Morning After: Hug It Away

Is it too much to hope that Grey’s Anatomy is back on track? I think I probably enjoyed this episode more than any other episode so far this season and the set up for the Private Practice cross over was really well done. I continue to love the Christina/McRambo romance and I’m intrigued by McRambo’s reaction to the arrival of Laura Allen’s character. Bailey continues to be the heart and soul of the show and I loved the hug it away scene.  George continues to be wasted while Izzie’s search for an ailment seemed a little lackluster. I’m not sure what I think of the Callie storyline, but I’m a big fan of the actress so I’m willing to take a wait and see attitude.

It is going to be so awesome to see Addison back on Grey’s Anatomy next week. Sometimes I really wish she’d never received a spinoff. The problem is I’m not sure there is another character that could have handled a spinoff.

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    I took Grey’s off my DVR. I couldn’t take it anymore. I miss Bailey and Christina/Owen though. I thought Cristina was going to walk away from him after what happened during what was supposed to be their first date. I’m glad that she’s being supportive of him.

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    Regan Cellura

    Grey’s was definitely in a slump for a bit, but I agree with Luke. Last night’s eppy was well done and set up the cross over perfectly. Dare I say I thought PP was a tad bit better than GA.

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    I didnt enjoy this week at all…..They lead us to believe Derek would be on Private Practice this week…and I watched it for nothing
    Not a fan at all of Christina and Owen…I miss her with Burke
    I think George is getting waisted and I love his character
    Callie needs more of a story than what shes getting….and its frustrating
    The one bight spot was no dead Denny….

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    That scene where Owen was laying on Cristina was so freakin romantic. I just love that. I have always done that with my boyfriends, let them lay on my to comfort them. But i agree, Cristina and Burke was THE couple. If only Isiah would have kept his mouth shut at the Golden Globes :(.

    No Denny!!! Yeah but still those stupid interns. I hate those freakin kids.

    I almost threw up over Lexie and Mark. GAWD they are so nasty. I know in real life the guy who plays Mark is only like 35 but that Gray hair got him looking older and Lexie acts like a 12 year old all the freakin time. I hate her and her stuttering. The actress is pregnant with her 4th child so hopefully she will be off the show soon.

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    This episode was definitely better than the recent ones. I’m enjoying Owen and Christina, I like Mark and Lexie. The whole thing with “Nr. 9″ and “bending over backwards” was hilarious!
    The music was really great, btw.

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