Balthazar Getty’s Exit Storyline Written

Desperate Housewives is getting rid of Nicollette Sheridan. T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl want out at Grey’s Anatomy. Now E! Online is reporting that Brothers & Sisters has written Balthazar Getty’s exit storyline and "it’s perfectly scandalous…and perfectly fitting." Check out E! Online for more details.

Related Update: "Tommy is in no way permanently gone"

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    I blame Sienna Miller.


    Tommy was always the weakest link on this show. I didn’t even watch the first two seasons like that and I knew then he was the weakest link.

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    Tommy is the weakest link on B&S and was horrible on Alias, along, with Melissa George, who is currently stinking up Grey’s as Meridith’s friend. Yes, if they kill off Tommy’s wife, I could see a custody battle between her parents and Kevin….nice and soapy drama…

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    Melissa George? Luke, I thought you meant the other blonde that came on toward the end of the series around the time that Getty arrived on the show. Her name is Rachel Nichols. My bad.

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    Sheeeeeeeesh haven’t we been threw this! Leave my Angel alone!!! *pouts* LOL, just like Jamey and his Lizzybeth no one touches my sweet Angel ^-^ (Now lets forget the fact that I didn’t watch when she was on….or that i was like 5 LOL)

    Anyways I hate that he is leaving, from what i heard he wanted to stay with the show until it ended, but i guess things change.

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    He is the Walker I care the least about and I’ve never thought much of him as an actor. His exit storyline looks interesting and it will probably give more Emmy winning material for Sally Field. Which in turn will give us more of her political acceptance speeches!

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