Caption This: Wedding Crasher

Take your best Caption This shot at Guiding Light’s Phillip (Grant Aleksander) crashing Alan (Ron Raines) and Beth’s (Beth Chamberlin)  wedding. More pictures after the jump.

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    Philip please catch me also.

    I love me some Grant ALexsander and Beth Chamberlin

    I also love me some Beth and Philip together again.
    Now this is the Guiding Light I want day in and Day out.

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    Can I take this time to rant? I’m so DAMN tired of the affiliates interrupting. I spent a week in anticipation for Monday’s episode. When I get to my tape later on in the evening I see a press conference on the Plan crash people getting the key to the city. Could this not be recapped on the news 2 hours later at 12pm. It’s bad enough I have to miss the show because of the early ass time but it’s ALWAYS interrupted for something stupid. It really gets on my nerves and then to add insult to injury I had to pause my tape viewing to watch the overnight run and I missed the damn show by half hour.

    The only time they should break in is when someone VERY IMPORTANT dies. I mean the world will turn topsy turvy kind of important, or an attack. ARGHHHHHHHH

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    One of the best GL’s in a LONG time. Prob in the past 2 years. But it shocks me that there was no Peyton, James or Alexandra at the ceremony. THat was poor. And why did LIzzie leave when her mother was halfway down the isle. Couldn’t they have atleast filled in a few pews too? But Blake and Mel and Vanessa or someone!

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    Turn on GL everyone. It was amazing yesterday. The coming together of the Coopers, the return of Phillip, the liberation of Lizzie from a bad storyline, and Billy, Rick, and everyone else.

    I agree that Coop should have been treated immediately but I think it gave me the moment standing in Buzz’s shoes shouting at the ER doc.

    I am glad I have kept watching through the good and the bad. I can’t wait for today.

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    So the bride, who has been married at least 3 times before this, wears a white gown, her mother who once detested this man is standing up for/with her, the church is decorated, the pews are empty … HUH?

    And shouldnt the groom also be looking astounded his son is back from the dead?

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