Go Red Ball Fashion: Gigi vs. Stacy

Go Red Fashion: Gigi (Farah Fath) vs. Stacy (Crystal Hunt)

Go Red Ball Fashion: Gigi vs. Stacy

  • Stacy (34%, 141 Votes)
  • Gigi (66%, 273 Votes)

Total Voters: 414


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    I’m really surprised that this posting hasn’t generated any comments for two reasons. The first is that Farah FATH is listed as Farah HUNT in the photo caption. The second is the answer to the question: Why is Fath wearing a blue dress to the RED Dress Ball?

  2. Profile photo of truetalltales

    Farah Fath is wearing a blue dress because Crystal Hunt (Stacy, Gigi’s sister), stole her dress. Stacy is wearing Gigi’s dress to the ball. I guess Gigi had no other red outfits in her closet to wear.

  3. Profile photo of taa2

    Thanks, truetalltales, for the info. I have about six weeks worth of episodes to view of both OLTL and Y&R and have only been sort of keeping up via the ‘net. I’m avoiding the whole Natalie and Jared revolting mess.

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