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Here’s the Scoop! 02.09.09

The Usual Suspects become the Unusual Team? It looks like Jason, Sonny, Spinelli, Winnie, Claudia and Sam team up to get everyone out of the hospital. What about Carly? She SHOULD be around there somewhere as well. Remember, Sonny and Carly are trapped together yet again. If Guza has them have sex, I may just break my beautiful TV… well not really but you all get the picture. Will Carly and Sonny be the last people evacuated?

Trevor has the missing ball, Carly knows and she SHOULD be telling Sonny. As Sonny is about to take Trevor out (really should he be shooting a man in possession of a deadly toxin?), another explosion hits. Where’s Anthony? Tied up thanks to Jason.

The evacuation starts. Jax tries to land the helicopter and goes down in front of Carly. Lulu won’t leave Tracy’s side. Carly tries to get out to find her husband, Sonny is worried that she’ll do something stupid and goes looking for her. Jason goes back for Anthony and asks Sam to help with evacuation. Lucky and Elizabeth share a kiss as he gets Elizabeth to the roof to be evacuated. Rebecca needs saving, good thing Super Jase is there and he’ll tell Nikolas he just saved someone who looks just like Emily. Jason puts the cape on once again and rescues Claudia from Trevor. Sam chases Trevor up to the roof where he threatens to drop the toxic sphere off of the hospital roof.

Johnny and Maxie are at Mercy with Emma as Robin helps evacuate patients and the hospital nursery.
Will Robin have a breakdown when she’s able to help other people’s children but not her own? Johnny returns to GH to get Robin as Emma is in serious condition. Johnny brings Robin to Mercy and heads back to the hospital in crisis. When he gets back to GH, Johnny learns his sister and father have yet to make it out. Is Maxie back at GH too? Remember there are RUMORS about her going into the hospital in search of Spinelli. The Jackal has gone missing but Maxie won’t be the only one looking for him. No worries Spixie fans, they will be reunited and despite my new found love for JoMax, I still love the Spixie dynamic. Spixie or JoMax, I got something for everyone as Johnny runs in to the rescue and carries Maxie out of the hospital turned inferno. If Johnny is saving Maxie, who saves the Jackal? What about JoLu? Lulu’s inside the hospital too. As I mentioned above, Lulu won’t leave Tracy. Will Ethan be the one to save Lulu as ONCE RUMORED? What about Johnny? I’m hearing that there SHOULD be some good stuff for the JoLu fans.

Olivia only thinks the DVD was destroyed in the fire. Claudia finds it but Carly is in her way. Claudia gets Carly to leave but will she get her hands on the DVD? Nope! It is Olivia who winds up with the proof that Claudia was behind Michael’s shooting. Will she hand it over to Kate? It looks like the earlier RUMORS were correct, Olivia SHOULD be destroying the DVD.

I’ve asked this before… Will Lulu be the one who clues us in on Ethan’s true identity? Was the Holly drop a legitimate anvil or the writer’s playing with the fans? Whatever it is that Lulu finds out, RUMORS have her wanting to tell her dad the truth about Ethan Lovett.

Will Carly find out about Dante? That was a drop way back when and at that time I called LAZY writing as Carly has learned a Sonny paternity secret before. RUMOR has it that Carly overhears a conversation between Patrick and Olivia.

What are Patrick and Olivia talking about? Well remember, Patrick knows that Olivia’s son is also Sonny’s. Olivia MAY be asking Patrick for a little assistance. Here’s a SPOILER or FANFIC for ya… Is Dante a college student who’s gone missing? Well missing as in, his mommy can’t track him down. Here’s where the possible FANFIC comes in, is Dante a student at Patrick’s alma mater? IF this is truly a SPOILER and not FANFIC, Olivia asks Patrick to make some calls and see if he can find out when he son was last on campus.

Speaking of Olivia… Is she going to be involved in too much story not to be put on contract? It’s been RUMORED for months now that Lisa LoCicero is going to be getting a contract to sign. I know some DC’ers don’t care for the character of Olivia. When she first hit Port Chuck, I thought she was introduced well but at this point, there hasn’t been enough of story to explain why she hasn’t returned to Bensonhurst. Are they hanging on to LoCicero because of Dante?

The questioning begins… Remember the interrogation scenes leading up to the toxin being released? They’re coming back as Rayner starts his questioning of Patrick. Will Patrick get to see his little girl first?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Trevor dies still on bad terms with Ric. Is Johnny Trevor’s son? That one is still out there. Nikolas declares his love for Emily. Nadine confides in Matt. Jax and Carly reconnect, in the biblical sense. Despite those RUMORS, there is still talk about Olivia and Jax getting more screen time together. LuSam fans, you SHOULD be getting a little more closure than the pathetic break up we saw play out. Will Carly save Claudia? She is good in a crisis. Elizabeth sees Em’s look-a-like. Sam’s in danger. Bitch Kate comes out to play, watch out Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos. Crush my Liason loving heart, Jason MAY spy LL2 in a lip lock as well. Is someone retiring and leaving Port Chuck?

What’s coming up for Sweeps? After a stunt like this, will GH be able to pull off a Sweeps barely a month later? With the hospital in ruins, Sweeps must be all mob, right? Sweeps SHOULD be about Michael waking up. Will it be another re-do? We discussed MONTHS AGO how we would love Michael’s story to be similar to Jason’s coma storyline but in the reverse. We wanted Michael to reconnect with his Quartermaine roots. Will this happen? I’m optimistic but also realistic as TPTB show very little interest in the Q’s.

As I suspected…With the “new” hospital debuting in April, Guza MAY have a whole month to be all mob all the time. Robin and Patrick SHOULD figure in to some degree as they are the ones working on waking up Michael. Will Matt assist his brother and sister-in-law? Where will they work if GH is out for the count? RUMORS say they’ll set up shop at the after care facility.

In the middle of all this crisis crap, General Hospital is still participating in Campbell’s Go Red Campaign with Maxie going to an event. Lulu thinks Maxie should fill in for the missing model and good thing the red dress is a size zero.

Programming Note… I’ll be MIA tomorrow AM. If I can, spoilers will be up in the afternoon.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank You Regan for all that You Do
    I heard that Jason and Sam Saves Spinelli!!!!!!!!!!

    I will Probably push FF If Jason sees the stupid kiss between Liz and Sucky!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate the Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again

  2. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I don’t have any real interest in Sonny having another child. I would love for Kate to tell Sonny about Dante and Olivia have to tell Sonny and Kate that she lied sll those years ago. Dante is not Sonny’s child. Olivia only said that to come between Sonny and Kate and that is why she has been hanging around Port Charles. She has been afraid that Kate would learn the truth. Kate kicks her butt out of town and Sonny is found to be suddenly sterile. I know I am dreaming.

  3. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    I just hate how Frons/Guza are making it look like Liz and Lucky are shutting out Sam and Jason just so it will all be okay when Sam and Jason reunite. Crush my Liason loving heart is so true Regan. They just stomp on our hearts everyday!

  4. Profile photo of blackjack21

    sueboo that is an awesome storyline so of course it won’t happen. but way to be thinking how to get olivia off the show.

    crazy thought carzy4gh – i’m kind of hoping liz/lucky won’t be the catalyst sam/jason. let’s face it both couples are just connected. i’d like to see both remain friends for awhile. how about liz/lucky are the real couple first and sam/jason don’t run back into it. slow and steady.

    regan – please, how will i survive a day without you?

    explain the stupid thought process behind having olivia destroy the dvd? or why she’s even still around?

    so carly saves and comforts everyone? okay…

  5. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    “sueboo that is an awesome storyline so of course it won’t happen. but way to be thinking how to get olivia off the show.”

    If I want something done right I will have to do it myself, even it is just in my head. Thanks.

    I will not be happy if they rush a Liz and Lucky reunion. Right now, I am just overjoyed that Liz does not have to chase toxic marbles all over the freaking hospital.

  6. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    LL2 is defintely being used to help JaSam along. It’s just the reality of the situation. IF they rush a LL2 reunion? Ummm, it’s already on overdrive IMO.

    I believe Megan Ward’s contract is up sometime this Spring. I could be wrong and I know we have a few MW fans here at DC, so if I am wrong, please correct me. Do I think she’ll stay? Depending on how other factors play out, that may not be her choice.

    Olivia destroying the DVD… not sure why she does it but I am sure she rationalizes it somehow.

  7. Profile photo of ghguy45

    Thanx Regan Yea im a MW fan as well shes one of my favorites on Gh I really Hope she stays.Theres Lots of Big Gh stars Contracs coming up I hope Most Stayy

  8. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Poor Greg And Becky!!!!!!!!!!
    Their storyline is so stupid!!!!!
    It feels like they are sacrificed !!
    IF they are bringing JaSam they are doing this slow, and with thinking , BUT LL2 is so rushed up with no thinking…

  9. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Well JaSam MAY not be as slow as some think. We’ll see how the peep show affects KeMo. Early reports said it wouldn’t, then they said it would, NOW March MAY be Sam heavy… Honestly, I don’t even know when it starts.

  10. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    IF I have it correctly, Steve Burton, Megan Ward, Kim McCullough and Jason Thompson are all up this year. Not to mention those who signed on for only one year when they re-upped.

  11. Profile photo of wiccachick_1

    As usual, thank you so much for the spoilers, Regan!

    As an LL2 fan, I’m happy with the LL2 spoilers. I don’t mind being the lone voice of LL2 over here. Really, I don’t feel lonely at all! :)

    And I’m still loving the JoMax stuff. They’ve completely stolen my heart and I just can’t get enough of them. I like spixie as BFFs and I really hope that the show hangs on to the spixie friendship and goes with JoMax love. That could be a great dynamic for all. I’m hoping at the very least that Johnny and Maxie stay as heavily involved with each other as they have been so we can see something develop for them.

    JoMax is love.

  12. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    Thanks Regan you are so appreciated for all the work that you do..
    Not much of a Kate fan…..but Olivia has some nerve destroying that DVD, I mean Kate only asked her this one thing to do for her a matter of life or death and she chooses to do against her…..Kate should go balistic on her ass and tell Sonny already because obviously she doesn’t take Kate’s tru feeling into consideration treating her like a lil child thinking she knows whats best for her….she needs to take her stupid ass back to Bensonherst cuz Kate may be delusional at times but she don’t need her or her help..
    rant over lol

  13. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    And what makes Spam think she can take on Trevor?

    Why wouldn’t she? He’s not exactly a super villian…and no offense to the actor (who I love), but Trevor is well into his 60s and is hardly Superman – heck even *I* could kick his *ss. But no fear, I bet anything Jason is the one that takes him down *sigh*

  14. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Yes he is into his 60’s the man is walking around with a “toxic ball” all he has to do is fling at her and she is down for the count

    Maybe being a woman I wouldn’t go after a man by myself young or old

    But I forgot this is SuperSpam

  15. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Exactly Liasonaddict, it’s SuperSam! If a guy was a danger to people, and I was Super I would definitely go after him – toxic balls and all! I don’t want it to just be the guys that are always the heroes – so Go Sam!

  16. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I never thought it would get this far but I truly DESPISE GH. It sickens me to see Olivia period, oh yeah and yet again screw over her cousin. Thats right, LLC is Guza’s latest toy and he is hell bent on giving her a contract while daytime is slashing jobs left and right. whatever.

    I can only WISH they would just let Kate sit down Carly and Sonny and lay it out for them that Claudia did this to their son. After all the crap she has taken, she deservse to be the one IF and ever they reveal it was Claudia. If Sonny wants to sit their with his tail between his legs and forgive the whore he is about to bed yet again – so be it, but you know damm sure Carly won’t let it slide!

    Yes, not sure if Sonny sleeps with Carly – certainly wouldn’t surprise me but it is a fact he sleeps with the Carly rerun. MB was boasting about in a recent interview. PUKE! and throws it in Kate’s face. Yeah, I think Kate has every damm right at this point to play bitch. Doubt they’ll let her have any fun with it though because you know it’s always about SJB.

    Props to SB for at least acknowledging the wrong done to Liason fans. Seriously never much of a Jason fan but from now on he’s got my vote over MB. Haven’t heard a word from MB on the disgusting distruction of SKate and all out character assasination on Kate.
    MW deserves better than this crap.

    Give Kate a decent storyline for crying out loud!

  17. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Obviously I’m a huge Megan fan. Thanks Regan, I think you are right although no one seems to know for sure but I suspect her contract is up this spring. I really, really, hope Megan gets an opportunity to stay with the show. And, if it is her choice to stay I hope she does but only if she wants to and they start showing her some respect and a decent storyline.

    Unfortunately I have zero idea what GH has left in them to offer. It is clear SJB is their primary focus and Carly the 3rd in Olivia. WTF does Sonny’s kid from Bensonhurst have to be with Kate’s COUSIN? Why couldn’t it have been Kate’s? Just another way to undermine Kate and kill SKate. sorry to go off on that rant…

    Trevor and Jerry were both introduced the same time Kate was and look where they are :(

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    MB has a job to do and that is to be positive and promote whatever storyline he is in PUBLICALLY. He may very well be railing about it BEHIND THE SCENES or not, but in public he should do exactly what he is doing.

    Glad JoLu is sticking with Tracy. Bout time she does something unselfish.

    I am betting Carly tells Sonny about Dante. She would never keep that type of secret again and it would be a reasonable thing to be an issue between her and Jax (and free Olivia to pursue Jax as “payback” or at least as a non-friend of Carly’s)

    Really loving the PPD story, cant wait to see how it develops.

    Michael waking up – glad we had the Edward-Carly scenes – could that be a positive step in terms of what will happen next.

    Anthony – if he flings his toxic balls at Sam (LOL) it may put her “down for the count” but it would do the same to him. GO SUPERSAM

  19. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Anthony – if he flings his toxic balls at Sam (LOL) it may put her “down for the count” but it would do the same to him. GO SUPERSAM


    It’s Trevors that has the “toxic ball”

    Kill two birds with one “ball” I have no problem with that….LOL

  20. Profile photo of soapwatcher09

    Hey Reagan –

    Regarding contracts. What is your feeling on Steve Burton actually resigning. And do you think he really is unhappy going back to the Jasam pairing. I know many boards reported he was not excited about it and wanted to see Liason get a chance, especially now that Jason has a son.

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    oops I got my toxic balls juggled LOL

    LA I know you wouldnt have a problem with that, because the only way Jason will ever be completely free of his love for Sam would be for her to kick the bucket…and since thats not happening anytime soon…VIVA LA JASAM!! LOL ;0)

  22. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    EET, I don’t want Spam dead if it happens I won’t shed a tear

    But when Jason goes back to his true love Liz I would love for Spam to be alive and well so she can go bonkers all over again…LIASON FOREVER

  23. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I honestly have no idea what Steve plans on doing. He has said himself that he will decide in March so we don’t have too long to wait (if his decision is publicly announced).

    In regards to his feelings on his pairings… He has said that he wished the Liason relationship was given more time and the proper writing to really flesh out the pairing. I know there are fans that disagree with public statements one way or another out of respect for all fanbases. IMO, I don’t feel that it’s all that terrible.

  24. Profile photo of jmarie

    There’s alot about this storyline that I don’t like, but I’m willing to suspend belief and just roll with it.. there have been some good moments for eg. I LOVED the scene between Carly and Edward, I liked the Jolu scenes, and the actor playing Anthony Zaccara has been great fun to watch!!
    I know that the show could be SO MUCH better, but I’m not hating it as much as everybody else seems to be — I’m watching and not FF’ding as much as I thought I’d be..

  25. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    My take, which is a bit different: I don’t believe anyone was upset at SBu for saying positive things about Liason. I think that’s to be expected, especially at Liason fan events. As far as I know, he’s always promoted the pairings he’s in. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that SBu shouldn’t say pro-Liason things.

    I think where people get upset is that they’ve been lead to believe that he has trashed Kelly and JaSam. Which to my knowledge he never has. But what you see on message boards/blogs, etc…is posters *claiming* that SBu hates working with Kelly, SBu hates JaSam, SBu is demanding to not be paired with Kelly again, that SBu is going to quit if he’s not paired w/ RH, etc… SBu has never said that, it’s blatantly false. BUT some people read that, believe that he has said it, and *that’s* when they say that *if* he has made those statements that that’s unprofessional.

  26. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    People interpret things differently and when things get posted on Message Boards (and exaggerated to a certain extent) you must take it all with a grain of salt. Daisy is correct. Probably 90% of what has been posted about that whole situation is exaggerated or flat out false. My comment was that I don’t really mind when actors comment on the storylines, whether it be interpreted negatively or seems to push one pairing over another. I know some here do have a problem with that simply because it COULD be looked at as going against another fanbase that has supported the actor. You can’t please all of the people all of the time and I’d rather hear an honest opinion rather than a canned response. That’s just me though.

  27. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Steve never said anything bad about working with Kelly or JaSam!!
    He loved LIASON but only when they started!!!!
    Looking back at the Jason and Sam scenes last week you could feel that Steve and Kelly are working together well, and that they have a great chemistry.
    There scenes with Sam shooting Jason were funny, and to be funny they had to work together well!!!
    Maybe Steve and Kelly are not close as he is with Becky but it doesn’t mean that they hate each other!!!

  28. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    How do you keep all of these spoilers straight, Regan? My head is spinning just from reading all of them!! Guza is really set on making a poor man’s 24. Starring Jason as Jack Bauer and Spinelli as the male version of Chloe.

    I have always vowed to be a huge Spixie fan, but I am totally in love with JoMax! They are so hot! I’ve had enough of ShrewLu to last me a lifetime. I was hoping Epiphany would find a toxic ball and shove it…well, ya know! ;)

  29. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I think that they should let JoMax naturally progress and learn more about each other and than they can have hot animal sex

    I’m kind of glad they didn’t sleep together last week cause it would have been for the wrong reasons

  30. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ITA with you GH LOVER, I don’t think SBu has any problems working with Kelly (or vice versa), and they seem to have fun in their scenes. I’m sure everyone in the Quad have great working relationships with each other. All of them have been in the biz for years and they’re professionals. :)

  31. Profile photo of jj01129

    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one stuck on the FF’d button. I hate ALL the looloo scenes goodness she is such a whiner and hello can she think of ANYONE besides her self for like all of 2 min. Sorry nick you are seeing your dead fiance but JOHnnyyyyyy, or Well who cares if I polute the world with the toxin I need Johhhhnnny someone just gag her already. I am really bored amazingly to say with the luke ethan scenes really what is the point. Luvin the LizLucky scenes and JaSam I was dying when Sam shot Jason and they were fighting over whos fault. It was nice to see Jason kinda laughing a little bit you know.

  32. Profile photo of liason4real

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan! I don’t see anything really worth watching on GH, since the 12/12/08 breakup of Liason. None of the fanbases are happy, unless, your actor/s is a favorite of Frons. LL2 reunion is offensive to me as a woman, since Liz is basically a doormat to whatever ‘crap’ Lucky decides to pull, don’t be surprise if she comes home one day and finds him in bed with their teenage babysitter or one of their neighbors. I have never been interested in Sam, and they have made Jason a wuss for not claiming his child.,,,,JMO

  33. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I don’t understand how that dvd can turn up ‘found’ because it was with all the clothing, etc. confiscated after the benefit attendees left the boardroom. So reading that the dvd is ‘found’ and will be destroyed, well that makes no sense to me. Maybe its one of those plot points that TIIC want me to roll with…but still…geesh.

  34. Profile photo of morningstar67


    I dont have to be a rocket science to understand that a lot of the comments were directed at the ones I had stated from previous days ago regarding SB and his moment of being unprofessional.

    Point taken. I will never bring up MPOV on the subject again.

    With that said, I could not have laughed harder at those scenes where she shot him. I love youtube since I watch it over again anytime I want.

  35. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Thanks for the spoilers! I am truly sorry that the writers couldn’t make up their damn mind about Liason cuz i absolutely love steve and becky-they have great chemistry-but my Jasam <3 loving heart was crushed when they broke up sam and jason!! I will deny ever saying this, but i was actually starting to like jason and liz together…i didnt watch gh when the whole jason/liz thing started but youtube has become my best friend lol so i have been trying to catch up with their romance and i totally and completely understand why there are more liason fans than jasam ones and why those fans want them together. They are kinda adorable :]] and it was beyond unfair how they the show treated them…i might actually have become a liason fan(caps lock on might lol)not only because of the hot lusam haha but cuz if they actually gave those two a chance, imo i think they would have been absolutely amazing together!!! But it is general hospital and they never disappoint us…o wait they do, so it looks like no more liason. I know most of you guys will disagree with me but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the character of sam and it makes me very sad that she constantly gets bashed :[[…i mean really, is she that bad?? I dont think so but i do think the way the writing for her has been lately is very crappy…sam saving the day all the time is getting kind of old for me. I mean i am totally for sam the heroine instead of sam the whore bitch lol but come on, be realistic here guza, frons whoever the hell is running the show over there these days…slow it down plz thanks. Haha okay i know im new around here and u guys prob think im crazy and this comment is really really long but i cant help it…it frustrates me sooo much. Anyways what im trying to say…the show needs to take their time with sam/jason and lucky/liz (not a huge fan of that pair) and make us jasam fans fall in love with them all over again!!! They way i see it, if they are not gonna do liason, give jasam a second chance and plz dont screw it up. O by the way im ashley and i love gh. haha peace.

  36. Profile photo of Candymen

    I hope they go with JoMax they have been fantastic together and have so much chemistry. I love the Spixie BFF relationship but want Maxie to be romantically involved with Johnny. I need Johnny to dump his gf like yesterday and I want the slow build up of JoMax. Thanks Regan.

  37. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    morningstar67: You’re definitely not the only person that had that POV about the subject. Others have written similar things, so don’t worry about it! :) There’s no right or wrong w/ most of this stuff anyway, it’s just our opinions, so I hope you keep sharing yours :) And I love YouTube too, lol

  38. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    blackjack21 Everyone has their own opinion or point of view and you are totally entitled to yours, but did you see the final scenes btwn Jason and Liz at the courthouse?? Now that is, in my opinion, what I call chemistry. The tears that were pouring down Liz’s face and tears in Jason’s eyes that led to that single tear down his cheek? Ahh,that gave me goosebumps and caused me to bawl my freaking eyes out. And I am a Jasam fan!! It takes two amazing actors to pull off the type of crap that their characters have been given over the past year. And I believe that Steve and Becky have always had chemistry and thats why those scenes were soo powerful.

  39. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ashlovesgh: different opinions is right, lol. I didn’t see any chem in the courthouse scenes. Like blackjack, I’ve only noticed friend/sibling chem between them, if anything at all. Those scenes weren’t powerful to me, and frankly, I felt they overdid it with the eye drops.

    But I’ll say this in defense of Liazzzon. The writing for their relationship was absolutely abysmal.

  40. Profile photo of katclaws

    soapwatcher09….I think if the economy wasn’t in the dumper the way it is, Steve Burton would walk. He was looking to do other projects & I think that would be a great career move for him. And, I think he’s sick of the same stupid s/l’s, but he’s repeatedly said that he doesn’t write the stuff, he’s just an actor doing his job. We know both he & Becky weren’t happy with the way they broke LIASON up & they got “in trouble” when they did an interview saying as much. I actually wish that Rebecca Herbst & Steve Burton would go to another soap where their chemistry & years of hard work would be appreciated instead of getting caught up in Frons & Guza’s power plays. JMHO

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