Bianca and Reese Wedding Promo

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    It’s a shame that there isn’t more excitement for this wedding. Not because it’s a same sex wedding, nor because of the drama, but because it’s the wedding of an iconic soap character’s dauhter. But, what’s there to get excited about when this wedding is a joke. Not to the idiots at ABC: stunts only work when viewers care about the people involved. What’s the point in holding the wedding when you’ve done nothing but undermine Bianca and Reese’s relationship for the past four months.

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    To each their own – I really could care less who dates women/men whatever.

    BUT seriously this photo of two women decked out in gorgeous gowns side by side is rediculous.

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    BUT seriously this photo of two women decked out in gorgeous gowns side by side is ridiculous.

    That’s the least ridiculous part of this whole mess. Looks like Kendall may have had the good sense to stay away.

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    The photo is beautiful, too bad it doesn’t match what actually happened in the episode, or what’s been happening in the storyline.

    With the editing today, and less focus on the weddding, AMC really drove home the point that the promotion for this wedding has just been a publicity stunt. I don’t know if I should be happy or insulted that they didn’t go through with the idea that this wedding is anything but a joke.

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    I can’t even explain the rage this wedding causes me. I couldn’t even watch it, this stupid publicity stunt has ruined Bianca and her relationship with Kendall, and that’s something I will never forgive Pratt for. God I hate him and CoolReese, so much!

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    I’ve read the seven comments above several times before writing my own. I suspect that one or more comes from a very ugly place, but not all, at least not totally. There really is a problem with the Bianca-Reese relationship and it isn’t Reese nearly as much as it is, and has been, Bianca. Her character has been written like a pathologically insecure teenager when she has always been a self-assured WOMAN. Certainly, she knows that lesbians have, more often than not, had some sexual contact with men at some point in their lives. That’s just a fact of the world in which we live. Instead, Pratt throws in this stupid storyline about Bianca becoming freaked out because Reese was once engaged to a man. BFD!

    The Kendall situation is sad, scary and very disappointing. I don’t recognize this person who awoke from a coma. I suppose that may well be the way coma patients can return in real life, but if that’s the case, some medical person should explain it to the audience. This Kendall is cold and hateful–even to the point of resenting an infant. I don’t blame her for being angry with Zach for not telling her he donated sperm to her sister. I’d be angry too. What bothers me more, however, is that the Kendall we have grown to know and love would support Zach, Bianca and even Reese in their quest to create a life. Zach did a very unselfish thing for the best of reasons: love. He loves Bianca almost as much as Kendall does. Even if she was absolutely furious with him for not saying something, she would come around. Certainly, I don’t believe that she’d do all but order Bianca to leave town with Reese and the children and not return for god -only-knows how long. That is an act of cruelty and utter selfishness. We all know that Kendall can be a very selfish person, but she outgrew that lesser part of herself many years ago. This isn’t being at all true to her character.

    I agree with the people who said they would have preferred Friday’s episode focus more on the wedding as opposed to bringing in the other storylines. I also agree that the previous dysfunction in the Bianca-Reese pairing dampened what should have been great anticipation of the big event both because Bianca’s character has been so beloved by the audience and because this wedding is truly historic and could serve to open some people’s minds and eyes regarding same-sex marriage and relationships in general. I’ve read some truly miserable comments on a couple of boards indicating that, somehow, this storyline isn’t appropriate for children and that same-sex families aren’t “real families,” among other things, including a few above. However, Bianca was turned into someone in greater need of a shrink than a wife, thereby dulling my enthusiasm for any pairing with her in it at this time. I would have preferred her in-depth exploration of why she felt so insecure about Reese and watch her slowly get a grip before going through with a wedding. In fact, I think I’d like to see Bianca and Reese go through couples counseling because they both had issues, although in my opinion, Reese’s issues were far more understandable.

    I wasn’t happy with the kiss between Reese and Zach, but I can kind of understand it. Reese was drunk and wounded. Zach was disillusioned with Kendall and felt close enough to Reese to try to comfort her even if it went a little bit too far. I’d really have loved to see Reese come clean to Bianca before the wedding. That would make for interesting story. Then again, insecure shrew Bianca would have reared her head and the wedding would have been canceled with Reese having to chase her and the kids back to Paris to make this fool understand. I understand something like that is coming up anyway. Oh joy.

    My objections notwithstanding, I thought the brides were just beautiful. The producers spent the time and money necessary to celebrate this wedding the way it should be celebrated. Even the peripheral characters looked good. I love the fact that the minister was a woman who took as much joy in performing a marriage ceremony for two women as she would with a heterosexual couple. That is as it should be.

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    Taa2, I don’t think anyone’s response was based on homophobia, except one. But, if you are upset about homophobia or someone acting like same sex marriage isn’t legit, then you need to direct your anger at the writers and producers of All My Children. It’s been their writing that turned this into a joke and a ratings stunt.

    I do agree that Bianca needs counseling. Or, at the very least these writers who have turned her into nothing more than a plot device need to explore why she would pick Babe over her sister, let it slide that Babe stole her baby, betrayed her sister for someone that she only knew for three months, is ignoring the fact that Reese isn’t ready to get married, and is acting like her sister has no right to be upset.

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    My comments came from a very ugly place. A place of raging anger and hate! The way Bianca and Kendall’s relationship grew after Bianca’s rape and through her decision to keep Miranda was both complex and beautiful. Kendall finally found love, acceptance and understanding from her family. Miranda brought her hope. Now, though the conception and birth of Bianca’s second child their relationship is tearing apart. It sounds poetic that the first child giveth and the second taketh away but the execution of this story is anything but. Caitlinp’s comments have been on the money! I second everything they’ve written about this mess.

    I agree that Bianca is a self-assured woman in that she knows who she is. But Bianca has been hurt numerous times by the people she’s loved. There was Sarah, Frankie, Maggie, Lena, and now Reese. Which is why I never bought that Bianca would make the decision to start a family with someone she had only known a few months and didn’t know that much about. There is too much relationship insecurity there for Bianca to do that, in my opinion.

    Bianca had every right to be alarmed at the fact that Reese was previously engaged and to a man, no less. When you plan to make a big commitment like marrying someone it’s good to know that they almost made the same commitment to someone else and why they didn’t go through with it. It tells you something about that person and their character. That’s not to say that people who break off engagements have bad character. But to go for months and months knowing that this isn’t what you really want and you don’t say anything until the last minute says something about Reese. She didn’t even have the guts to confront her fiance. She left him with no explanation what so ever. Reese is the real insecure one.

    Also, men have played a part in Bianca’s past relationships with woman which plays into her insecurity about whether Reese is strictly a lesbian or bi-sexual or one of the many woman who go from heterosexual relationships to homosexual relationships back to heterosexual relationships (e.g. Anne Heche, Julie Cypher).

    One of the FEW realistic parts of this s/l to me has been Kendall’s reaction. A lot happened in the months she was in that coma. It’s been too much to process in such a small amount of time. It’s supposed to be sad, scary and disappointing. That’s how she feels. When someone wakes up from a coma to find that their husband fathered a child with their sister, even through sperm donation, resentment is bound to show up. LOL! Even for the child. Kendall’s issue isn’t medical it’s about being betrayed by family and looked at like she’s the crazy one for having problems with it. Sara Bibel wrote it best in her blog.

    What Zach did was very selfish. You don’t make a decision as big as the one he made w/o consulting your wife. That’s sperm is just as much hers as it is his! Also, it has been stated more than once that Zach turned Bianca down. He didn’t say yes to Bianca he said yes to Reese after she told him how much she wanted it. Yes, Bianca played a factor but he said yes to a woman he’d only known for a few days. Which begs the question? Huh? Personally, I don’t think Kendall should come around. I would be beyond angry not only by the lies but more at being told in a way to get over it. Bianca, Zach and Reese have all shown an amazing degree of selfishness.

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    J Bernard Jones

     An observation about Reese, if I may (which is neither a positive or negative endorsement of the character’s actions):

    As Reese has come into sharper focus, it has become apparent that she is a damaged woman who has two coping mechanisms: avoidance of confrontation and an irrational need to please everyone and make them happy.

    In real life, people do this all the time. Sometimes they are called "people pleasers." In order to avoid uncomfortable situations that might lead to judgment against them, they commit lies of omission, run away from arguments, and fail to defend themselves unless absolutely cornered. Of course, this always backfires and almost always makes situations much worse in the long run. When they are not in avoidance mode, these people are in explain mode. In cases where things come to a head, they then engage in every effort to make the person they are confronting either a) feel sorry for them or b) justify their behavior, right or wrong.

    If we look at Reese’s background, we can understand her behavior regardless of whether we agree with it or not.

    (I know others likely have pointed this out in other forums, but just throwing in my two cents.)

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    Luke Kerr

    Call me a purist when it comes to Bianca, but I no longer accept all these contrived plot points they throw at the character as they mow her down with a Mac truck.

    After the Zarf debacle I was really hoping that they would give Bianca a true romantic s/l. Instead they brought in a character that we have no relationship with and tried to tell us it was this that Bianca and Reese are supposed to have this great romance and wedding. I just don’t buy this s/l, especially since we know Bianca is leaving. Bianca might as well be Britney Spears and this s/l her 24 marriage, because in soap terms that is all this is. 

    I don’t blame Reese, I blame the fact that they can’t/won’t make Bianca more than a reactionary character defined by her sexuality and what others do to or inflict upon her, not what she makes of her self. This is the same as Brooke on B&B. Why can’t either of these women be strong? Why can’t either of these women shape their own destiny? Why do they always end up being the victims? Bianca is a Kane woman for goodness sakes. She deserves better than this.

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    Sorry I haven’t been around all week to read and respond to your posts. I’ve actually been reading the blog a few minutes at a time when I could, but I have just searched to find this post today. Again, I apologize.

    I said that I viewed a couple of posts in this thread and others as coming from an ugly place. I don’t have the time to find the other posts and name names, as it were. However, as far as the comments for this post are concerned, I was referring to comments #2 and #5. I don’t have the time to write at length about what I found offensive, but I can say in general terms that two women standing in gorgeous wedding dresses because they are marrying each other is NOT ridiculous.

    Also, it really does matter who is dating whom in the sense that LGBT people have a hell of a hard time in so many realms because of the bigotry of the majority population. This storyline could help some people understand that love is love, regardless of the sex of the people involved. It is so damn hard to get heterosexuals, generally, to understand something that is so simple. Two people love each other, want to spend the rest of their lives together and celebrate their union in a way that is both spiritually uplifting and legally binding. As a “mostly lesbian” like me who would really, really like to get married to the woman I love one day, it is highly frustrating to see the writer of the post that begins “To each their own – I really could care less who dates women/men whatever.” No. This is NOT “whatever.” This storyline is important. That it is not being handled as well as it could is important as well. Some of the mistakes are beyond FUBAR’d.

    I want to say more, but I just don’t have the time right now. Please know that I get that the relationship was ruined with Kendall and I am not happy about it for reasons I think I explained in my original post. Also, please know that I do understand that not everyone is in a place where they think of LGBT couples in the same way as heterosexual couples and that it will take more exposure and education to allow their perceptions to broaden. And with that, I have to bounce.

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    taa2, since the writers didn’t bother to develop Reese and Bianca’s relationship, how can that possibly help someone understand same sex relationships. Since the whole thing was used as a publicity stunt, and Bianca’s role was made secondary to Reese and Zach, all this storyline will do is reinforce bad stereotypes.

    These people wrote a storyline where Reese didn’t think about her fiancee or her children during her scenes with Zach, and where they made it pretty clear that Reese and Bianca don’t know one another very well. And on top of that, the marriage will only last a few days, and we have Bianca admitting that she doesn’t think she ever loved Reese, and telling her that she really isn’t their daughter’s mother. What part of this storyline do you see as positive. I want to know if the AFA helped write this mess.

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