Caption This: Drowned Rats

Take your best Caption This shot at One Life to Live’s two drowned rats.

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    “Uh, why in the hell are we acting this way over John McBain?”

    At least, I wish that was what they were thinking. John and Blair have had some cute moments, but I hate watching yet more women on this show become needy doormats and/or act like shrieking harpies over the likes of John McBain, who looks like he is the one that needs to be thrown into the water along with a bar of soap and a good scrub brush. He turns every woman he has every dated into a fool, at least for as long as they are under his spell.

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    Blair: I went to Foxy Roxy’s and asked for the Marty haircut and this is what I got.

    Marty: Funny I went to Foxy Roxy’s and asked for the Blair.

    Together: We have GOT to find a new salon.

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    No caption for me just an obsevation.

    You know what I noticed? When Blair got out of the water her hair was not that wet. And when Marty got out of the water her hair wasn’t that wet either! :)

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    Are the budget cuts at ABC so bad now that the hair department can’t afford the electricity to run the blowdryers? I mean, costuming is already saving money by dressing David and Dorian in orange sheets and set design saved money by recycling the Bonjour Diner set and having Moe and Noelle live at La Boulais, but now this?

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    I caught the second half of OLTL today and I sure wished I skipped it entirely. I love One Life to Live and have so since the early 90’s but today’s episode was totally ludicrous especially Moe and Noelle’s wedding. There wedding had the potential to be an over the top beautiful extravaganza, but it was just over the top camp. It was not funny or entertaining. Also going off on elbugten’s comments, was it just me or did the Las Vegas wedding chapel set look like the same set used during the Mendorra storyline. Back in the day they would actually travel to Vegas and do on scene shooting. I miss those days. And my love for David is wearing thin. I hate when he places emphasis on certain Buddhist terminology. Both stories made me squirmish. However, I did enjoy Blair telling John that if he still wanted her, he should call her tomorrow; otherwise, have a nice life with Marty.

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    Susan: I wondering what Thorsten doing on AMC? It probably the same triangle as me. We doing this all over again, fighting over the same guy, but a least Patrick was a catch.

    Kassie: I wondering what Thorsten doing to. I hope he comes back from the dead and save us from this horrible guy, McBain.

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