Edward and Carly’s Connection

How heartbreaking was it to watch the scenes between Edward (John Ingle) and Carly (Laura Wright) yesterday? I know Carly’s storylines always revolve around Jax or Sonny, but I couldn’t help getting a bit nostalgic wishing that Carly would be forced to move back into the Quartermaine mansion. Even though Edward is always so blustery and will rip Carly to shreds because of Michael it was obvious during yesterday’s episode that Carly has a special place her heart for the old blowhard.

Would you like to see Carly move back into the Q mansion?

Edward and Carly's Connection

  • Only if it meant no Sonny wasn't dropping by every five minutes. (25%, 90 Votes)
  • Yes! I'd love for her to move back into the Q. mansion. (43%, 153 Votes)
  • No! It wouldn't be worth it. (32%, 113 Votes)

Total Voters: 356


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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    UGH! I refuse to even vote on this poll! It was so painful for me to see this — okay, I actually FF through it, but even at warp speed it was painful, lol.

    Firstly, I want Edward to have a heart to heart with a Q, not SMUGLY of all people!! (what’s next – is he going to grab a beer with Sonny??) And what I’d also like is to see the remaining Q’s slap Smugly in the face everytime they see her.

    Phew…had to get that out. Sorry, but this scene just reignited my Carly hate.

    *sniff* miss you AJ! *sniff*

  2. Profile photo of season1217

    Carly and AJ had the potential to be the Rhett and Scarlett of this show. I’ve always despised Carly but if she had been w/ AJ I would have loved to hate her instead of just hating her.

  3. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I wonder if SK had stayed in the role, things might have been different, as his AJ had more chem with Carly back in the day….they may well have been the “next generation” as unlimited suggested.

    As for Carly (oh Daisy I am going to have to work on your carly attitude LOL) Edward has always had a soft spot for Carly. When AJ found out about Michael, it was eddie that wanted him to marry carly and bring the child into the fold, esp. since Lila and Carly were very close as well. Yesterdays convo was awesome, but JI really made me even more misty when he finally went to Tracy! Loved it!

  4. Profile photo of timepass

    Daisyclover at last, we are fully on the same page!
    Loved AJ, hate Carly for what she did to him.
    Any Q talking to that witch should be killed on site, Edward of all people talking to her! |(

  5. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Daisy, Timepass

    Thank you, I thought I was the only one that loved AJ, I don’t watch GH anymore but the mere thought of Edward being kind to Carslut of all people when he couldn’t even give a shred of compassion to AJ, his own grandson makes me sick. |(

    Carly was the one that took Michael away, made sure he had no contact with the Qs and put him in circumstances that led to Michael being shot in the head. Poor AJ suffered so much at the hands of this harridan and to see Edward to play nice with her when she never even apologised to the Qs for all she did to them makes me want to vomit. Robert Guza will always scrape the bottom of the barrel of lows in order to prop up this bitch.

  6. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    A lot of people had a hand in creating the situation between Carly and AJ. Lets not forget, Carly and AJ were trying to work things out, but Edward kept pressuring AJ about keeping Carly and Michael fully under the Q roof. He even offered AJ the helm of ELQ if he could make the marriage happen. Carly did a lot of wrong, but so did AJ. You dont grab a pregnant women on a stairwell, esp. when you are drunk. You dont argue with a drunk on a stairwell when you are pregnant. The miscarriage was what put the final nail in the coffin between those two – I have posted the clip before, but Carly spoke with Lila just minutes before the stairway incident and promised her that she would try to work out some type of custody arrangement with AJ ONCE HE STOPPED DRINKING.

  7. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington


    Five words, AJ on the meat hook and before you say Sonny remember that Carly was the one who went to Sonny crying about how she wanted AJ out of Michael’s life. I’m sorry but after that whatever sympathy I could have mustered for Carly died then and there. Even after Michael got shot I couldn’t find it in me to have a shred of sympathy.

  8. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Of course she wanted AJ out of Michael’s life, he had just been partially responsible for her miscarriage. I know if I had been in that position, I wouldnt have forgiven him that soon, maybe even never. Lets not forget that AJ blew up an entire warehouse as well.

  9. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Thank you pxlbarrel,

    AJ had turned a corner in his life and was on the path to recovery until the she-beast Carly decided that she hadn’t wrecked her mother’s life enough and thus Tony Jones had to be the father of her child. To achieve her aim she torpedoed AJ’s life at the time when he finally was dealing with his drinking and the underlying self-esteem issues that precipitated it, to become a better person. The reason AJ’s demise is such a sore spot for me is the fact that he could have achieve many great things if Carly hadn’t insertet her malignant presence into his life.

    BTW pxlbarrel, thank you for the clips on youtube, I adore vintage GH.

  10. Profile photo of disillusioned GH fan
    disillusioned GH fan

    Well, Carly has some hindsight now that she didn’t have back in the day and that’s where the true safety of her child lay. Now that Michael is in that coma, lets face it, the Quatermaines don’t look all that threatening now that Carly can see what true danger her choices have brought forth upon her children.

    Not that TPTB would explore this, but imagine Carly reaching out to the Q’s, giving them the chance to give her son a safer life with better choices. If he does come out of the coma and is SORAS’d, what are the chances the writers would put Michael at odds with big ole Sonny. They will just recycle the same old stories and we’ll be annoyed further.

  11. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’m so happy to see there are other people on Team AJ, lol! AJ certainly isn’t blameless. To me he’s a true tragic figure (unlike Sonny & Jason), and like most tragic figures the bad things that happened to him came from outside forces as well as from his own mistakes. However, as Mrs Adam Carrington wrote, if it wasn’t for Carly’s “malignant presence” (perfect way to put it!) things would have been very different for AJ, and all the Qs.

    I wrote this on another thread, I loved AJ and Tony. The Rise of Carly = The Destruction of AJ & Tony and that pisses me off to this day. Watching her strut around town like the Queen of Port Charles is infuriating. And then to have to watch *any* Q have a heart to heart talk with her? It’s like putting salt into the wound.

  12. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Sigh, Daisy Clover, how can such an otherwise SWEET and CHARMING girl like both Spam McCall and that drunken, spiteful Junior Quartermaine! Our relationship is just like Barbra Streisandt and Robert Redford in The Way We Were, a love affair doomed to be split apart by ideals and bad perms (mine, not yours in the 90s to straighten my hair like the white boys in New Kids on the Block. In the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, big mistake. HUGE).

     Like the corners of my DVR…

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Jamey, you’ll always be my Hubbell…

    Memories may be beautiful and yet
    What’s too painful to remember (AJ going psycho, Sam going psycho, Tony going psycho)
    I simply choose to forget

    At least we both love The Way We Were (they love each other, but can never be together! *SOB*) LOL

    Full Disclosure: One reason I will always love AJ is because I’ve loooooved Billy W. since he was Frankie on DAYS. Now if you tell me you didn’t like Frankie… I don’t think my heart could take it!

  14. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    daisyclover, so true so true. Carly’s rise did spell the end of AJ and Tony. AJ was never going to be the heroic character but he was never the evil one either…not until the writers had to make Sonny and Carly the heroes of the show. To make mobsters and conniving vixens into the heroes, you have to create some real bad and evil people. And so we have the ridiculous rewiring of AJ’s persona into a psychopath who would shoot his own father and apparently had been willing to kill his own brother (the whole…AJ hired some psycho doctor to kill Jason after his brain splattered on that conveniently placed rock.)

    Add to that a thoroughly depressing version of Tony. Tony was the epitomy of white hat in the show. He never cheated (until Carly), he was the perfect father, straight laced brother who looked out for his younger brother and sister-in-law and nieces. He was the perfect man on the show. So maybe he needed some flaws to make him interesting? Yikes…they not only gave him flaws, they gave him a character lobotomy. Wrote the character into a corner that he never escaped until the final scene on the show.

    I hate Carly but I must admit that to me, “Carly” is synonymous with “writers”.

    Now back to the story at hand. Yes, Edward did always seem to like Carly but I can’t think of a reason why Edward would still like her enough to open up to her. And to those of us who believe Carly (aka the writers!) is responsible for the destruction of the Q family, this scene just doesn’t ring true… although, again, John Ingle brings it home.

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Hold up here! I completely agree that the writers demonized AJ in order to jumpstart the Carly, Jason, Sonny go-round. I thought the whole story of AJ kidnapping Michael was compelling, but when they added in the dr. Toliver element, they lost me. Any of you that have read my rants about Sam’s suddenly discovered past know how I feel about the writers making s*it up that makes no sense and inserting it in to a characters past just to further a current plot. I do not believe it was in character for AJ to have wanted to kill Jason back then, esp. since Ned was covering for him for a long period of time.

    I will even concede that Carly drugging the AJ OJ was one of the worst things I have seen a character do on daytime.

    HOWEVER, my point was that both Carly AND AJ did really terrible things in general and to one another and while we could play would have, could have, should have all day, the truth is that while AJ was having a good run of things around the time that carly did what she did, history shows us that AJ had a serious drinking problem that he never really seemed to beat for long – remember when he was a Councilman — he didnt stay sober then either. Look at the clips I posted, drinking at 12, refusing to go to rehab even to improve his chances of getting custody of Michael etc. He ended up on the meat hook because he blew up a warehouse and tried to frame Carly for murder. And he fought with her on the stairs while in a drunken stupor – no he didnt throw her down the stairs, but had it not been for his actions (and to a lesser extent her own) the baby would not have been injured.

    And where did AJ’s problems stem from – the fact that the QUARTERMAINES favored Jason. His father and his grandfather treated him like crap, by their own admissions. Edward, esp., was pulling strings big time back when the Michael custody stuff was going on.

    I think Eddie has a soft spot for Carly because he relates to her tenacity and spunk, he knows she and Lila were close, and he knows that he had a part in all that happened. Plus, he puts more of the blame on Sonny, which I think is a totally fare assessment, even though I love sonny.

    As for Tony, please dont even…I have a soft spot for AJ because he is a Q, and I liked Tony, but Tony was not ruined by Carly. He was destroyed by the drunk driver that killed BJ. And lets not forget that his marriage was already in trouble, not only because of BJ’s death but because Bobbie had an affair with the character played by Leigh McCluskey (I am drawing a blank on his name right now.) Carly was no saint, but she was also a VERY young girl reeling from a. being molested by Reese’s father and b. discovering she was adopted and had been lied to her entire life.

  16. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington


    My argument about Carly-OJgate is that, it was the first and only time I’d ever seen AJ genuinely believe in himself, he was on his way to addressing and dealing with his issues. He had just owned up severly injuring his brother and was moving forward.

    I never saw AJ as a hero but he had the potential to be a good corporate villain ala Adam Chandler(that was my secret wish). He would always have his demons and insecurities, he had a chance to leave his family behind and be his own person. That’s why I despise Carly so much she took that chance away from him and he was never able to get it back.

    As for Tony, yes Bobbie was having an affair with Damien Smith but Carly didn’t have to insinuate herself in his life. He had just lost his daughter and found out his wife cheated on him the day his daughter died. She knew what it was like to have her life destroyed and be taken advantage of, that was the exact same position Tony was in and instead of having compasion for others like Tony did, she just decided to wreck his life in order to get revenge on the mother who gave her up FOR HER OWN GOOD! When she cooked up her sick little scheme, she probably didn’t even regard Tony as a human being because if she did, she would have had some compassion for him.

    And I bet she never did consider the effect her actions had on her own brother (Tony’s son), but she’s Carly as long as it doesn’t affect her she doesn’t care.

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Carly has apologized numerous times for what she did to Tony. What I was more responding to was Daisy’s position that Carly was the destruction of Tony. Tony was a shell before Carly did what she did and Carly certainly has apologized (in a heartfelt manner) on numerous occassions. I fault her less for Tony than I do with AJ because her goal was never to hurt Tony – I think it was a good way in her mind to not only hurt bobbie, but also find the father figure Carly has always longed for, and when you factor in what Reese’s father did to her, I think its very understandable, compared to OJ gate (I love that term btw)

    With AJ, I agree with you that there was huge potential for the character (I say the same thing about ric Lansing, who is apparently Sonny’s AJ, he never wins – nor does Lucky for that matter who apparently is Jason’s AJ.) Where we have to agree to disagree is whether or not carly was the sole or even just the biggest reason his life got screwed up. IMHO she was a factor, not unlike his parents disinterest, his grandfather’s maniputlations, Sonny, Ned’s derision, and his own personal demons and human flaws ALL were factors. Would his rehab have held if not for juicegate – who knows since the writers could have written it in either direction as they could have post-juice too, but statistically speakiing, IRL it is a serious challenge to maintain sobriety when the problem starts so early and historically speaking his previous and latter attempts at sobriety never held. If I am remembering correctly, when he was with Keisha, he got elected to the City Council and was doing well but his sobriety didnt hold then either.

    I dont see AJ as a villan, but I also dont see Carly as a villian either. She was a scared, messed up young woman trying to hold on to custody of her son. AJ was a scared, messed up young guy trying to hold on to custody of his son. They both handled it poorly, and it has been my position whenever this debate has come up, that ultimately it was the accident on the stairs that kept them from finding some peace and compromise between them based on what Carly told Lila moments earlier.

    And I guess for me the fact that Edward does still like Carly on some level shows the odds AJ was up against. All I can say is that if I had a son and some woman drugged him, she would have gotten a whoop ass beat down. If Edward still feels a connection to Carly it means he either didnt feel a sense of loyalty to his grandson or he felt that his grandson brought some of this on himself. If his tv family doesnt believe Carly was the proximate cause of AJ’s downfall, as a viewer how can I believe that?

  18. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh pxlbarrel, ITA! That crap about AJ hiring the doctor to kill Jason was infuriating!! Was it freakin’ necessary?? They already turned him into a psycho, but they just insisted on piling up his “crimes” – talk about shooting a dead horse. And yes, the SOLE purpose was to pimp Jason/Carly/Sonny. I can honestly say that there are few soap characters that were demonized the way AJ was, IMO. And I’m never going to forget that… And that means that when Edward has a Heart to Heart with Carly, it’s going to piss me off.

    And w/ Tony (ITA w/ your comments about him Mrs Adam Carrington), it’s similar. I’m not saying he was perfect. I’m saying that he was a character I *loved* and they villianized him just to make Carly look good.

    Like you EET, I thought AJ’s kidnapping of Michael was compelling – and I thought Billy did an *Outstanding* job w/ that story (totally unbiased opinion there, lol). However, it was also upsetting to know that this was how AJ was going out. It was a final slap in the face to AJ and his fans. That story may very well have been what solidified my hate for Carly and Sonny. (Jason escapes my hate only when he’s paired with Sam, lol.)

  19. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So let me see if I get this straight – you hate carly not only for what she did but even MORE so because the writers trashed AJ for CarSon. Is that fair???? LOL

    Isnt that kind of like Lizard fans hating Sam because the writers went with JaSam 3 years ago? Or hating Courtney because tptb went with Journey instead of Jiz?

  20. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I liken it more to my resenting Liason because the writers demonized Sam and Lucky during the Quad From H*ll story. I don’t think it’s like Liason fans hating Courtney or Liason fans hating Sam. Because it’s not about my favorite couple not being together.

    It’s about the trashing of a character to pimp other characters. I’m trying to think of a current comparison…like maybe on AMC, Annie fans might be furious and hate Ryan and Greenlee because Annie was turned into a nut job? But IMO it’s worse w/ AJ and Tony because these were character that I’d loved for years…

    But to be clear, my dislike of Carly/Jason/Sonny stems from different things, not just AJ. However, this Edward/Carly scene inflamed my *AJ-inspired* hate of Carly.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I guess I just hate on characters for what THEY do. I hate that the writers dumped on Lucky and Sam in the quad from hell story, but I HATE lizard for hitting Zander, bashing Carly for her “faux” rape that she thought was real, for her snootiness etc. I dont hate Lizard because JaSam ended.

    I pretty much always hated Greens except when she was with Leo. I dont hate Greens because of the stupid story they stuck Annie in, thats ALL the writers, I hate her for the way she treats people, like they are less than, and her general GreenMEMEMEMEME view of the world.

    In the end, I just think Carly and AJ and a host of others all bear some responsibility for how everything played out and I just loved the scene the other day between LW’s Carly and JI’s Edward.

  22. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Well like I said, there are different reasons why I hate Jason/Carly/Sonny, and the trashing of AJ to pimp them is just one of the reasons. And yeah, I hate Liz for different reasons, but the hate intensified because they trashed Sam in order to make Liz look better (*not* because they broke up JaSam for Liason).

    And of course, as a Carly fan (and Edward fan, I’m assuming) I’m sure you adored that scene, but as an AJ fan I was repulsed by it… however, last week when Tracy went off on Carly and Sonny for a few seconds – LOVED THAT!! Anything that temporarily wipes the smug looks off of Carly and Sonny’s faces is welcomed, lol!

    And just as a side note, I think the intense dislike that people have for Carly and Sonny is due in large part to the fact that they’ve been pimped while others have been trashed (you mentioned Ric as an example) for over a decade now. So yeah, it is the writers doing it, but the negative consequences come in the form of fan reactions to the characters. If you take a character that’s complex, flawed but somewhat of an underdog (like Sonny was, imo) and turn them into the golden child, sacrifice other characters at their alter, and make them smug, well…fans will turn on them. Sure it’s the writers doing it, but it colors the way you see the character.

    EDIT: actually I should say *some* people dislike them. I know Carly and Sonny have a lot of fans, however there’s a large group of viewers that can’t stand them, and my point is that I think it’s mainly because they’re pimped while others are trashed

  23. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington


    AJ was destroyed because Guza needed to pimp out Carly, Jason and Sonny. By the time AJ and Carly’s marriage imploded I knew AJ was destined to be the villain but I was hoping Robert Guza could make him a good villain but I suppose that was stupid of me.

    Like Daisy said when they retconned the whole AJ hiring dayplayer doc to kill Jason after the accident made me sick. AJ has done some bad things in his life but he truly loved Jason that was what made things worse for him, he was thrown over by his ENTIRE family for a brother he loved and resented.

    When AJ faked his death I had hoped after a two or three year lull, he could come back and steal ELQ from under the nose of the Quartermaines and be the corporate villain but a strong person with a handle on his addictions and vulnerabilities.

    And Tony, after hurricane Carly he was reduced to nothing. I need to know if anyone knows if she apologised to Tony himself because I really don’t know or maybe she apologised to Lucas. I saw Carly at Tony’s funeral and I will admit she was remorseful but for me it was too little too late.

    I don’t blame Carly for everything that happened to AJ, and the whole Edward and Carly bonding angered me but that anger is directed at ol’Eddie not Carly. Carly did AJ wrong but Edward as his grandfather should have gone for some family solidarity for AJ and that I place squarely at the feet of the writers, I have always hated Carly and that will never change no matter what the writers do.

  24. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh Mrs Adam Carrington, reading your post makes me miss AJ even more. There’s so much they could have done with him. And the AJ/Jason dynamic could have been so great. You’re right, AJ both loved and resented his brother – it was so much more interesting than the psycho AJ/hero Jason nonsense they turned it into.

  25. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I dont know if Carly apologized to Tony, but here she is with Bobbie and Bobbie gives her take on what destroyed her marriage and tony’s life.


    Again, I agree that it was completely absurd to think AJ wanted to kill Jason after the accident, esp. as I pointed out earlier NED was taking the rap. Clearly tptb didnt know their Q history when they wrote that. But that is my point, whatever AJ did with Jason occured BEFORE he met Carly. Carly was not his biggest problem, not in the least IMHO. The rest we mostly agree on.

  26. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Thanks for the clip EET, and we agree Carly wasn’t the cause of all of AJ’s problems but I still hate her for the things she did to AJ esp the laced OJ because he had a chance and she took it away from him in a callous way especially after he went out of his way to be a friend to her when she was the town pariah.

    Like Daisy said its very hard to look at Carly, Jason and Sonny in any kind of positive light because of all the characters the writers destroyed just to prop those three up.

    The retconning with Dr dayplayer was sloppy writing and then having all the Qs turn on AJ was just too much to take and then Carly wanted to come to AJ’s funeral I was so glad Alan told her to go screw her self (it was the least he could do for the son he pretty much abandoned). At least with Tony’s funeral she actually waited until she was invited by Bobbie.

    When Carly apologised for what she did to Bobbie, if she had at least apologised to Tony’s grave or Lucas I could let that go somewhat but until she says please forgive me TONY I just won’t let it go.

    Lets hope G,F and P get fired after this sweeps dud so that we can get better storytelling.

  27. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Sure, AJ needs to take responsibility for the problems he’s caused himself and others but the point of oj-gate (I love that term!) is that, as somebody pointed, it was one of the first times if not only time that AJ seemed really sure of himself. He had moved out of the mansion and had a job he really liked doing. He was out from the Q pressure. Even Alan and Monica were hopeful and they’ve never been that hopeful before.

    But what really makes this hurt more is that at the time that Carly did this to AJ, they were FRIENDS. Carly did this to a friend. It’s at THIS point that I really started to hate Carly. Earlier, she wasn’t the nicest because of her motives to hurt Bobbie but as the story progressed, you almost get the feeling that she does care for Tony and Tony seems truly happy. There’s a scene where AJ is crying in the hospital corridor and Carly… a truly caring Carly, offers her support to him. Carly did in a friend. How could she?

    And then, to make matters worse, she hides the true identity of who Michael’s father actually is….and to make it even worse…this pits brother against brother…. and she doesn’t care. Now, AJ and Jason weren’t close after he become Jason Morgan but AJ was still working on getting closer to Jason AND they were still talking to each other. This is…until Carly came between them.

    Carly may not be responsible for all of AJ’s woes but she’s responsible for a huge portion of it. And the fact that Carly is now considered one of the “heroines” of this show makes one want to wretch because she, to me, was one of the main ruinations of a character that we watched from womb to tomb.

    I don’t blame Edward for talking to Carly (although I don’t think it was particularly in character) because who else is he going to talk to? There’s nobody left! At least she was a former Quartermaine. LOL That must have counted for something, eh?

    What would make me happy would be Michael waking up and saying to dear old Mom, “You screwed up my life and my chance to know my grandfather, my real father, and the rest of my real family. And by the way, that hole in my head was a wakeup call. Bye Mom…I’m going to live in the mansion that doesn’t look like a mobster decorated it.”

  28. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    But would AJ be even be drinking if it hadn’t been for Carly’s first act of “betrayal”? AJ was on the wagon and happy for one of the first time of his life when Carly drugged him, threw him in the alley and doused him with booze to make him think he fell off the wagon. That did him and the family in. Hiding Michael’s true parentage was another Carly crime.

    AJ, at that point of his life, was very confident that he would make it this time. New job, new apartment, new relationship with Alan and Monica. Everything was going for him…until that fateful night drinking orange juice with Carly.

    So… would AJ have gone back to drinking? Would he be dead if it hadn’t been for that Carly prepared orange juice?

    And by the way, I adore John Ingle and any scene he’s in are always well played. I think he brings out the best in his screen buddies too.

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