Can This Couple Keep The (Guiding) Light Turned On?

This diehard Pharley fan is thisclose to forgiving Beth for coming between my fave Guiding Light couple. I never saw the "magic" of Phillip and Beth (Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlin) during my initial viewing experience with the couple (1997-2004), since I started watching the show in ’93, long after their 80’s era glory years. 

I adored Pharley like I now adore General Hospital‘s Liason (Boy, talk about being a glutton for punishment!), so I always viewed Beth as an unecessary and unecessarily fertile thorne in Harley’s side. A curse on James’ head for being born and wrecking Pharley!  

Now with poor Beth Ehlers trying to figure out what in the name of Agnes Nixon she’s supposed to be doing on All My Children, I am free to view Phillip and Beth with new eyes.I have to admit, I like what I see. Check out this clip using footage from this week’s shows compiled by GLFAN1. Someone needs to get this You Tube genius a job at Proctor and Gamble Productions, Inc. ASAP!

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    Phillip and Beth did not have alot of dialogue this week, but just the looks between them spoke volumes. The chemistry is certainly still there and when they get back together (which hopefully they will) they should absolutely sizzle.
    While I was a Pharley fan too Jamey, Phillip and Beth are soulmates. This is the first time in a very long time where I loved the entire week of GL. The acting and writing made it feel like the old days.
    Poor Beth Ehlers! This would have been a great storyline for her. Harley is needed now more than ever and the drama of a Beth/Phillip/Harley triangle could have been exciting!

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    Pharley was a great couple. Their romance was fun. Hey there was romance which is not often seen these days.
    You blame innocent baby James but I blame Edmund. It was his fault James was conceived. That is just one of the reasons I wll always hate Edmund. Not love to hate. Just plain hate. After they destroyed Phillip, I don’t think I could see him with Harley again. So him and Beth work for me.

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    I liked Phillip and Harley together too what little time I saw them together. I took a long (regretable) break from soaps at that time. When I came back Harley was with Gus, and I liked them together even better.

    After this week, I want Phillip and Beth back together but not right away. Phillip has a lot to take care of before anything like that can happen. Beth does too. Too much water has gone under the bridge for anything to happen soon.

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    They are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good together!!! I think and hope that they can help! They are THE couple! You could’nt do better than Phillip and his “one true love” Beth!!! They have that “thing!” for each other. Please, give them more time! Hell give them them the whole show!!

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    Guiding Light was always my first soap love and I never liked Phillip and Beth. I was a huge Pharley fan, and I never liked Beth as a character at all except when she was with LuJack. But I’ve left GL behind, and I’m thrilled that Phillip has returned, and I have hope that perhaps a Phillip and Beth reunion will be the shot in the arm the show needs. There’s just no substitute for the kind of history these two characters share.

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    I remember my first post on a message bard in 2004. It was “I’m new and I love Phillip and Olivia”. That just about says it all.

    Oh, and I am not that fond of Phillip and Beth. I’d take Phillip and Harley over Phillip and Beth.

    The couple that has to get back together for stability in ratings more than any couple is Josh and Reva, period.

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    Truth Hurts

    Oh I hated Pharley with a passion. They were a cheap and poor substitute of Phillip & Beth who have always been the loves of each other’s lives. They are true soulmates.

    Please leave the skank known as Harley on another continent and never bring her back.

    IA that Ehlers doesn’t fit in at AMC and isn’t doing well on the show.

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    GLFAN1 has got an awesome talent when it comes to her mvids and fanfics!! She definitely should be on P&G/GL’s payroll!!! Here’s an idea..ditch Grady and hire GLFAN1!

    GL rocked last week, and I can’t wait for this week! Phillip’s return was fantastic! GL IMO has got the best actors in daytime and if the s/l’s continue to improve so drastically there are only good things ahead for GL!!

    I am so loving GL again! It’s been a rough road but it’s BACK!

    Beth and Phillip definitely have still got it! Make Peyton not Alan’s and we can move on…

    Reunite Bizzie:-)

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    I never was a Pharley fan probably because I cannot stand Harley or Beth Ehlers. I always thought that Phillip and Beth belonged together but good lord I don’t remember them having the kind of chemistry that I saw this week. When Phillip took of Beths dress and she stood there so vulnerable, that scene just killed me!

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    This past week of Phillip and Beth was the best of Phillip and Beth I’ve seen too. I guess if that sort of Phillip and Beth continues, then I’d take it. Of course, I still think I prefer Phillip and Olivia, because of the untapped potential. Although, Olivia can be a lesbian for now and still be just as entertaining with that whole family dynamic going on there.

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    Phillip & Beth heated up my screen this week. The way he helped herout that wedding dress, then hugged her was simple, yet ignited the fire within my loins. LOL

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    :) ) I’ve watched Phillip and Beth from the beginning when Judi Evans played Beth and they’ve always been my favorite couple. They are true soulmates and i’ve never liked them with anyone but each other. I really hope that they reunite and stay together. They definately keep me watching the show.

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