Introducing the New Will Roberts

Here he is folks, the newest teen actor to join Days of Our Lives.  Meet 16-year-old Dylan Patton who has been cast to play Will Roberts.  You may have seen Dylan in episodes of Cold Case and That’s So Raven.  In 2008 he filmed the movies So Others May Live and First Strike.

Dylan will appear on our screens from February 27.  No word yet as to how his return will play into current storylines, but I still think he could turn out to be the father of Mia’s baby… Leave your comments below!

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    I liked Will being the “adult” in his family. It was a better dynamic than the usual screw up in every way your parents did. They should have kept the same actor. He did a good job and it would have been consistent.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I’m sorry but little lord bushy hair here doesn’t look like he could be Sami or Lucas’s child, dmfj is right they should have kept the previous actor all he needs is a haircut and an acting coach for the more mature storylines he might get.

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    When I first saw Dylan I thought of Will being the father of Mia’s baby too. She could have been in school in Switzerland and met Will there. If that is the case then Sami now has her own grandchild but thinks it is her own baby. Talk about twisted Days. Wish they had brought back Christopher as Will but we will see how this new one works.

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    This is why I don’t watch Days from week to week, the cast just gets younger and younger, soon it will be Days in Our Day Care. I know they do well in the younger demo, but come on already, after a while they all morph into the same storyline anyway.

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    Someone posted that on the DOOL boards and I thought they were smoking crack! So Sami might actually be raising her grandchild?! Seriously?
    I hope this is it for the teen crowd hiring.

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    I want them to do a gay storyline with Will.

    Also, I hope it comes out that WILL really shot EJ, and Lucas was covering for him.

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    This is going to be interesting. I’m glad that they recast Will. He kinda looks like Sami and a lil bit of Lucus. It would be funny when or if Mia’s baby is Sami’s grandchild. Because Nicole will still NOT have a child and Sami will gain two.

    And leave the guy alone about his hair, I’m in college and that how half my friends and fraternity brothers have their hair. WE ARE YOUNG, LET US LIVE! haha even thought we will most likely regret our hair style in 20 years.

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    Well, Revafan001, to be fair, this kid costs pennies compared to John and Marlena. Also, he may be a recurring role, not contract, which means he comes even cheaper.

    I’m not defending it, I’m just saying it makes sense from a financial perspective.

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    AlistairCrane, yes it would be cheaper. If they would get read of some of the “Nebbies” then put every vet that is willing to work and write good s/l’s, then it wouldn’t have to get read of DH and Diana.

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    The new Will Roberts should be gay. It will make the story more interesting. Plus, he’s been away from everybody in Salem and ‘found out’ what/who he really is! I really do think that Will Roberts being gay will make the storyline more interesting.

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    This new Will Roberts is soooooo hot!! I’m so glad they cast him! His hair is sexy too, so don’t complain about that. And he should definitely not be gay!! The first time I saw him on Days, I immediately thought he was really hot and that him and Mia should meet. I don’t think he should be the father of Mia’s current baby, but I think they should get in a relationship and end up having a baby…

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