we are also fans and that is what we all have in common. We will always share disagreements and honestly that is the better part of the debates…differing points of view.
    It may appear that we waver on our opinions, but don’t make the mistake of taking things out of context. We do change from week to week like the shows do and as I’m sure most viewers do. The GL discussions praise Wheeler for taking a risk and trying to keep a show alive despite making unpopular decisions. We have focused on the changes, which have been positive year over year, but the big question is whether it is too little, too late. The returns of Phillip and Mindy hold great promise, but will it be enough to keep this show on the air? Time will tell. Audiences fluctuate, but they also disappear. Are these returns and changes enough to bring people back and keep them tuned in? That is the crux of most of our conversations. The answers will be both positive and negative.
    As for bashing, don’t read too much into it. Like a loved one, we can take our shots, but outsiders can’t. If I can’t find humor in watching nearly 25 hours of soap opera a week, then why watch?
    For the record, I never trashed Passions, I never took to it…it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ve been watching GL since Nola was tormenting Kelly and Morgan; since Josh showed up as a cad; since Alan was married to Hope; and Hillary was blown up by a music box, so please do not assume that I hope for the end of this show. I do not want to see ANY soap cancelled, it’s not good for the genre as a whole, nor for those who work in the industry.
    I love my "job" here and feel I’ve found a group of people I can chat with and discuss something that is important to all of us. I don’t have friends who watch soaps, so let’s keep our differing opinions from creating tension in a place that has been fun for me to come to.

  18. Profile photo of daysfan65

    Jillian: I live in NY, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral doesn’t even have an LCD 60 foot TV set. Why should Josh have it. It is just an unecessary prop.

    In general, I do believe that we should have gotten a better send off for John & Marlena.

    I really don’t know what to think about my last episode, except that it was pretty PASSIONS seeing Nicole envison hitting Sami with that staue of the Virgin Mother.

  19. Profile photo of daysfan65

    I really appreciate hearing the opinions you guys have. I love listening to you guys go off the deep end on occasion, but I sppreciate the honesty first and foremost. You guys don’t sugarcoat things. You don’t say things like “The GL shooting format is super!”, or what have you. You guys are honest, and if you are a little brutal, then so be it!

  20. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Jamey and Jillian is right about bashing GL because of Ellen Wheeler’s dismantle of the soap. I think that bringing in Grant will help some, but it is a little too late to do this when they should of not fired him in the first place. Getting rid of your vets and replacing with newbies is not going to raise the ratings. I feel that when the fans was speaking out about the state of daytime, no one listen. But now since the economy is in the tank and ratings are dismal, the show is realizing that the industry is in thin ice and needs to do something to raise the ratings before they all be canceled.

  21. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    *Sigh* Daysfan65 won’t u be my neighbour? *LOL* I’m in NY myself and I haven’t hit a church that has a plasma in there! My problem with that is for people on a budget that’s just frivilous spending imo that can be implemented on something else. Some may say its trivial but it isn’t if u cry fowl in regards to budget.

    I’ve always been honest, some may say a bit too honest but that’s just my genetic markup. I’m not going to lie and say something’s great to spare someone’s feelings, if something’s not right I always speak up on it. I’ll conceed defeat on something once you show me your argument and I re-evaluate something. GL isn’t one of them for me right now because I remember intricate storytelling and lush sets. I can remember as a kid back in the late 80’s/early 90’s that GL was soo good that I would debate on watching that or GH and my DC posse can tell you I’m a GH fan fo’ LIFE!

    St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC?

  22. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    As for the comment on Ellen and the paycut, I ask that because if she took one then she’s really serious about saving her show. If not then that goes to show you what people would do to save something so beloved and dear to their heart like some claim their show is.

  23. Profile photo of Johnathon

    For the record, I never trashed Passions, I never took to it…it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’ve been watching GL since Nola was tormenting Kelly and Morgan; since Josh showed up as a cad; since Alan was married to Hope; and Hillary was blown up by a music box, so please do not assume that I hope for the end of this show. I do not want to see ANY soap cancelled, it’s not good for the genre as a whole, nor for those who work in the industry. I love my "job" here and feel I’ve found a group of people I can chat with and discuss something that is important to all of us. I don’t have friends who watch soaps, so let’s keep our differing opinions from creating tension in a place that has been fun for me to come to.

    You know rereading what I posted it does sound like i lumped everyone in and I didn’t mean to, Passions was the mockery of the entire soap industry, Not trying to target people here who didn’t like the show, But you either liked Passions or you made fun of it, that was the way most of the industry took it.

    Passions got pretty much what it desereved, I LOVED The show, but seriously it had a Monkey + Woman marry, A crazy boy/girl thing in a mask run around, more plot holes then answers and was just a mess, but it didn’t really matter to me because it was ‘my show’ lol.

    Anyways I wasn’t trying to lump every single person together, or pick anyone out, and I am sorry if it came out that way lol.

    Opinions change just like episodes of the show, and like you said Mike we shouldn’t let it effect us and miss out on the fun and thriving community.

  24. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    How about that daysfan65! I’ve thought about going to that church to try it out. I’ve always been honest but as my older sister would say, "You are just DRY when you say things!" Meaning I have no tact, I will try to work on that but I’ve been saying that for my entire life! *LOL*

  25. Profile photo of Johnathon

    GL isn’t one of them for me right now because I remember intricate storytelling and lush sets. I can remember as a kid back in the late 80’s/early 90’s that GL was soo good that I would debate on watching that or GH and my DC posse can tell you I’m a GH fan fo’ LIFE!

    Here is a question for you Jillian/ a suggestion, do you think it would be better to just think of Current GL as a entire new show? I mean it might have some of the past characters and some ongoing story threads but if you watch GL thinking of it as "GL 2k" and just take GL for what it is TODAY and try and try to think of the past GL as a dead and canceled show, do you think you would enjoy it more?  Would your perspective change? Or would you still think the show was bad?

    I am just asking because I didn’t watch GL until it had the new look, i tried it a few times but didn’t start normally until then.

  26. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Are u asking for fans or asking this question just for me. As a fan, thats all on you. For me, GL is a totally new show for me because of the storylines and characters on there as well as production. If GL would tell intricate and great storylines by weaving in new and old characters ala Y&R I’d watch and support that from here to the ends of time. I’m never going to think of the GL of old as a cancelled show because that’s not in me to do so. The fan in me still hopes that it can get back to its glory days, I feel that way about all the shows and Y&R’s shown it can get back to that.

  27. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    “I’ve been watching GL since Nola was tormenting Kelly and Morgan; since Josh showed up as a cad; since Alan was married to Hope; and Hillary was blown up by a music box…” – Mike Jubinville

    Oh, Mike, what memories that line brought back. Where you watching when Ed, played with gravitas by Mart Hulswit, was married to Rita, played by the beautiful and soft-spoken Lenore Kasdorf? And when Rita had an affair with Alan, played by the sublime Chris Bernau? Oh, those, and at least 15 years thereafter, were the days.

    Guiding Light is not the show that it was during its “glory years”, but it still has its moments. I sincerely hope that the light continues to shine. And guide.

    Just an aside… while I consider the late 70s to mid 90s Guiding Light’s “Glory Years”, there may be a viewer watching the show in its current incarnation who is convinced it is in its glory. As my beloved “stories” loving aunt would say, different strokes for different folks.

  28. Profile photo of Mike Jubinville
    Mike Jubinville

    I’m gonna take a stab at that one. I cannot speak for anyone here, but for me it is not Guiding Light v 2.0, it is Guiding Light, born out of The Guiding Light (which I’m guilty of still calling it). Although soap opera canvases change over the course of decades, the thing that connects me to any show is the past. I watch GL and see remnants of the past, but am not ambivilant to change so long as the change is rooted in the core. Things have to make sense and for a long time, they haven’t (not just on this show). Times are tough for every industry and now is not the time for soaps to still be struggling with how to make things work when most viewers know what makes things work! Therein lies the frustration of a long time viewer. So, to answer your question, GL Junior does not work for me. If that were the case, then it might as well go under a different name. The buzz about the returns of Phillip and Mindy are exciting because they ARE rooted both the past and they pull in the support of lifers, who are keeping soaps alive right now. I hope that makes sense.
    Also, thanks for the clarification of your opinion.

  29. Profile photo of Johnathon


    I guess your right, I am just trying to cling on to hope that people that watched the show but dislike it can find someway to look at this thing and enjoy it and somehow stick around and help it survive -.-.

    IF GL dies I really think the US Soap industry will crumble, when the world’s longest running show cannot stay on the air what can?

    What is scary is the fact that Primetime ratings are so bad, I am really interested in seeing how much scripted t.v. will still be around in a few years, will we still see the 22+ episode seasons or will they all shrink to 13? will there still be 3 hours or 2? will the soaps move to primetime ala UK/AUS?????? 

    I don’t think we are in the end times for US Soaps, I think the industry is crumbling, but I think something will rise from the ashes and it will be rebuilt, bigger, better and stronger, at least that is what I am hoping for.

  30. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Here here Mike! The past keeps fans rooted to their shows and great storytelling. Everyone knows that you will have to add new characters to a cast at some point, if not then how the hell can a soap grow? If you add them on slowly and connect them to a core family on the canvas it can work, when you kill off a core family and add some nobody’s that aren’t or never were a core family you can invest in it.

  31. Profile photo of Johnathon

    If you add them on slowly and connect them to a core family on the canvas it can work, when you kill off a core family and add some nobody’s that aren’t or never were a core family you can invest in it.

    Wow I dunno why but I just feel like debating a bunch of soap subjects lol.

    See I agree with the slowness part, but I guess I am just used to new families coming on the shows and becoming the forefront, Hollyoaks had the McQueen takeover, Home and Away introduced one family last year that wasn’t connected to the show at all, yet fans were actually mad that they didn’t have more screen time! lol.

    I think the key thing here that we can all agree on is its about the writing, IF the writing is good for a bunch of ‘nobodies’ then we might actually care, but when the writing is crap, the production model is a joke (in comparison to other soaps), we will not sit around and watch a bunch of hair models just speak crappy dialog, we want our vets to be on and speaking crappy dialog and having visions lol.

    I think the other part is the casting, why do soaps have to be a ‘training ground’? Yea i am not expecting A+ actors, but can’t we get some decent people? There are actually Australians that can act, and I know for a fact are in L.A. so why in the world do we have the actor playing Ethan on our screens (on GH?)? That guy can take some acting lessons, go do a few commercials and train and then come on GH as Ethan’s long lost brother or something.

    LOL anyways that was kinda a weird OT tangent lol (At least it kinda had to deal with soaps right?), but thats kinda what i love about DC, we can start with one subject and move on to another and another and be able to enjoy the conversation and respect each others opinions :)

  32. Profile photo of Revafan001

    I was going to stay of this but i going to say something. If I affend any of you I am sorry.

    Jillian: I get what you are saying about the plasma tv’s! But how do we know they where bought? What if they where bought when the show had money. I for one say they should sell them and take that money and bring back some people. And then maybe GL will make money bring in more/old viewers!

    About the bashing: I have to say i fore one see where you Jamey,Jillian,Mike,Luke are coming from, becuase you have more history with the show than i would. But I have seen some post on “Message boards that it is not all EW’s faul, some say “BB” was pulling EW’s strings. Now GL is gettinb better! And then there are those days where it is crap. But GL is getting back to couples. They acually have a villian and his name is Edmund Winslow!

    And for as far as Grady’ goes he is leaving soon and there is RUMOR THAT HE DIES.

  33. Profile photo of Jorpa

    I want DC to praise when praise is warranted and bitch when bitching is warranted. I’ve done enough bitching about GL for all of us in the last 5 years. I quit watching cos of Ellen Wheeler and her shenanigans. But now that core characters are coming back so am I.

    I’ve been trying HARD to watch the last couple of weeks to get caught up on things, and I have to admit that while the writing is somewhat better, I’m bored to tears with it. I still don’t like the production changes, but I’ve accepted it and it is what it is now.

    I’ve been burned badly with the destruction of GL in the last few years, and I still don’t trust what few improvements have been made. I’ve turned the light back on for now, but if they screw up Phillip again and don’t do justice with Mindy, I won’t hesitate to turn the light back out. And it really hurts my soul to say that about something that’s been a part of my life for over 30 years.

  34. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Shale, perhaps if CBS and P&G had been as upset as you are now, Ellen Wheeler would have been fired years ago the show wouldn’t be in this shape. I will not ever apologize for my opinion, or allow Ellen’s role in killing this show be lost in PR spin about the automobile industry or be swayed by her crocodile tears. This woman wanted to change this lush, glamorous soap into a "slice of life", "inside the light" incestuous nightmare and she succeeded. Don’t blame me, blame her. 

  35. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Ask Beth Ehlers if I’m hard on Ellen and GL. Where was Ellen’s love mantra when she LOCKED an actress who helped make that damn show outside of the gate? Ask Kim Zimmer about Ellen, when she made the comments, "I don’t know know who TPTB hate more, me or Reva Shayne!" and "I Really Don’t Know If I Would Have Re-signed My Contract if I knew I ‘d be sweating my balls off in Peapack". Ask Grant Aleksander how and why he left four years ago, and what had to happen for him to return, i.e Ellen getting over her agenda and actually trying to produce a traditional soap opera. Ask Crystal Chappell why she fought like helll to get out of her contract a few years ago to jump ship to OLTL. Ask Nancy St. Alban, Jerry Ver Don, Liz Kiefer, Maureen Garrett, Paul Anthony Stewart and others about this woman and what she has done to this soap. Better yet, ask the top CBS execs who are telling anyone who will listen—off the record of course— from Ad Age to Conde Nasty that the show is as good as dead. Don’t be mad at me for telling the truth. The show is better than it was three months ago, but it is still absymal to watch in my opinion. Key phrase: in my opinion. You are welcome to yours, I am welcome mine. This show is in much worse shape than the last five soaps to get cancelled put together, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it. Ellen and David did.

  36. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Jamey thank GOD you said it. I have a problem with Ellen saying she’s trying to fight like crazy to save the show by doing these budget cuts and in the same token she spends money on nonsense like plasmas in a CHURCH! Even if they were donated you’d think she’d try to get CAMERAS donated or hell even try to hustle a set or two. If some thing GL’s firing on all cylinders then by all means go with that, its your opinion at the end of the day. Don’t get mad at me or anyone else on the podcast for voicing what they feel about the show. Even though I’ve been a lapsed viewer, when the Santos clan, Harley, Holly, Fletcher, Ross and co were on I still kept tabs on the show. The moment it became unrecognizable this girl decided not to pay attention since the show wasn’t trying to do so with viewers. When you make a statement and say you are trying to save your show and instead you systematically dismantle some of the staples of it I’m going to call you out on it. Everyone knows I love Y&R and when LML was at the helm I’d give her hell and I’d also give her props when it was deserved. I will also call you out on the offensive things you’ve done such as lock a star out of the building when they are trying to retrieve their things and also firing a main canvas star only to BEG for them to come back to save your tail. I’m not bashing Ellen for the hell of it I do so because of the facts presented and because its also MY OPINION of it also.

  37. Profile photo of Jorpa

    You go Jamey! I don’t always agree with you, but you are spot on here! It’s because we’re so passionate about GL that we get so mad about its destruction and have to tell the truth about it even if the truth is nasty.

  38. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    People who maim and destroy soaps like this out to be taken out back and horse-whipped, let alone have to take a paycut. Soaps used to sustain us through trying times, not cause the trying times!

    I’m convinced Bush and the big Auto CEO’s are all fans of Ellen’s version of Guiding Light. Before he watched Guiding Light, Michael Phelps wore nothing but Nancy Reagan throw back "Just Say No" t-shirts. Dave Chappelle was doing just fine and making $40 million dollar deals until one day Ellen accidently called him—she thought his number in the book read Chappell—once she pitched the story she had for Olivia (about Gus’s heart) Dave decided to quit show business.
    This woman is single-handedly dismantling not just this soap opera but civilized culture as we know it! She will bring forth the Soapocalypse! Hear as I speak, er type! The Ides of April are almost upon us! But soft, what light through yonder lighthouse window break? It’s Maureen Garrett, she’s been tied up and held hostage there for five years! She found one of Fletch’s old flares and is trying to send for help. Someone, anyone rescue Guiding Light from Ellen Wheeler’s clutches and I swear I will drink from the koolaid that springs forth from Peapack, New Jersey!

  39. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Okay, in defense of the Plasma TVs on GL – you *know* they just fell off the back of a truck one day and EW started screaming for Kim Zimmer and Marcy Rylan to drag them into the building before anyone noticed. lol

    Susan Flannery rocks the bellhop look like no one else can! Susan’s beautiful no matter what she wears :) I just consider it Steph’s “signature look” LOL

    John: I can’t tell you how amused I am that the kids on EE are better actors than a lot of adults on US soaps, lol

  40. Profile photo of bonobochick

    Flipping through the latest SOD with Reese & Bianca on the cover, I saw that Carolyn Hinsey gave a thumbs up to the Jarlena exit and said something along the lines of it being a good send-off for the pair and how TPTB gave the fans what they wanted for the pairing’s exit. :X I want to know what version of DAYS she saw. I was never a Jarlena fan and even I thought that send off was atrocious and a middle finger to fans of the couple. I still can’t get in to Dan & Chloe, but it’s infinitely better than Chelsea & Dan, which made me stop watching the show for a while after Chelsea threw over Nick for Dan.


    As for ATWT and comments in response to my first comment on here, Alison’s version of Sybil regarding dating Casey makes me want to gauge my eyes out. :| It isn’t interesting or entertaining, IMO. Obviously it appeals to some but I find the angst between them contrived and repetitive. I can’t root for a couple that I think has no chemistry and my apathy is greater by the fact that the writing for Alison is pathetically bad & makes her unrootable. I don’t feel badly for her being confused. I just feel tired and irritated not to mention I am tired of seeing Casey beg her to give them being together a chance. Time to move forward and move on, IMO.

    Thanks Mike (or was it Luke? :quest: ) for the commentary on Johnny’s custody. I loved that Craig got custody of Johnny as Dusty has been a right prick since he’s been back in town but especially regarding Johnny. I hated everyone asking Craig to be fair to Dusty, especially Meg’s trifling ass considering all she did to Craig when they were married little more than a year ago, cause if the situations had been reversed, they’d be rubbing Craig’s face in Dusty having custody. The best part about Craig getting custody was that he didn’t pull any stunts to do it but won because Dusty’s machinations blew up in his face. I am not so sure that Craig won as much as Dusty lost because of his own arrogance and that’s what made it sweeter to me.

  41. Profile photo of Ricki

    I’m sure Dee and Drake asked for a quiet last day on the set. No cake, no party, etc. But there is NO WAY they asked for a terrible exit storyline.

    Deidre, on her video chat, alluded to the fact that the storyline was rushed and they would have “liked more time” to tell it. She said the exit was “fine” which is saying a lot as she has always been Days’ biggest cheerleader.

    I’m sure Dee and Drake didn’t like it anymore than we did.

  42. Profile photo of Johnathon

    John: I can’t tell you how amused I am that the kids on EE are better actors than a lot of adults on US soaps, lol

    Daisy, I LAUGH because little Ellis Hollins has more well desereved soap awards then some of these Adult actors lol, I LOVE IT, becaue I can watch these ‘people’ try and act, and then turn over to a UK soap and watch these kids show more emotion in a scene then the Adults do in months.

  43. Profile photo of shale

    You know I realize what my feelings are not popular but it is how I feel and would love to be able to hear some blunt comments without being rude.

    Big difference between being blunt and rude.

  44. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I am just happy to see so many people defending GL so passionately !

    The show has gotten better and I must say now when I watch any other soap where they are shooting outside scenes in the studio, it just looks pathetic, always did but now I have something to compare it to.

  45. Profile photo of east.west

    OK here’s my 2cents on GL.
    I would’ve prefered it to be canceled after 70th yr. and see sets.
    And everyone we have opinions and would you guys rather have the fine ppl over here at DC playing spin doctor like the rest of the soap media or having some unfilter dialogue by ppl who care about the genre? And how the current production is, I know Jay says that we need the glamour and all of that jazz, but I disagree. I like the approach of the real life thing, but if the writing isn’t there it doesn’t work.

    I would hope that the show stays on a little longer, but good things always comes to an end and I hope when that time comes for this show the morons in charge will at least try to honor the history and give us a good final episode.

    Sorry about the rambling, but that’s my take.

  46. Profile photo of Ryan

    I love the suggestion of a new love interest for Hope. If Crystal Chappell needs work she could come back and form a quad. Ultimately Bo and Hope should reunite, but they need to do something. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic paring. Hope could just develop a close relationship with another man.

  47. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    As for actors controling storyline- there is NO WAY Diedre and Drake had a say in that ending. It’s all the producter and head writers fault. Here is what they said in a Nov 2002 SO Digest fan question:

    Digest: Fan question: What would you want John and Marlena’s final story to be?
    Hogestyn: John and Marlena are coming back from their latest adventure as Nick and Nora, ad Deidre would say, and they’re on their sloop. They’re sailing and they run into a storm, and it breaks the mast and they drift away.
    Hall: I want the explosion. I want the space shuttle. I want Thema and Louise the Grand Canyon. You don’t want to just fade away. I’ve faded away its no fun.

    So much for them not wanting a splashly exit. And from what I read about Drake’s comments on his characters’ other mishaps the past two years-shot, liver stolen, in a coma, etc. There is NO WAY he would want his character to leave Salem paralized from the neck down! The ptb decided way before Nov to get rid of them. There was no story after the spring. They had everyone living at the Dimera mansion and got a lot of funny stuff with J & M & Sami & EJ. Stephano envited everyone over and threateded revenge for his coma. Then-NOTHING for 7-8 months! No story, no movement, dropped storyline. They could of done something, have John & Marlena reunite, defeat Stephano and fly off on a round the world trip. Not that crazy blond Dr, and everything happening the LAST Day? They only gave them 14 min on the last episode too! Those scenes were short! 1 min, cut to Dan & Chloe, 2 min, cut to Nicole- Ack! This couple was the bread and butter couple for the 80’s and 90’s. The millenium’s been rough but we stuck it out- then to end like this? An Anti-clamatic ending. Isn’t that the worst crime in storytelling? They have forgotten how to write a soap story ending worthy of them. Sad.

    quotes from: http://www.jason47.com/days/deedrakeinterviews3.html

  48. Profile photo of shale

    THanks Nathan, you are right about all you said I do not look for those on this Podcast other than Mike and Mel to actually talk about storylines though, just the way it is.We some good times get the rude comments and actual storyline coverage which I do not mind, but mostly just rude comments and no storyline coverage.

    That is my real issue with those on the podcast is the fact that they can spend all the time with their comments on how bad the show is but they don’t even talk about the past week storylines. All the other shows got that but GL did not get it and most times does not get it.

    It bugs me to no end about the same KZ freezing her balls off and changing clothes in the car, but that will always be said and so will the comments about sets and all the changes but I am used to that, but not covering any of the storylines is wrong and it happens often.

    I think Jamey, Jillian, and Luke think I am mad about what you say, I do really care, but when the rude comments are in the place of actual coverage on the GL storylines that bugs me. You all will have a view on GL and I do not care to change it or even really care about your view, I thought that since other shows got storyline coverage that GL should get the same respect.

  49. Profile photo of shale

    And Jillian they film in the producers office and the chapel set you are talking about is in an office and the t.v. were already in the office so EW did not go out and purchase those telvisions they had been there since before.

  50. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    We always start with major news story discussions and then if there is time for each soap we discuss s/l. If there isn’t time to discuss s/l I try to get something or quick in like the Bizzie topic where we went around the circle real fast. Some week’s a show may not have any major news so we then only discuss s/l related topics. That is what happened with ATWT in this episode.

    I would argue that the importance of Grant Aleksander’s return far out weighs what is actually going on GL s/l wise as it relates to MB’s comment about it being do or die time for the show. Also, we discussed the return of Edmund and how it factors into Shayne’s storyline.
    Those three topics far out weigh anything relating to Beth and Coop or Otalia.

    As for respect towards to GL on the podcast. I try to keep the CBS/Days at or around 45 minutes in length. Coverage of any show on any episode each week is dependant on what other, possibly more important news may be happening on the other soaps also discussed in an episode.

    The podcast and website is something that all of us do in our free time or while balancing our day jobs. It is obvious that several of you are very passionate about GL and I would encourage you to start your own podcast and website to talk about the things that you believe we and other sites are not giving proper coverage to. 

    There are many people who would love to listen to a podcast just about GL. Also if I’m not mistaken GL no longer produces its own podcast so there is definitely a void that could be filled if you don’t think we’re doing a good enough job here at DC.  Maybe the industry as a whole wouldn’t be in the shape it is if more people were stepping up and trying to do something to change it. The more voices the better.

  51. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, you want to know what we think about the storylines? Here’s my take:

    Otalia: Loving it, but after seeing ATWT’s shitty way of handling a gay story, I ain’t holding my breath for its sister sudser to get it right.

    Bill/Lizzie/Cyrus: Hate. Hate. Hate it. It’s just another excuse to keep Cyrus and Marina apart because the actors who play Mallet and Marina are together in real life and want to be together on the soap, and that kind of madness has been killing this show for at least the last five years.

    Reva/Jeffrey/Edmund/Josh/Shayne/Dinah: Jeff Branson is great, but this is a retread of Jonathan’s last big storyline. Reva’s angry son losing the love of his life—who we never once hear about, so why should we care?—only this time instead of Alan (one of Reva’s past foes) who her son can direct angst to, it’s Edmund. I’m sorry, it’s like they said, "Well, we can’t get Pelphrey back so let’s make Shayne all angry, yell a lot and love a dead girl too."

    Coop/Beth/Alan: I LOVE Coop and Beth, which of course meant they had to kill him off. Alan is the biggest mustache-twirler on daytime right now. He actually grimaces in scenes. I half expect him to say "I’ll get you my pretty" any minute, I feel so sorry for Justin Deas, the greatest actor in soaps, to have to deal with this madness.

    I have said over and over the stories have improved, that’s from an F to a D, nothing for me to herald and proclaim the show is back and better than ever, i.e Y&R. Improved is all I can muster and I am sorry, that ain’t gonna cut it, when the show still looks like crap. If the writing were at a B, maybe I wouldn’t notice the weird camera angles and the fact that several of my beloved stars are shot in the most unflattering ways imaginable, but as it is I can’t suspend what I see on my screen just to make people happy. Would you rather I lied and said I thought it was great, when I don’t?

  52. Profile photo of Johnathon

    "Those three topics far out weigh anything relating to Beth and Coop or Otalia."

    See I would rather hear about Beth/Coop then Bizzie/ Cryus stuff but that’s just me lol, i hate that Coop is leaving ARGGGGGG

    "Also if I’m not mistaken GL no longer produces its own podcast "

    GL never had a ‘official podcast’, it just had a audio version of its show put out, a way to keep up with the show.

    Anyways If anyone here is going to put on a ‘dedicated’ GL show or just a podcast in general and would like some tips or anything about getting started I do have some tips:

    #1. Make sure the host has a GOOD microphone, the host should always sound the ‘best’.

    #2. Get multiple people with multiple points of views, If possible you want to have a wide arrangement of people, people that love Otalia, people who hate them, People that think GL is improving, people who don’t, People that bring something to the conversation.

    #3. Podsafe music! :
    You will probably want a opening/closing song for your podcast, something short but catchy, that is where podsafe music comes in, podsafe music is music you can use on your podcast without worrying about being sued by TIIC over at the RIAA because they have nothing better to do.

    #4. Audacity/ Skype = the Love that can save your world

    As the latest GL theme song tells us only LOVE CAN SAVE THE WORLD, well Audacity is the LOVE for your podcast lol, Audacity is a free, open source podcast editing program.  And along with Audacity is the free online talking program Skype. (google to find links to both)

    #5. What is the best way to record???????

    There are multiple ways you can record your podcast, one way would be to have everyone record their own audio and send it to you once you finish recording (This would be done via Audacity), another way would be to have everyone on a Skype conversation and by using a third party program (I don’t have any suggestions at the moment sorry) record yout Skype conversation.

    #6. What to edit out???????

    Here is what I edit out when I am editing podcast for people:

    The Um’s, Hums, uh’s, ah’s —

    While editing you will learn to hear what needs to be edited out. So if I start a conversation saying "Um well my performer of the week is" you may be able to take out the "Um" and possibly the "well" depending on the tone of the voice, I always go back and listen after i have made a change to hear the difference.

    Restarted sentences –


    "Well actually I…um..ah… I don’t like the way the story …" or "I would disa…would disagree" you can edit out the first "I um ah’s " and "would disa".


    "I would like to talk about ………………………………….you know…….this weeks scenes…"

    You can edit out and save ALOT of time by getting rid of pauses, keep in natural but get rid of a LOT of them.

    Pretty much just listen, if things are not sounding right then edit it out and tweak it, the goal in editing is to make the podcast sound like a pro level ‘talk radio show’.

    You are going against MANY other podcast, and I have to tell you I drop A LOT of podcast due to low quality, I just don’t have the time to listen to it, so produce a highquality podcast.

    #7. IT IS ALL about the COMMUNITY
    make sure to build a COMMUNITY, and involve them, a lot of podcast don’t do this, they have a ‘podcast’ and they think that’s it, what they do not understand is a podcast should only be one part of the conversation, it should  be a ‘subject starter’ the real draw is getting people to discuss the topics you are talking about and get them involved.

    "This weeks top 5 was brought to us by forum member ___" or "We would just like to give a shout out to ___ who reminded us about" Or "We had a real debate going in the Blog post for DC #357, with John, Shale, Nathen and Jillian and Mike and everyone and I would just like to say thanks to everyone for contributing and  advice everyone who hasn’t yet to check it out and weigh in, also remember to comment on the other episodes in their respective post"

    Just do the best that YOU can do, and never, and i mean NEVER think you are the best, You can ALWAYS improve, and ALWAYS do something better, look at well known and well done podcast, TWIT.tv’s ‘netcast’, Cnet’s podcast (BOL!!!) Maybe Mugglecast / Pottercast and just look at what they have done and why they are so popular and try and mimic them.

    Anyways I am rambling on WAY to much, but if anyone has any questions about podcasting let me know, I would be glad to help and if you can’t tell I do kinda like the podcast industry LOL.

    (disclaimer: This post was in no way meant to come off as me knocking any podcast, if you run a podcast and do not do any of the things listed that does not mean i think you are a bad podcast, this was only a suggestion on my part and is in no way the thoughts of Daytimeconfidential.com/ Tv Fan Online Inc. or any of its other users or admin, this message was brought to you by Me the proud supporter of Podcast since 2007)

    LOL I have NO clue why i decided to add a disclaimer… just kinda did, though I should have added something about "This advice will not protect you from loving crazy soap characters or going on websites and ranting about them, this advice will do the exact opposite and make you pimp out your podcast. If this occurs for more then 3 hours at a time, please walk away from your computer, get a glass of water, drink the glass of water, take a deep breath and return to ranting about how _Insert executive_ is ruining your favorite show"

  53. Profile photo of shale

    Jamey if you all did that on the Podcast I would be happy. You are still being real about your view and talking about storylines which I think is what should be on the podcast. I do not agree with any you said but that is not the point. The fact that stories were discussed on a Podcast is what i consider fair coverage of GL.

    Luke I am sorry but that is a lame excuse for me not to mention the storylines but now I see your method of thinking and understand now why the stories were not discussed this time on the Podcast.I have heard you all say the same thing about GA that you all would watch and the comments about GL so I think talking about the stories would have been better than the same thing, but that is my view.

    You are right about doing somthing instead of complaining about you all. I do not want an entire podcast of GL though I did enjoy the one you guys did.

    I do like what you all do which is why I have said somthing, if i did not find you all entertaining I would just stop listening, I guess I am thinking that maybe my comments will be a way to make it better.

    Jamey I do want to say that some of the things you say I agree with, I would just rather if I have to hear those comments made about GL that some actual storyline coverage is done on the podcast.

  54. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Shale, I respect your opinion and will try to strive to talk more about what is actually happening on our screens. I have to say it is a lot easier to do this about the soaps that are actually doing well onscreen. All soaps have tons of backstage drama, but for soaps like GL and Days where the backstage power plays and kill moves are more dramatic than anything onscreen, it is hard to focus on the storylines, especially when you hate 80 percent of them, but for you guys as listeners, speaking for myself, I will try.

  55. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Shale not for nothing but I don’t care if someone’s mad at me for voicing my opinions. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I stopped watching GL YEARS ago because the story lines never captivated me anymore. Why should I lie and rave on a show because others do when I don’t feel the same? I spoke once again about the tv’s I found it frivolous in a CHURCH not a office when that can go towards something else… Back to the matter at hand, I am not going to hype up a show because some like it and others don’t I will give credit when credit is due like I do with Y&R and I do with things on B&B and ATWT and GL. I said I liked Dinah’s storyline with Shayne and wanted to see a Reva/Vanessa showdown. That would bring it back to the basics of what their relationship was in the past as a way to integrate the newer characters and people involved in the Lewis/Shane gang. Not everyone’s going to like what people have to say and agree with your take on a show, that’s how life is. I guess you missed the podcast where we praised EW for trying to save GL by cutting the newbies and trying to re-hire core characters and fan favorites back. We don’t set out to bash GL, we give props when its warranted and if not we speak the truth.

  56. Profile photo of shale

    Jillian I think you are still missing what I have been saying, I do not care about your view on GL and are free to say whatever you want. I have never seen GL the way you have and do not care if you like it or not, I would like to hear more about your views on the storylines instead of just comments on the backstage.

    Again you will feel how you feel, and I do not mind hearing that and I am not mad about you voicing your view, I would just like to hear your view and still be able to hear storyline coverage from the past week.

    I never said I cared about what you all said I said I just thought that storyline coverage should be done with GL! I do not want you to hype up GL or any show I want your honest view but if the storylines are not being fully covered like the other shows got on the podcast I see no point in just hearing the same thing.

  57. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Shale again YOU must have missed the podcast on when we discussed storylines and not just backstage issues. I’ve said which storylines I like and which ones I’d like to play out and so on.

  58. Profile photo of Doobiekat

    Well all I can say is Guiding Light is freaking HOT again…and I love it and can’t wait till the next episode. Phillip & Beth are so stellar together and I can’t wait to see that chemistry between them tomorrow. I can smell emmy’s out of this next year!!!!!!

  59. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Shale again YOU must have missed the podcast on when we discussed storylines and not just backstage issues. I’ve said which storylines I like and which ones I’d like to play out and so on.

    *Reminds everyone to take a DEEP BREATH and BREATH lol*

    Jillian what I believe Shale is saying is he wants MORE discussion on storylines, yes you slightly discussed it, but instead of hearing talk about Grant’s return he would rather see that time spent discussing why you like or dislike actual storylines and going maybe into more detail about them then what Ellen wasted money on this week lol. * I say ditch the t.v’s  and save Coop but whatever lol*.

    Anyways I think we all understand by now everyone’s feelings, the episode is out and what’s done is done. My only suggestion would be to just stay tuned to future episodes of DC and more GL discussion in the coming episodes :).

    I can smell emmy’s out of this next year!!!!!!

    If only i had any faith in the emmy system LOL, I would love for them to get one, or for half the people that deserve one to get one, but I am not holding my breath lol.

  60. Profile photo of shale

    I have never said things are perfect at GL, nor have I said that i want as you put it some “Pollyanna” view of GL. If you read what I have posted I said the coverage of GL is my issue.

    You all will and can think what you want about GL, I do not love everything about the show but their are stories I can watch that keeps me hooked. No this is not GL where Maureen died, and Mindy and Nick or classic Reva and Josh, but it is better and they are trying.

    You feel what you will about GL it is the rude comments and I find them rude about Peapack (where I live), and bashing of the show. I do not like it I do not find it funny at all because not all those comments have to be said. I am never kncking a view I knock the comments that do not have to be said.

    Getting on EW I never said she was perfect or that she did not make huge errors, if you knew anything you would know that most of the casting exits such as Danny and Michelle, taking Peter Simon off contract leading to his exit, getting rid of Maureen Garrett’s Holly story leading to her leaving and taking Jerry and Marj off contract was BB and EW did the orders. EW first mistake was firing GA which lead to BB having input on how EW runs GL.

    GL has not been lush in sets since 2005. The only lush set GL had was Becon Ball Room where Buzz and Olivia’s engagement party was. The rest are pretty much what we have now takingout Main Street. so this slice of life is not too different only the are outside in the worse places my town has to offer.

    Again I am not saying anything about what you say Jamey about the state of GL that is your view, it is the rude comments and the lack of coverage over stories of the past week that other shows get on the podcast.

    And Jamey i do not ever once recall blaming you for GL’s state at all soI do not understand where that came from. If it seems I was; then know, I know you are not to blame for any of GL’s problems seeing you have not input on the storylines and directions of the show. Not the blame falls on EW and BB I know that and I know GL is in trouble and make no “Pollyanna” view of it.

    I would just think that on a Podcast the past week storylines would be brought into it since the other shows got that and less rude comments.

  61. Profile photo of naughtytomato

    LOL! I’m no doctor, but after listening to the podcast, I say Jamey is suffering from depression and prescribe Lexapro stat! After reading this post maybe zanex too! Get thee to a pharmacy!

  62. Profile photo of nathan77

    Don’t feel bad about anything, shale, because I agree with you 100 percent. Without question GL has had its trouble these past few years, so much so I thought about giving up all together (after 20 plus years of watching), but lately, the past month or so, the show slowly started to find its legs again, and I have been actually LIKING GL again. Otalia is classic soap, Chappell is taking it to another level with this storyline, and Jessica Leccia’s Natalia is doing some of her best work lately. Edmund is back, and his grief is believable over Lara’s death, but you know once he finds out HOW she died, watch out Springfield. We got Shane/Dinah, The Coop/Beth/Alan story is picking up steam, with the great Justin Deas (Buzz) right in the mix too. We get more Lillian trying to talk sense into Beth. Anytime Marcy Rylan (Lizzie) is on, I am happy. And even Christina/Remy, an African American couple is taking it slow but still moving forward and believe it or not they actually have some fans. I can’t say much about Mallet/Marina, but even a scene recently where he talked about his past and they were in the snow, that was filmed beautifully, like a winter wonderland. But the folks at DC don’t mention any of this. The show is basically sh!t on a stick, and it will die. With all that bashing of GL, I just thought surely you can find maybe ONE or two good things to say in the podcast about GL for the week. Or do we have to have another crack about Kim Zimmer’s balls freezing off in Peapack or another joke about how hell, the entire cast changes clothes in one car. We know, we know, the show is on a very very limited budget.

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