Kelly Ripa Doesn’t Object to Plastic Surgery

Kelly Ripa says she isn’t ruling out the possibility of one day going under the knife. The former All My Children bombshell-turned-Live funny lady tells People she has no objection to either nipping or tucking. I’ve got two words for my favorite morning TV cute—Lisa Rinna. Don’t do it K. Rip, just use Oil of Olay and Vaseline!

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    Kelly is an all time cutie!!!!

    But speaking of Kelly R– why doesnt AMC do whatever in their power to bring back this fan fav alumni?? Talk about a boost in ratings & FREE PR!!! Imagaine her coming in to give the Chandler gang a needed kick in the rear??? Plus she could plug her appreance on LIVE!
    I’m not saying she should come back as a regular, but she could make a few guest spots each year.
    Whatever she would want $$ wise– may be worth it for AMC.

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