Quote of the Day: Brooke Blasts Rick

I have been a vocal NON fan of Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) seedy pairing on The Bold and the Beautiful, but I cannot deny the fallout has been anything but soapy. Not one person stands in their corner and everyone around them has explained in no uncertain terms that their relationship is wrong. No news there, we already know that!

For months, Ridge (Ronn Moss) has had to suck up (no comments please) his hatred for Rick because of his relationship with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). He has, for the most part, allowed Brooke to keep their relationship and communication lines open. I did not think I’d see the day when Brooke and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) were on the same side, but I saw it today.

The always brilliant Katherine Kelly Lang and the fast improving Kyle Lowder had me glued for their entire arguement. It was because Brooke was uncensored in her unrelenting disgust for her son. He was looking for support, but found none.  Brooke insisted that Ridge would never find out because "I absolutely, completely, 100% forbid you from seeing Steffy Forrester. I friggen forbid it!" It was worth rewinding a few times!

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    I have to say that was really hilarious…..All she didn’t do was hit him…..which would have been perfect…lol…I don’t watch B&B religiously but the fallout from this craptastic pairing has me tuning in a little more often….and since I’m trying to pick up Y&R it’s easier to just stay tuned…..

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    However as I commented in another section of the blog – it is odd that everyone is so afraid of Ridge’s freakout – including his wife. I know the last time he got so angry that he threw Rick over the roof. So, maybe they should use that argument – Ridge is cookoo for cocoa puffs and he could really hurt you if make him angry again.

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    Mike Jubinville

    I agree with you Sod, they are obviously setting up another Rick-Ridge showdown. No showdown on B&B compares to Brooke-Stephanie though. I just was caught off guard with Brooke’s "I friggen forbid it" comment. I can honestly say I haven’t heard that one before!

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    I glad someone is against this sick pairing, but I wish that Brad would get to the meat of things and explore Brooke’s neglect of Rick for most of his childhood and take responsibility for the way he grow up. But Brad gonna push it aside and move on to the next incestuous relationship.

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    I am not buying the Steffy/Rick relationship. It is a twisted, sick way of making us root for Rick when it is turning many fans off of the characters. Brad is still a bad writer and manager of his parents legacy and wish he would step down, just like Corday and give someone who can save their shows.

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    Rick isn’t doing anything that he hasn’t learned from mama! She’s the last person that should be reprimanding him about sleeping with people in the same family! This is all about her precious Ridge. Makes me sick!

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    And that’s the issue I have. Everyone is a hypocrite. Brooke hasn’t given a damn what anyone has thought about her but now she tells her son he can’t be w/ someone because of what others will say and do. Rick called her on it today. She’s only thinking about Ridge and how this will effect him. I’m not for Rick and Steffy for obvious reasons but not one of the people pressuring them to break up has any right to preach to them. And whether it be 6 months or 20 years nasty is nasty. There’s no expiration date!

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    This show is too incestuous for my taste. Brad, they are millions of people in LA and they only sleep with in the same family. That is nasty and it needs to stop. I can’t get behind Rick and Steffy because they have no chemistry and he been with Phoebe and Taylor. He is like his mother and Brooke does need to take responsibility for the way her children has become. Brad, do something new.

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    Because she doesn’t want Rick to BOINK another one of Ridge’s ladies. ITS FRIGGIN UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Next it will be Thomas because Rick feels the need to BOINK a Ridge Forrester Original.

    Has Martha Byrne started on B&B’s writing team yet?

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    At least Brooke’s relationships with Ridge, Eric, and Thorne spread over a 20 year period, not like a 6 months period Ric has had with Phoebe, Taylor and now Steffi. Ridge is also trying to get over his daughter’s death. So Ric needs to respect that and not get involve with his second daughter. And finally everybody on that show has slept with everybody in the same family. Eric has been with Donna, Brooke, the mother. Nick has been with Brooke, Bridget, and Katie. Taylor has been with Eric, Thorne, and Ridge. And Taylor was engaged to Storm and slept with Stephen.
    Let’s remember which show this is.

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