GH: ZaCrazy Leaves Port Charles?

Is Bruce Weitz (Anthony "ZaCrazy" Zacchara) leaving Port Charles behind? According to today’s Suds Report, the fantastic Weitz is leaving General Hospital. Love or hate the character, there is no denying that Bruce Weitz is one hell of an actor.

There was some speculation that Weitz would be vacating the role and that Claudia (Sarah Brown) would be the only true Zacchara left in PC. No worries Johnny (Brandon Barash) fans, this goes along with the RUMORS that Trevor Lansing (Stephen Macht) is Johnny Zacchara’s true father. Macht ends his days as Trevor this week.

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    I am all for getting rid of Ethan, I won’t really miss ZaCrazy, the actor was good in the part, but when I start looking back on GH history in a few years I really dont think ZaCrazy will be someone i will remember, or care to remember lol.

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    , this goes along with the RUMORS that Trevor Lansing (Stephen Macht) is Johnny Zacchara’s true father.
    Really? I haven’t heard those rumors. So who is the mother? Claudia? :)

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    , this goes along with the RUMORS that Trevor Lansing (Stephen Macht) is Johnny Zacchara’s true father.
    Really? I haven’t heard those rumors. So who is the mother? Claudia?

    See my mind went somewhere else lol, I was just thinking of Johnny/Claudia pairing not her being the mother LOL.

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    Well, if he is leaving, then I guess he is giving up show business (according to Sage):

    One of my favorite actors (since before GH), Bruce Weitz (Anthony) took a swipe at Maurice Benard in the February 3rd issue of ABC Soap Opera Digest by saying that he wants to work with someone who has nice legs. He said that everyone in his scenes except Sarah Brown has miserable legs, singling out Benard to saying, “Maurice’s legs? There should be a message attached to them.”

    The actor goes on to say that once his run on GH is finished, he’s leaving show business. He his career 33 years ago on soaps (Ryan’s Hope – a two-day job) and says he is ready to settle down to gardening, which he now enjoys more than acting. That, to him, is the sign to stop. He says he actually thought he was already retired until he was asked to take a stab at playing the twisted mob boss, Anthony Zacchara and laughs that GH got him to say yes by making him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Anthony was supposed to die at the Black and White Ball when he went careening from the balcony of Wyndemere, but Weitz was having a good time on the show and when they asked him if he would mind staying on and being paralyzed for a while, he agreed to extend his original stay of five weeks for an undetermined length of time. He speculates that his mother, Sybil, probably wrote “5,000 letters” to the show asking that they keep him, adding, “She likes to see what I’m wearing.” He speaks very highly of his co-stars, at first joking that he “hates” Brandon Barashand Sarah Brown, but then gushing about how wonderful and generous they are and how much he enjoys working with them. He has kind words for Stephen Macht, cracking that between the two of them, they have “about 180 years in the business.”

    He’s not kidding about the gardening. His personal garden at home is approximately 5,000-6,000 square feet and he maintains the whole thing himself. He waxes philosophical saying that the happiest day of his life was when his wire, Vivian, gave birth to their son, Joey, who is 16 and says gardening is “giving birth every six months to something new and beautiful and you get to watch it grow.” He then equates it to acting saying, “It’s all about the journey…I have come full circle.”

    Awww. I think I wub him too. (Again, that was Soap Opera Digest and what a cool interview.)


    I only wish I could get some gardening advice from him – I kill everything. :(

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    Hmmmm…with Bruce Weitz and Stephen Macht leaving the show, the average age of the cast just went down another few notches. The over 40 crowd has just dwindled some more.

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