OLTL: The Gannons Return to Llanview

Rachel and Hank Gannon are returning to Llanview! Soap Opera Digest has the exclusive news. Nathan Purdee (Hank) will reprise his role and former Passions star Daphne Duplaix will take on the role of Rachel, Nora (Hillary B. Smith) and Hank’s daughter.

Father and daughter return one day apart with Hank arriving ahead of Rachel on April 1st.

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    Luke Kerr

    This is great news…The biggest glaring issue with OLTL’s resurgence in quality has been the lack of integration with its minority characters. To have both of these characters back, and considering their integration into the show….this could be really good for the show.

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    Im thrilled Hank is coming back im a big fan of Nathans work since he was on y/r as Nathan Barber.Daphne Duplaix was on passions as valerie and i wasnt impressed by her work at all.But at the time she was playing transie.It wouldve been nice to see kent masters or brrok kerr as rachel.What ellen bethea wasnt avliable

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    Yay!!!! Hank’s back!!! I hated that he left in the first place. Can’t say I’m excited about a Passions star playing Rachel – but I guess we’ll have to wait and see how she does.

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    This is excellent news. Last I heard, Hank was teaching law in Chicago? Will he be teaching law in Llanview? I am very excited to see how he will be reintegrated into the show. Does this mean RJ will return? Is Layla getting a storyline? Can Lindsay PLEASE return too? I am not familiar with Daphne Duplaix, but I know the character of Rachel. I would like to see what she brings before I judge.

    I do agree with Regan. OLTL is pretty cast heavy. Hopefully by April, Vanessa, Lola, Mo, Noelle, and Antonio will exit stage left.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Well I might just tune in to see them return to the show. I always say that diversity on a show will draw me in and when that diversity reascends then I VOTE WITH MY REMOTE. So I will give OLTL a chance again…and by the way the best show is Y&R…lol

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    I like Mo & Noelle, but anywho I am glad they are briging the Gannons back. Hopefully Rachel will be the one (as she should be if I got my history right) to help her little brother out and hopefully w/Hank coming back we see RJ come out of the backburner.

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    Great news! I always loved the Bo/Hank friendship, including how Nora was frieds with her ex. Yes, RJ should return. This means Antonio’s daugher Jamie Vega, gets an Uncle, first cousin (Rachel),so, when Antonio leaves, OLTL should try and get Layla in the mix. OLTL should cut Lola, Vanessa and Antonio is leaving soon. By the way, where is Miles?

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    I have OLTL off my block, but I might reevaluate with the Gannon returns. I’m a bit skeptical as this Layla business is all too concerning.

    Is this a trial, or are these two long term?

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    I am glad to see some more color on the show but I hope they’re not brought on then reduced to appearing about once or twice a month.

    I haven’t watched in a while but have TPTB started writing for Layla yet? Last time I watched, she went from B storyline to D storyline. *sigh*

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    OK. So I was a Passions fan and I have to say this is great news for Daphne. I think despite all the craziness she’s had to play in the past I’m really interested in seeing her take on Rachel. Not all of the Passions actors on ABC are doing that well in my opinion.

    So you know exactly what I’m saying. LOL

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    I am BEYOND THRILLED! This is fantastic news! My biggest complaint about OLTL is its lack of diversity where people of color are reduced to day players or caricatures/stereotypes. This is an opportunity for Ron and Co. to do it right! And wouldn’t it be great if Hank could get in between Clint and Nora? He might actually shake up that very boring relationship. YAY!!!

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    I stopped watching the show because of their lack of diversity so I will give it a go because of this latest stunt. Hopefully they give these two justice and we don’t see a repeat of Tina

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I can’t get excited about this because I fear dissapointment. RJ was already on canvas and so was Leyla but RC did nothing with them. If RC had actually written for RJ and Leyla I might be looking formward to this but now I’ll just wait and see and perhaps OLTL may actually use their minority cast.

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    Yes!! I’ve missed Hank so much. And I’m a “let’s test er out before judging gal” on the New Rachel. Hopefully RJ will return and RC can give the Gannons a great story. Maybe RC can pursue the “Is RJ really Racheal’s dad” storyline that got backedburned soo long ago!

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    Like most black characters in daytime, they will just sit on the backburner and be brought out a few times a month to add some color to the screen. With daytime’s track record when it comes to racial diversity, how could you expect anything else?

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