First Look at the Melrose Place Re-Do

Our boy Jamey has been talking about the Melrose Place re-make for a few weeks now. Michael Ausiello has the exclusive first look at the breakdown of the new characters hitting The CW.

Here’s a peek:

The new Jake and Amanda are… David Patterson and Ella Flynn. He’s Melrose royalty, the now-grown son of the original Jake, with the taut abs and thick black book to prove it. She’s his omnisexual sometime lover, a PR whiz whose tongue is as sharp as her stilettos.

The new Billy and Allison are… Jonah Miller and Riley Richmond. He’s a Kevin Smith wannabe whose obsession with his movies is unlikely to give him a happy ending with his sickly-sweet schoolteacher fiancee — especially when she takes a shine to the glamorous life he loathes.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ausiello’s exclusive. Will the "Jane" character have a little more Syndey in her?

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  1. Profile photo of jmarie

    I loved the original MP, in fact I’m re-watching it now via dvd — Not sure that any re-make could be as good as the original unless possibly they bring back some of the original actors, and even then not sure that it would work — look at the new 90210.. not that great and nothing like the original..

  2. Profile photo of Lewis0817

    The Original Melrose Place was an awesome soapy drama, this new MP will most likley be a shame and ruin the reputation of Melrose. The new 90210 is a horrible show, it just shows that there is no talent in TV business, because they just want to recycle old shows. Here is a thought – COME UP WITH SOME NEW IDEAS these shows arnt even that old to be remade!

  3. Profile photo of rskuggs

    Gee a remake of Melrose Place.How exciting. Let me guess,there will be no Black,Latino or Asian actors in the cast whatsoever right? Just what we need. Another CW show featuring Petty White People with problems. Wow,we just don’t have enough of THOSE on the CW,do we? Have the morons who run the CW ever seen Young America? Do they not realize that this is not 1979 but 2009 and people of various nationalities do hang out together and (gasp)even have romantic relationships???? Somebody,please get these numb nuts a freaking clue.

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