Katherine Heigl & T.R. Knight Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

It had been widely reported that Grey’s Anatomy‘s T.R. Knight had asked to be released from his contract with the show. When Dr. Izzie Stevens started seeing her dead fiance due to an illness, many speculated that Katehrine Heigl would be following Knight out the door. Heigl and Knight’s co-star, James Pickens Jr. has confirmed to Us Weekly that both actors are indeed leaving Seattle Grace behind.

"Yes, she is," Pickens told Us Weekly when asked if Heigl is leaving the ABC hospital drama. "Wherever Katherine goes, I wish her nothing but the best."

Her outspoken BFF, Knight, 35. "He’s going too," Pickens told Us at the NAACP Awards luncheon in Beverly Hills. "He just wanted to pursue other career paths."

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    Oh no… Izzie’s my favorite too. And I used to love George back in the day when he still had screen time. I totally understand why the two of them wanted to get out, and I wish them only the best, but it’s going to be a sad day for Seattle Grace when they leave…
    And I guess this also means there’s no happy ending for my favorite Grey’s couple, Alex&Izzie.

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    Luke Kerr

    THIS SUCKS! I suppose it’s all part of an aging show….how many different people has ER gone through….It still sucks, I like both actors and their characters.

  3. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I forgot George even exsisted since he is never on, but I did like Izzie. I think her and Alex made a cute couple. As long as my favorites Bailey and Christina stay, then I’m good!

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    I think these two characters were ruined for me the minute the did the deed. Plus, honestly, I didnt care for all their public bitching about the show – after all noone knew who the hell either of them were until Grey’s. I suspect KH will have a great post Grey’s career, however TK may well live to regret this decision.

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    Okay this makes me very very sad. I honestly dont know if the show is gonna be the same. George really hasn’t been on the canvas for a while which is a stupid move-i almost saw it coming, which sucks. As for Izzie…i have loved her from the start and the story with her and alex right now i love. IMO, George and Izz are two core characters on the show that have been there since the beginning and i will most deff. miss them both.

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    Can’t say I am really surprised about either. I wondered if either could ever recover from that Gizzy debacle.

    Regardless, the show is a mess even without that awful storyline. Hopefully both will be happier in their respective future projects.

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    Darren Lomas

    George is hardly ever on, so I can’t say I’ll miss him, though I used to really like his character. Hooking George and Izzie up left a bad taste in my mouth, and Izzie’s current "dead Denny" romance is making me queasy. They’re both talented, but I’m just glad Cristina and Callie are sticking around, plus I’m finally warming up to Meredith (it’s taken me five years, but I finally like her).

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    This is really sad news. I don’t blame them foe wanting to leave a show that has treated their characters so poorly, but I seriously doubt I will watch anymore Greys after this year’s season finale.

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    Oh me too. I don’t know if I will be able to bear watching it after this season. Right now I really like Mer/Derek and don’t hate me but, Lex/Mark. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s cuz its a new relationship or just damn hot lol but I like them together. Soo, if they don’t do something good with those two couples idk if I’ll be able to watch.

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    Acually TRK and KH where/told to leave the show, they dont want to leave..

    From spoilerfix.com:
    According to inside sources who work on Grey’s, it is likely that Heigl and Knight will make an exit at the end of the current season. Both have asked to leave the show. However, ABC needs to sign off on letting them out of their contracts, which has not been done.

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