Okay…now T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl Are Staying?!

Grey’s Anatomy is really starting to get on my last nerve with this are they leaving or are they not business. On the heels of practically every mainstream site and blog announcing Katherine Heigl and T. R. Knight are leaving, comes this report from People saying they aren’t going anywhere. Shonda Rhimes needs to get control of Grey’s Catastrophe, both on camera and off PRONTO! Thanks Revafan001 for the tip!

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    Regan Cellura

    I completely agree Jamey… it’s getting ridiculous. Everyone reported that TR wanted out. Katherine is a very vocal actress. I’m wondering if this is all just spin? Shondra likes to run a tight ship and tries to keep as much as she can under wraps.

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    I didn’t believe it when it was potsed….or didn’t want to believe it. So hopefully they are both sticking around. I understand all this news comes out and I am glad we have sources to read it, but part of me misses the days of not knowing who was coming/ going and being SHOCKED by a exit instead of being ‘Oh about time, i head about this months ago’ LOL.

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    Shonda has developed a habit of not being honest or straightforward. I would take anything that she says with a grain of salt. She just doesn’t have a good knack for doing damage control. If Heigl and Knight are only in a few episodes next year, she will look like a fool.

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    @Catlinp –

    YAY Another hollyoaks fan!

    Well if they are in only a few episodes next year they are not ‘gone’ lol. I do understand why she is trying to ‘cover it up’ if that’s what she is doing. Here is a question tho, will their departure really have a effect on the show? And is Grey’s the next E.R. with its coming and goings?

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