So Long Snappin’ Turtle!

The Streets of Salem are finally safe for toddlers. Whaddya know, someone actually left Days of Our Lives of her own freewill. Rachel Melvin (Chelsea "The Snappin’ Turtle" Brady) is leaving the soap, according to Soap Opera Digest. While I never liked her character— not for one second— there’s no denying Melvin is an amazing young talent. Click here to read Ken "The Soap Slayer" Corday gush, coo and fawn over the exiting actress as if she were, you know, Deidre Hall or somebody.

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    Sad to see her go but I can’t blame her. Well, on the brightside I guess this save us from another Max and his neice relationship. I hope to see her in something else fun soon.

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    I can see it now Zach comes back from the dead SORAS’ed and seeking revenge against big sis. Considering, the fact that she herself literally raised from the grave it is possible. Personally, I think she’d be great as Marah on GL.

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    Omfg. I must say I am glad for Rachel. She deserves much better than running over her little frickin brother. When they decided to kill off Zach, I literally wanted to hunt down Ken Corday or whoever made that decision and beat them to a bloodly pulp. How could you do that?? Kill an innocent little boy off by having his half-sister run him down??? If you wanna make an impact with having a child die, do a better job than that one. Omg. I barely watched Days after that. I only really watched when Deidre and Drake were on as my Jarlena. Even then…they completely messed with the true character of Doc and John Black. Ahhh and now??? Screw you Ken Corday. You should be sooo ashamed of yourself for firing those two. As for Chelsea, I’m not really sure whats going on with her anymore, as I said before I don’t watch that much, but bye bye brother killer. As for Rachel Melvin, I hope some other soap picks her up. Maybe gh??? Haha.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    I think she should come to Y&R maybe as Chloe’s sister or even as Colleen even though the current Colleen has gotten better. But I sure do believe she could be snatched up. But something in me tells me that this actress is destined for primetime. She is too good of a talent for daytime television.

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    Oh Wow. I think season1217 hit the nail on the head. She would make a FABULOUS Marah on Guiding Light. That would be great to have Marah back with Shane. Rachel and Jeff Branson would work wonderful together as brother and sister!

    And all I can say is; gosh- Ken Corday should be mortally ashamed to have actors wanting to flee from Days of our Lives. Pardon my mistake; fleeing unwillingly. Shame on you Ken. SHAMEEEEE!

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    Good for her, but I’d love to see RM stay in daytime. There’s just too many bad young actresses on the soaps these days to see a good one get away for too long.

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    I hope she stays gone, and I hope they don’t recast. She must only have renewed her contract last year for one year.

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    LOL, TheBest. That was going to be my post EXACTLY. Who could blame someone for gettin’ out while the gettin’s good. Good luck, Rachel–we’ll miss Chelsea in Salem!

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