General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.11.09

Another dream episode? This time it’s Maxie in the starring role. What if BJ never died? What if Maxie was the one who died back in 1994? How would Maxie’s death all those years ago affect the residents of Port Charles if BJ hadn’t been in that accident giving her heart to a failing Maxie? Kirsten Storms becomes BJ for the special dream episode. Will Bobbie make an appearance? Good news for Spixie fans, this special episode is said to be “very Spixie heavy.” Mac will make an appearance as an alcoholic, Patrick and Carly are married and having affairs, Robin has pledged a love-less life after Stone’s death, and Frons is finally getting his Storms – Jason Cook reunion. BJ is a medical student engaged to Dr. Hunter. Maxie wakes up from her dream and wants to be a better person, realizing she’s lucky to be alive. A. Bobbie better be involved B. I can’t wait to see John J. York flex his acting chops and C. Great concept but in the end is this more lazy writing? Haven’t we seen (countless times) Maxie’s health in dire straits and her realization that she has to do more with the gift BJ gave her?

Do we want Johnny to be Trevor’s son? Is that a good story? Does that just give Ric, too talented and underused Ric, another brother to hate? RUMORS say Johnny has a secret. Will Maxie figure in to Johnny’s secret? Looks like that MAY be happening and Spinelli COULD be figuring it out.

Ric will have to deal with Trevor’s death and he SHOULD be inheriting those all important docks from dear old dad. What about Kate? There were RUMORS that Claudia would have something to hold over Kate’s head. What exactly does Claudia know that will shut up Kate? Is anyone interested in a Kate-Ric hook-up? There are some RUMORS that have Kate and Ric teaming up against Sonny and Claudia.

ZaCrazy’s missing… What’s that mean for Spin? Will the Jackal be prison bound now that Anthony is on the run? Will Winifred help save the Jackal by helping them expose Agent Rayner’s not so lawful ways?

Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca… We get it; you’re annoyed that everyone thinks you’re some dead girl.

Sam is dangling off the side of a building, again. This by no means is a slam against Sam but once again against the lazy writing.

Robin’s Post Partum Depression (PPD)… Will it just sort of end? Robin will finally feel comfortable holding her child and the Drake family SHOULD be reunited sometime next week. It APPEARS that while Robin will think she’s doing much better, she’s not.

LL2 commitment… Lucky and Elizabeth make a commitment to be a family. Will they take their reunion to the next level?

CRAZY and RANDOM … Tracy bails Luke and Ethan out. A new girl hits Port Charles. The Quartermaines want more dirt on the girl that looks like Emily. Robin and Patrick start their treatment on Michael. Carly and Jax hit the sheets. Olivia destroys the DVD today.

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    Good morning Regan, you were missed yesterday. Kind of looking forward to the dream sequence, why couldn’t we have a Liason dream sequence? Know it will never happen, but I can dream can’t I.

    Anyone else want to scream at their TV/Jason when Nik said, I’ll go get Elizabeth. I screamed “Go get your girl Jason, go, go quick before Sucky gets to her with his Toxic cup of Joe he’s carrying around”!!! Nothing against Lucky, but I liked him much better with Sam.

    Did enjoy AZ on Monday, he just makes me laugh out loud. Also, got a kick over the tuffed up Emily with her psycho look. She looked like if one more person looks at me like that again, WTF, I’m going to kick some A–!!!

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    “Lucky and Elizabeth make a commitment to be a family”
    I HATE LL2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate Lucky!
    I hate Lucky!
    I hate Ethan!
    I hate dream episodes!!!!!!!!!
    I hate Winifred!
    I hate NotEmily
    I hate Lulu!!
    I hate Lucky
    I hate GH

    I love Jason
    I love Jake and Cam
    I love Spinelli and Maxi
    I love the Q’s
    I love Regan and Dc

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    I wouldn’t mind if Maxie had this dream if it meant that they would bring back the key players. If BJ had never died, would Carly have been able to wreck Bobbie and Tony? Would Felicia have slept with Frisco and conceived Georgie? Would Mac and Felicia be together?

    Could we get guest appearances from Georgie, Felicia, Tony, and Bobbie?

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    Was it me, or did it seem like Rebecca was checking Jason out yesterday?? Hmmm…wonder if they will go with a Jason/Rebecca pairing afterall? I find that creepy, yet amusing at the same time, lol

    I’ve said before, I’ll say it again. It’s a shame they’re killing Trevor off. SM is a terrific actor and Trevor could have been a strong, viable villian for years to come. Another wasted opportunity, imo.

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    Thanks for the scoop Regan, u were missed yesterday

    Yes i wanted to fling my TV when Nik said that,the look on Jason’s face said he wanted to go get her but I think there was something attached to his hip so he couldn’t move…LOL

    That would be awesome sueboo if all those characters came back but Guza is not that smart

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    Missed you Regan.

    Looking forward the dream sequence as well. I know about the s/l but never saw it play out.

    Sam hanging again “how original” I love the girl but please give her a break and have her save herself for once.

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    The whole dream sequence has me curious and a little excited. They have a really big chance to do some great writing with this one and tell a really fantastic story with amazing actors and I hope that the writers can pull it off. This could be the start for gh to redeem itself for the really really lazing writing recently, I’m just hoping and praying that they don’t screw it up.

    Thanks for the spoilers!!!

    P.S. Wtf? Another Jason saving Sam scenario?? Ughh. I love those two characters, but please, can they think of something else. Here’s a question for everyone out there: What storyline would you like to see Sam involved in? Would it involve Jason? Or maybe Lucky? Someone completely new? What story would you be able to get sucked into that involved Sam? I would love to hear what you guys have to say!

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    Regan Cellura

    For those of you that have wondered in the past… and even though I’ve told you all before, here’s Sarah Brown’s updated Facebook Status: Sarah Brown tapes the show about three weeks before it airs – for all who asked about that =)).

    Why were people asking Sarah? Well yesterday her status said: Sarah finished work (kissing was involved) put Jordan to bed (kissing involved here too-but different) a glass of GF Vino and off to bed (no kissing involved).

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    I was so sad without Regan scoopage yesterday! :(

    Thanks for these though. I just don’t really see the purpose of changing Johnny paternity at this point and if they did, why Trevor if they are going to kill him off? The only way I could see to soap up that paternity change would be to find out Johnny was adopted and Johnny is Dante which I do not want. I’d rather Johnny just stay a Z.

    But btw, any word out there about some more JoMax stuff in the future?

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    The maxie nightmare is one big joke. You will not see Bobbie or Tony in this episode at all. Also Maxie will be wearing a red wig when BJ’s biological parents Tania and Tony Jones were brunette.

    The whole episode is just one giant clusterfvck.

  11. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    ashlovesgh, I would like to see LuSam back, never really got a good s/l, but what’s new with GH. Also, wouldn’t mind seeing her with someone new, but again that would involve too much thinking on Frons/Guza part.

    Regan mentioned recently KM’s new “show” taking up more of her time then they thought so who knows where KM is headed.

  12. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Yes she will be wearing a red wig although BJ’s hair color is the least of my worries. No, Tony will not appear and I am not 100% sure but it doesn’t seem Bobbie will be in the episode either.

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    A different persepctive on the whole Sam dangling/Jason possibly saving her: Yeah typical, Jason saves the day… however there could be a little more behind it. As sueboo pointed out on another thread, almost exactly a year ago we had Sam dangling from a bridge, with Lucky pulling her up (while Liz/Jason were together). That was essentially a signal, that officially Jason/Liz and Lucky/Sam are now the “go couples.” And it was sort of a new phase of Lucky too – that now he was going to get his b*lls back and be allowed to be the hero every once in awhile.

    Obviously that didn’t turn out so well, but IMO Lucky/Liz being together and Jason being the one pulling Sam up from the ledge this time, isn’t just about recycling, it’s signaling the change of direction the stories are taking. My point is that, whether we like it or not, it’s being written this way for a purpose, not out of sheer laziness.

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    Good morning everyone! Thanks for the spoilers Regan!

    Man, oh man would I love to see Maxie’s dream include people that are actually relevant to the story (besides Mac, of course). Sigh.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I get the significance of why Jason is saving Sam, however, IMO it is still the same old same old with no ounce of originality. It is once again a blatantly obvious reason for why the writing on this show needs to broaden to other cast members and characters.

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    I hardly recognize this show anymore.

    Olivia destroys the dvd today – WHAT A BITCH!

    Will they even acknowledge its Valentine’s Day tomorrow? Can’t imagine they do considering they are in the middle of a crisis but really why make sense now…

    MEGAN WARD – WHY I bother!

    Long live SKate:)

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    It’s interesting that you mention that, daisyclover1938, because I was just thinking about that exact thing. Being a fan of Jasam, that would please me very much if that is the direction they were going with in. We have not seen that Jason/Sam scene on-screen yet and I think that if that is indeed what they were trying to show, that maybe they could have found another way to do it. We have already seen Jason save Sam from the explosion in the alley and then being the one to find her on the boat that Jerry had her on. Personally, I kinda got that they were going for a Jason/Sam pairing again because of those two instances and the way that they have been in scenes together.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wanna see them together, all I’m saying is that maybe they could come up with something different to give those two. Thanks for your comment!!!

  18. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    See, I’m not even convinced that they’re going to go with a JaSam reunion. Frankly, at this point I don’t even care, just because I think that *whatever* they do, they’ll mess it up. I’m that jaded. I just find myself hoping that they don’t kill off my favorite characters, any more than that is like icing on the cake, lol. Lowering your expectations is helpful sometimes.

    I was just saying that I think there are times when there’s a reason they write things the way they do…but I’m in no way saying that it’s *good* I’m not a writer, but I think even I could have come up with something better.

  19. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    True Sueboo… What I meant was that I get why we are seeing yet another Jason saves Sam scenario. To me, if I must see it, at least make it something I haven’t seen before. Which brings me back to my earlier point, if you can’t come up with anything original why not try writing something for another character? My main problem with GH as a viewer is that I am bored with it. We’ve seen it all before ( and in most cases, better written ). If you can’t break out of the box with the characters you constantly write for then try someone else.

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    I really hate this show now. 30 years of watching down the drain. I cannot stand Liz and Yucky together. What a total snoozefest. Liz had more chemistry with Matt checking on her on the couch in 2 scenes than Yucky has had with her for the past 2 weeks. That hug yesterday was totally awkward and hard to watch. If they wont give the fans what they truly want (Liason), then at least give us a pairing to get behind. The smashfest of the quad is overbearing and annoying. The chemistry is gone between both couples. You can tell that this is the last thing any of them want to act out. Well probably except for kelly cause now she’s in EVERY scene in the entire show, lucky us. NOT!!! Eye rolling, flailing hands and jazz fingers while she’s screeching. Somebody get the emmy ready.


  21. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    liasonislove: I absoulutely love Kelly Monaco and the work that she has done as Sam. I still remember those heartbreaking scenes that she had with Jason after her baby girl died. They way she cried and screamed and punched Jason…ahh I get teary eyed just thinking about it. Omfg honestly if that wasnt Emmy material I don’t know what the hell is.

    As for now, I’m not exactly impressed with the storylines that they have given Sam and it really upsets me because I remember those scenes and think that she is worthy of sooo much more-in my opinion, of course.

    **I will not hold that comment against you in the future lol.

  22. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh ashlovesgh, exactly! I swear I think a lot of Sam/JaSam fans are still shell shocked from what happened in 2007. Right now, I’d be satisfied w/ Jason and Sam working together/being friends. Especially if we get light and fun stuff every once in awhile (“You shot me!!” LMAO!)

    *If* they go with JaSam again, I want it to be good, not angst 24/7 w/ Sam’s whole world revolving around him. Sam’s got a family, she’s a PI now…let’s see that developed :)

  23. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Haha I know right?? “What the hell is wrong with you?” “With me?” Ohh that was great. Honestly daisy, I am still crushed over what they did to them. Looking back at all of the storylines that Sam has been in with children-her own baby, Michael, and her OWN frickin sisters, it seemed sooo out of character for her to stand by and watch Jake get kidnapped. She would NEVERRRR do that!!! And in my opinion, is that really the only way that they could have cleared the way for Jason and Liz??? Yeah. Because they KNEW that they had to do something completely outrageous and horrible to make them break-up. Uggghhhh. I could go on forever about this. It just pisses me offf soo much. Now, they are trying to rewrite all of that and have Sam feel soo horrible and disgusted because they know that they screwed up with that. And Liason fans are frickin flippin cause “How could they forgive her?” and all that bs. How stupid do they think we fans are?? Really, in my opinion, she would have never never never had done that in the first place. Ahhh okay I’m done. Haha soo okay…just soo you Liason fans know: I was starting to warm up to them together, as well as Lusam. They totally ripped both of those couples to shreds and if I was a diehard Liason fan-I would be frickin pissed too. But those damn writers-when will they ever learn. Haha. Everyone:feel free to state your opinions about anything that I have said!!!
    Thanks for listening to me ramble lol.

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    yeah, I’m not gonna even go there with the Maxie dream. My post would just be full of **@$##, *#(@)@), and #&$@&$#*. So, why even bother. Wasn’t Carly in Robin’s dream, too? Man, that woman gets around.

    Oh Regan, there are a couple of other names out there for NotEmily. There is also Gumily and Chewbecca.

    I honestly don’t think I have the time or the medication for more Emily talk. Between Nik and the Q’s talking about Emily yesterday, I almost took a bat to my television.

  25. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I am Sorry for my comment before I was just mad , please fotgive me……..

    Ok I kind Like the Jason and Sam stuf, It is growing slowly ,and great , I loved the “you Shoot me” scene, it was funny and cute!!!
    About Jason saving Sam again , I agree with daisy it is look like a point in direction of showing JaSam bond a year after Sucky saved her…

    I hate LL2 – Sorry they are boring and so rushed up.. They are giving Jasam more thinking than Ll2- and to tell you the truth I really don’t care , I just FF their scenes.. I hated what Liz said about Lucky raising CaKe if she dies ,WTH? If she dies Jason needs to take them ,He is Jakes father, and he will be better at it than Sucky and Lulu.
    I really think that , for me they destroyed Liz!!

  26. Profile photo of McD720

    Another day, more unoriginal writing…

    This is why I had to remove GH from my DVR for a while. I just needed a break from it. It just got way too frustrating. And it actually has been very cleansing to be away from it. Maybe it was because I was going from Y&R, which is fabulous everyday, to watching GH. It was just too much to take. I know it can be done – writing a good soap.

    I figured skipping over this hospital crisis was a good time for a break and I was apparently right. I basically follow everyone’s lead here – if you all begin to think the show is improving then I will be back. I want Liason and want a good story for them but they are not the reason I stopped watching. The story is just not there – the entire canvas.

  27. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ashlovesgh: ITA with what you wrote! Well, everything except the “warming up to Liason” part – never got to that point, lol. I remember in 2007, I would be scared to read Regan’s spoilers because I didn’t want to know what crazy thing TPTB were going to have Sam do next :(

    GH LOVER: Why are you apologizing? You were venting – that’s what we all do here! I love how you had I Hate Lucky 3 times on your list, LOL. Poor Hot but Dumb Lucky…

  28. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Oh yeah. Daisy-that is really my biggest fear-that they will do Jasam 2.0, and COMPLETELY screw it up. Honestly, I think that if thats what they want, that they need need need to take it slow and really regain the trust that I believe Jason and Sam had together. Sometimes, gh does strike gold (i.e. spixie and their whole dynamic) so, even if they do something like that with Jason and Sam in a friendship, I would probably be happy. Do I even have to mention how amazing those scenes btwn them were after Sam shot Jason!!! Omfg…I laughed soo hard I almost peeedddd my frickin pants lol. And I’m pretty sure Jasam fans all over the world were doing and thinking the exact same thing. I just need something new and refreshing for my Jasam!!!

  29. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Really really hate Lucky!!
    Poor Luke and Laura that I hate their son and I also I hate Lulu…
    The only Spencers that I love are Luky , Nick ,Carly and Bobbie ….

  30. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Haha yeah well it defff. surprised me that I was soo open to Liason. I think that I had just given up all hope of a Jasam reunion and was just really really sad. I loved how Liz stood up to Jason and was all like “I want you and I know you want me.” Haha that was funny. And I really like Liz’s character-she seems very realistically written. I’ve said it before…I love Steve and Becky…I think they did a really great job with Liason, but thats another discussion lol.

    GH LOVER: I agree with you. Lucky has been really dumb lately and I never really liked him with Liz but I do love me some Greg Vaughn. Lol i think i spelled his last name right. Him and Kelly were soo hot together I couldnt even catch my frickin breath lol. But Jasam has always had my heart.

  31. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Poor Greg V. he is a great actor

    Is it bad that I like crackhead Plucky?

    Regan I read that the young man that was killed off on GL (I don’t watch the show so i don’t know his name) is going to Michael when he wakes up, Do u know anything about that?

  32. Profile photo of McD720

    Wow! A person who loves Jasam who was actually giving props to Liason! Now that is a first. How refreshing that is to see. Bravo ashlovesgh! See we can all come together sometimes.

    I suppose that was kind of like me in 1999 – I was absolutely heartbroken when they destroyed Jason and Robin. I was so in love with J&R. At the time they were the end all be all for me. But Kimberly left the show and I was open to Jason and Elizabeth as friends and then pow I was in love with them. And have been gone for em ever since. I loved original LL2 with Jonathan but that was the only version of LL2 that ever worked. So I get that – that sometimes these things can completely surprise you.

  33. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Maxie’s sneaking in to GH and remember Johnny SHOULD be rescuing her when she gets herself in a pickle.

    Kate’s making threats, Claudia isn’t scared. Why not ? There’s still that RUMOR that Claudia has something on Kate. What could be worse than being behind Michael’s shooting?

  34. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Lol thanks, McD720!!! I really love Jason and Sam, but at the same time it was horrible how they destroyed Liason. I will give Liason fans a few other things, you guys have been around longer than us Jasam fans and you guys really got nothing with Liason. I did not watch gh when Liason first became friends but youtube has helped me to understand the Liason fanbase and why they are sooo popular. But don’t fret Jasam fans, I can go on forever as to why I love Jasam better. But defff. kudos to SB and BH for their portrayals of Jason and Liz. I cried soooo hard during those courthouse scenes!!! Almost as hard as I did during those great past Jasam moments!!!

  35. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I have nothing against Greg V!!
    He is cute and a gret actor!!
    the character of Lucky is what I hate!!
    He is so not Spencer!!!

    And You can be JaSam fan and Liason fan!!

  36. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Other than it being lazy once again, as we’ve had these dream eppys before, I am intrigued to a certain degree. I am also very worried. BJ’s heart storyline was one of GH’s finest moments (in terms of writing). It was heartwrenching but you couldn’t help being releaved for Frisco and Felicia. Kirsten has the chops to pull this off, it’s the writers that I have no faith in.

  37. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’ve mentioned this to EET before, I think GV may actually be too good at playing stupid. Let me tell you, when GV has that “DUH” look on his face, I can’t help thinking “WOW there is really nothing going on in that pretty little head of his.” LOL I’ve seen/read interviews with him, so I *know* that he’s intelligent, but no one plays stupid as good as GV…

    kgbmc: I’ve thought about Maxie/over exposure too. I keep thinking about how people loved Lulu at first and then it was too much of her, and it seemed like all the guys were falling in love with her, etc… And now we’re seeing *a lot* of Maxie and with Spinelli being in love with her, now Johnny falling for her, and Matt – I just wonder if the character is going to experience a backlash eventually.

  38. Profile photo of McD720

    Oh I know you can be a Jasam fan and Liason fan GH LOVER. You just don’t see too many of them.

    It is very refreshing to see understanding and acceptance when it comes to each pairing because a lot of the time it is either one or the other for most.

  39. Profile photo of McD720

    Jonathan Jackson is Lucky Spencer.

    The rest are just podLucky. Greg Vaughan is insanely good looking and I am sure a wonderful person but his version of Lucky does not work.

  40. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Lol about Greg. I really do feel bad for him. Ducky Lucky needs to grow some balls and a brain and start solving some damn crimes. He is Luke and Laura’s frickin son. They need to write him in a better light. I would love to see him as a hero on that show.

    As for Maxie…I loved Kirsten Storms on Days of Our Lives as Belle and when she left I was really crushed-I havent watch Days as religiously since the original Shawn and Belle left. (Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms). So when I starting watching her as Maxie on gh, I didn’t really know where they were taking her. But over this past year, she has been spectacular. Maxie is one of my fav characters now. And I agree, I hope that they don’t screw up with Maxie. I love love love her friendship with Spinelli and I have really loved her scenes with Johnny (I think they would be great together), and I would love some more interaction with Matt-that would put a smile on my face!!! They just can’t overdo it. I must say, at Patrick and Robin’s wedding when Matt asked Maxie to dance…it reminded me of when Belle and Shawn were in high school and they were king and queen of their Last Blast dance. Ahhhh and even before that in Robin’s dream for the Thanksgiving episode, when Matt asked Maxie if they went to high school together…I laughed too hard.

    I really hope there is no backlash for Maxie. Kirsten Storms is capable of sooo much more on that show as Maxie.

  41. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree This Lucky is not working!!!
    About Maxi/Kirsten Storms – I love her But I do have a feeling that they are using her to Much…..
    They need to be careful Not to destory her as they did with Luli !!
    I liked Lulu in first , but than they ruined her and I can’t stand her any more..
    She is not a Spencer !!!!

  42. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ashlovesgh, as much as I like KS as Maxie, she will *always* be Belle to me! And JC will always been Shawn :) I’m just worried that if they don’t find a pairing for Matt/JC that works, they’ll just scrap the character. He’s a good actor, so I hope they’re willing to invest the time in his character to figure out what works.

  43. Profile photo of Jenny

    I’ve wondered about a Maxie backlash, as well. The writers totally effed up LooLoo, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same to Maxie. I really hope it doesn’t happen. I love Maxie.

  44. Profile photo of east.west

    Well I guess I am watching GH on the 24th. I hate that Bobbie, Felicia, & Tony aren’t going to be included (that’s Guza for ya), but the story interest me and I can’t wait for Kirsten’s performance.

    Thnxs. for the scoop Regan.

  45. Profile photo of McD720

    You’re right Season – if they wrote Lucky better then I am sure I could get behind GV’s portrayal. It is nothing against him at all. They just don’t do him any favors with the writing. He can only do what is on the page.

  46. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Haha totally agree, daisy. Me too with always seeing Kirsten and Jason as Shawn and Belle. Awww I miss those gold old days haha. Shawn, Belle, Phillip, Chloe and Mimi. Thats some good teen stuff. I too wish they will give Matt some good soap opera. Those two are both extremely talented. Please don’t screw it up gh!!!!

  47. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Just got back from pt and so happy to return to some Sam love in this thread and even some Lucky love (although given with a bit of an asterick by it….LOL)

    I think Lucky will stay the himbo of PC until steve burton decides to leave (if he ever leaves) Lucky is stuck being second fiddle to Jason the way Ric is stuck being second fiddle to Sonny.

    Ric-Kate could rock, but part of why GH sucks sometimes is that on a soap every dog has to have their day and if Kic teams up then I want to see them have some victorys even if ultimately ClauSon wins the proverbial war.

    Sam off the side of a building, Jason pulling her to safety….bah…I am a JaSam fan, but I would be far more interested if Jason went over and Sam had to pull him up, signifying her hard one independence.

    Please writers, let her find her father. THAT is the story I want!!

  48. Profile photo of justloveskate

    Still love Kate even though the writers have assinated her character so they can push Claws at us. UGH!! And why is dumba$$ waste of space Olivia still even on the show? I can see what will happen with too many Diva’s on the show. Someone have to be written out/killed off and it will probably be MW. Too bad the writers don’t have any sense. Ric/Claudia were hot. And so was Sonny/Kate.(as she was when she first came on, not the pathetic shell they have made her)As for Sonny/Claws. Same as Sonny/Carly. Don’t they know they can’t go back. It does not work. Fans want something different.

    Another Dream Sequence??? No points for originality here. The only reason I will even watch is because of Maxie. KS is great. Love her as Maxie.

  49. Profile photo of engradypind

    A JaSam redo spells BORING! A Liz-Lucky2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever hell number it is goes so far beyond boring it is unimaginable.

    From the rumors and spoilers it appears that we are in for another huge snoozefest as Sonny and Claudia do their fecal best to disgust everyone. Hate these two characters. Send them to the island to rot. Maybe we will get lucky and crazy DaddyZ will find them and shot them both putting them out of our misery.

    I’d love to see a Jason-Rebecca joining to see where it could go. I do not want to see NotEmily and Nick. The inside of my tv screen is still smeared with mucous from the last go around.

  50. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think it will be so strange to see Jason and Rebecca together!!

    About Lucky- the only time I stated to like him was when he was with Sam , I think she was the one who helped him being A real Spencer.LOL

  51. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I think I would have remained a JaSam fan for life if TPTB did not tease me with Liason. I never thought that it was a possibility..what with the time between hookups. The minute they gave me that again I was hooked. That also gave me a chance to see Sam without Jason, and I liked what I saw.

    She needs her own life because we pretty much know where Frons is leading us again. Sam will become a seat cushion in Jason’s life, and will always require his saving. Which is not fair to Sam, who like it was pointed out above gave a stirring performance during her child’s death. I even saw a happy glimpse when she was with Lucky. I would like them to try her with someone new. But I will grow to tolerate JaSam again, I have to because I just love me some Jason.

  52. Profile photo of rekah

    Does anybody know what it is exactly that Jason and Sonny ship? I’ve heard that it has nothing to do with drugs, and I know its not just coffee beans.
    GH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The show in general just sucks. There was a time when I used to rush home to watch the show, but not anymore. The problem isnt just with the couples,its the poor writing, and the stupid stories that they start and never finish.Its sad when fans are writing better material than the so called professionals.Why in the world would they do Liz and Lucky for the umpteenth time, when clearly she loves Jason and Jason loves her, or are we just supposed to forget about that. I dont have a problem with Sam, but damn she just seems to be everywhere. And why oh why do they kill off characters and then bring them back, this is just so stupid. And why would they break up Sam and Lucky when the two were great together, and I dont see how they could do a Jasam reunion, how could Jason ever go back to a woman who hired men to terrorize his son? Unless they write him out of character. What,were supposed to believe that all of a sudden he just forgot about that, and didnt he say he would kill her.How could she go back to a man who said he would kill her?.Another problem with this stupid show is that they have way to many flippin characters. Maybe if they got rid of a few or limited some peoples screen time and focused on more interesting stories it may work. Once again the show sucks,and Im not the only one who seems to think so. Even when watching the show and hearing from the actors, they seem really bored and fed up with the continuous stupid storylines. Why arent TPTB listeneing to the fans?
    Sorry for ranting, its just so frustrating, so can anyone answer my question

  53. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I think the question becomes whether tptb decide to go with a JaSam story that is Jason-centric or a JaSam story that is Sam based. I want to see the latter. Sure investigating notEm for Nik shows her in PI mode, but thats still a NEM story and a Jason-Emily (or not emily) story…how JASON reacts to the Embot. If they go with more of a Sam story – looking for her father or really developing the PI business separately then thats more of a Sam story (how about anna or robert as her partner in the business with Spin providing tech support?) What was great about the baby Lila story was it was Sam with Jason supporting and we got to see her play off against NLG, MB and RiH as well.

  54. Profile photo of liason4real

    Liz/Lucky – how can they make a committment when this time last year, Liz refused to marry Jason because of Sam? Isn’t Lucky still dating Sam? Why would Liz agree to something with Lucky, when we ALL know she is in LOVE with Jason and he is in LOVE with her? Dumb writers…

  55. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    “How can Lizard agree to something with Lucky when we all know she is in love with Jason?” I can tell you EXACTLY how – because she is weak and cannot be without a man. She cant stay St. Elizabeth to all of PC if she puts her kids in danger by being with Jason, so she turns to her next best option. Besides, IMHO she doesnt see either man the way they truly are. She still sees Lucky as the sweet kid that made her feel safe as she worked through her rape and she still sees Jason as the misunderstood hitman who really isnt a hitman. She wants one guy to rescue her and the other guy to keep her safe – LAME. This is one of the many reasons the character grates on my last good nerve. If I were Jason, I would be totally insulted by how fast she moved on, and going back to Lucky IMHO is pretty much saying her dailiance with Jason was a total mistake and by reunited with her “true” love she erases the error.

  56. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    I definitely think that the writers need to come up with a creative storyline for Sam. Whether you are a Sam/Jasam fan or not, you will most likely remember Sam being pregnant and her story with Jason/Sonny. That whole thing was written so well in my opinion because not only did they tell a really wonderful story, but Kelly Monaco got a chance to show what she was really made of. And she did. That is the reason why I fell in love with Sam’s character. She did not let Sonny push her around while she was pregnant and make all the decisions regarding their baby, she took control of her own life and it worked for me. I also think that the writer’s decision to have Sam live with Jason was not to give Jason a new love interest. I think it was to show that the character of Sam can hold her own around guys like Sonny and Jason. I remember alot of early Jasam scenes of her being pregnant and Sam would be talking about the baby and she would actually push Jason to talk about things with her. It really made Jason’s character alot more likeable for me, that he was able to want to help and take care of Sam. Before Sam ever got pregnant, they were deff. using her as a cushion for Sonny/Jax…trying to recreate the chemistry they both had with Brenda. And when that didn’t work, they moved on. It still seemed a little Brenda-esque, with Sam moving in with Jason and them going to get married and all, but the relationship that developed btwn Jason and Sam was, in my opinion, far better than that of Jason and Brendas.

    Basically what I am trying to say is that if the writers are going to give us Jasam, they need to establish-like it was said before-Sam’s story. Personally, I would love to see Sam interact alot more with Alexis and her girls. That’s what gives Sam roots in Port Charles and they need to focus on that. Also, Sam starting her own PI business would totally be believeable for me. I just don’t want to see anymore of that icky Jerry business stuff. Ugghh. I believe that Sam shouldn’t play sidekick to Jason. That bugs me. She’s better than that. I’ve said it before, gain that trust back. Have their friendship come first, oh and idk maybe working together-as partners tho. I want something fresh and something that is of good quality, like Sam’s pregnancy. There’s an idea…focus back in on Sam not being able to have children and maybe have her continue to struggle with that and then take that story somewhere.

    GH is really not impressing me with their storys overall right now. I want Scorpios, Quartermaines and the Spencers. What about the Webbers? Or the Cassadines? I hope that someone over there will hear me because if they do screw up Jason and Sam, there will not be much more left for me. Expect Scrubs and Spixie.

    Some little things still have been entertaining me in the past couple of days tho. Like all of Edward’s funny one-liners. Seeing Tracey and Monica again. The scenes that followed Sam shooting Jason. Spinelli keeps me hooked. Maxie, Patrick, Robin. I am liking Carly more. But those little things are not going to keep the show afloat.

    And since they are creating a new hospital set, can they please spend more time in it? I want more medical storylines and a little less mob. I like the mob stuff…to an extent…I’m a big Jason fan (duh) and it gets very annoying sometimes for me. In addition to that, they keep using the SAME storylines for the mob over and over again and its getting really old. Sonny right now??? Uhh I cant stand him. With the Z’s? Come on people. I almost want Jason to give the business back to Sonny. It’s that bad.


    Thank you and I think I’m done for a while lol. Please tell me guys what you are thinking!!! I love hearing what you have to say. Thanks.

  57. Profile photo of samfan

    Possible new s/l ideas for Jasam would be Sam really and truly going into the PI work, and succeeding for a change. I’d like to see her uncover who Rebecca is, and while she’s delving into her past…find out something about Sam’s father connection. This would be cool.

    BTW, if I’m not mistaken..Sam does save the disaster of Trevor dropping the biotoxin over the roof. I have no idea what Sam could or would be able to do with it if she also goes over the rooftop. It’ll be interesting. Maybe the spoilers are wrong.

    Did I read something about Sam getting amnesia? That would be a good s/l. It would be neat to see Jason help her the way she helped him when he had amnesia.

    I’m very curius if Lusam will end with any heartfelt words. I read that it is a friendly breakup…but, these two told each other they loved the other and is worthy of a decent breakup scene. Maybe a tear from each of them. They went through a lot of heartache together and helped each other through it. I know they started off all wrong, but were totally honest about why they got together…especially Sam.

    That’s it I guess. This crisis stuff will be over soon, and I’m curious as to what’s next in the way of big s/l’s.

  58. Profile photo of curacaoman

    Don’t blame Greg Vaughan, blame friggin’ Guza, who really is the source of all that is bad with GH. Guza hates the Spencers! Look at what a stupid sag Luke has become, Lucky is a dud and LuLu, well, nuff said.

  59. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I second that – great posts!!

    btw samfan, Jason’s Amnesia 2.0 w/ Sam was one of my all-time favorite stories. That’s an example of a “recycled” story done right. There were certain elements that were repeated but it had several twists. The fact that he fell in love with Sam all over again (while he still had amnesia) was *soooo* romantic! Plus it’s the story that brought Robin back :)

  60. Profile photo of williamjc

    Missed you, Regan. Glad you’re back. As for this mess called GH..

    I blame Guza and his lazy writing. I agree totally that he’s rehashing and tweaking and originality has gone out the door. Can we name how many characters this guy has ruined? I still haven’t gotten over how he writes Lucky. It’s horrible. Of course we’ll have Sam in danger again and Jason to the rescue. She’ll jump in his arms and you can literally hear the violins in the background.


    Double Yuck.

    Give me a break. This guy is a hack…

  61. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Jason’s amnesia was one of my fav storylines as well. Everything about it was just amazing. From the quality to the acting to the payoff, it was just one of gh’s better recycled storylines, like you said daisy.
    I just loved it.

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