Quote of the Day: “Buzz I’m Here To Tell You You’re Being A Horse’s Ass”

Fiona Hutchison‘s (ex-Gabrielle Medina, One Life to Live)  ghostly return to Guiding Light as Jenna Bradshaw was oh so worthy of a quote of the day. She told Buzz "Buzz I’m here to tell you you’re being a horse’s ass." What is your quote of the day from your favorite soap? Check out more pictures after the jump.

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    Tears down my face till I couldn’t take it no more…God I loved it so…this rememinded me of the good old days again. Keep it up GL your light is getting brighter daily!!!!!!!

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    It’s so great to see Jenna Bradshaw! I absolutely loved her and Buzz and they always had great dialogue!

    I’m going to pull a Luke by breaking the rules and picking out whole scenes for today instead of just one line! The “weddings” of Moe/Noelle and David/Dorian were full of hilarious moments. The James Brown impersonator alone was hysterical!

    Also, Kendall to Greenlee on AMC: “I woke up to babies and bisexual lesbians.” I don’t know why, but this made me laugh! And when Reese called the Kane women “a cult.” Ha! And yes I am admitting to watching AMC today after I deleted it from my Tivo a week ago. I had a lull between classes and I’m very weak!

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    I don’t watch AMC, but is Kenall possibly watching Guiding Light? Or did she mean to say, “I woke up to babies, but I just come from watching bisexual lesbians…” (as that’s what was on in comaland).

    Love having Buzz on. I never got to see much of Buzz and Jenna, but enjoy them. It might be this little thing called creative writing that really made it work.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Buzz and Jenna were amazing. They fell in love when she was living with Roger Thorpe at Spaulding Mansion. Jenna had taken over the company and the home, and was living as the mistress of the manor. Her and Buzz’s affair was forbidden because Roger was psychotic and Jenna feared for Buzz, much like Beth feared for Coop.

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