Daytime Confidential British Invasion

Welcome one and all to a long overdue issue of Daytime Confidential’s British Invasion. We have a LOT of news to cover and not a lot of time to do it, so grab yourself some tea and get ready to turn on the telly because the invasion begins now.

McDean named sexist soap couple! In a recent poll conducted by Virgin Media, the Hollyoaks supercouple came in 1st place with 46% of the vote, beating out Coronation Street’s Liam and Carla. Guy Burnet (Craig) and James Sutton (John-Paul) both expressed their pleasure at winning the accolade.

Sutton said: "I demand a recount! I’m very honoured to be up there with Kylie and Smithers from The Simpsons!"

In a bit of casting news a new character by the name of Lydia, played by Lydia Kelly, will be arriving as a new student for HCC this coming March.
Speaking of her character, Lydia Kelly told us: "She’s very down to earth. She knows exactly what she wants, where she wants to go, and how to get there! She’s also very level-headed."

We have to give a round of congratulations and condolences to a handful of Coronation stars whose bundles of joys arrived this past week.

Alison King has given birth to a baby girl. The actress, who plays Carla Connor on the ITV1 soap, delivered the 6lb., 7oz. baby, named Zack P.

Shepherd and Wanda Opalinska have become parents to a son Rafal weighing in at 7lb., 5oz.

It is not all good news for Corrie babies. Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh and Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas lost their first child earlier this week. Their baby boy, named Archie Jay Lomas, was born 18 weeks prematurely in hospital on Wednesday night before passing away seconds later. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kym and Jamie.

On a much happier note, Corrie vet Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow) will be sticking with the ITV soap for the foreseeable future, as confirmed by Digital Spy. For more on that story, click here.
Also sticking around is Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina McIntyre. She signed a year long contract. Click here for more.

Coronation Street for the Nintendo DS? Yes, you read that right. A soap opera based video game is on the way! Video game publisher Mindscape will be publishing the Corrie game later this year.

Emmerdale’s line producer Tim Fee will be retiring next month when he turns 60. Tim joined the ITV soap back in 1988 and this comes on the heels of many other behind the scenes shake ups going on at Emmerdale. Last month, the series producer and the executive producer both left the show. For more on this story, click here.

Digital Spy sat down with Lyndon Ogbourne, who plays Nathan Wylde. To read the interview, click here.

Patsy Palmer (Bianca Jackson) is hoping that the producers of the BBC1 soap will bring back her on-screen mother. She would be thrilled if Lindsey Coulson was recruited to reprise her role as Carol. Palmer also confirmed that she is keen for Nick Berry and Michael French to return in their respective parts of Simon and David Wicks. For more on this story, click here.

Do you have a question for Sid Owen (Ricky Butcher)? Would you like a chance to ask him something in particular? The Official BBC website is accepting questions for him and will be taking all of the best questions and publishing an interview soon! So what are you waiting for?

Other Shows:

ITV canceled two of its primetime soaps. The Royal and Heartbeat will no longer be with us come 2010. Although I have never been a fan of either show, it will be sad to see them go.

The Bill’s Lisa Maxwell will be leaving the ITV cop sudser after seven long years on the show. The actress said she loved every minute of it. Lisa is set to leave the show in an explosive storyline later this year.

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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Hey John! Thanks for posting!! I’m really behind – as usual – and I haven’t gotten a chance to start watching Corrie yet. Hopefully I can start tomorrow :)

    I was reading up on Bianca on Wiki…Do you know she slept with her mom’s boyfriend?? Apparently she first slept with him when she was like 15 (shades of Whit huh??) and then years later the mom and him started going out together and Bianca slept with him. And I didn’t realize it but she and Ricky apparently were a real supercouple back in the day :)

    I’ve got no idea who Simon and David Wicks are so I’ll have to do some research. But if more people are coming that means more people are going, and I wouldn’t want that :(

    I’m telling you the comings and goings on EE are breaking my heart!

  2. Profile photo of Johnathon

    @ Shades of Whit —

    That was actually brought up on the show after the revelation by Pat, I think the difference was Whitney was ‘sought after’ first, where as Bianca knew what was going on.

    I think the second go-around was her exit storyline right? 

    Yep Bianca and RICKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY were a supercouple, i really hope they get backtogether.


    Comings/goings i am kinda over, i am just so used to it by now i just enjoy it while they are there.

    @Corrie, watch my corrie post before you start watching Corrie if you start with last weeks episodes (9-13) the post i made happened 2-6th.

  3. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Daisy, Corrie is a lot of fun… and now they have STEPHANIE freakin’ BEECHAM as Ken Barlow’s illicit love interest! It is a hoot.

    Ricky/Bianca were a huge couple for years… "Rickeeeeeeeeeeeeey" is a national catchphrase over here – she used to yell that at him all the time.

    I’m surprised at the McDean win… Liarla (Corrie’s Liam/Carla) were IT for me. I actually think Hollyoaks is pretty awful at couples – with the exception of Darren and Zoe (and McDean), who were fantastic… but then she hooked up with her friend’s dad, then had a lesbian romp with the same friend… ugh.  

  4. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Awesome, I just may have to get a Nintendo DS so I can play the Corrie game!
    It’s so sad to hear about Kym’s baby, I hope she’s getting some down time.
    And I really hope Anne doesn’t decide to leave after her latest contract is up, the Barlowes are one of the oldest famlies!

  5. Profile photo of Johnathon

    @Darren Lomas –

    I only saw the end of Liarla but i loved them, I hate that Liam is dead.

    Hollyoaks is a huge mess, the day-to-day writing is good, but like you said it doesn’t really have any couples i can root for, who am I really supposed to care about? Amy and her 2nd kid and third guy? (I am happy she is back with Josh but the second baby was a little much), The whole Zoe / Sarah mess? Maybe I am supposed to care about Kris and his ummm couplings …. (I do like him with Nancy ….) I just have problems with Hollyoaks, I think the show is better then it was a few months ago, but it has lost a lot of momentum it had and i just cannot find a storyline that makes me want to tune in every single day.

    @ Dariclone –

    I hope Kym is taking her time as well, i feel really bad for her losing her child only to see her co-workers every day with a healthy child, it must be extreemly painful.

    @Daisy –

    Watch this for Ricky/ Bianca’s "RICKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" its the promo for their return :)

  6. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Jonathon, I usually catch a few episodes of Hollyoaks every week, just ’cause it’s on when I get in from work… is Kris the transvestite guy?! Oh Lord, I can’t really bring myself to care about him, Nancy or the other guy in their silly triangle… seems like nonsense to me! Is Amy the one whose psycho ex threw soup on her?! She’s a dumbass too!

    Now, Warren is a great character and Zoe/Darren were great… other than that – the show is sucking, but like you said there is some good day-to-day writing, just a shame about the long-term stories :(

  7. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Ravi is the other guy in the silly triangle.

    Amy is the idiot, and Ste is the psycho, but don’t worry he is all better…most of the time..

    The relationship wise there is one couple I see myself really enjoying only to have it get ruined when the actress leaves, and that is Hannah and Justin, Justin was my favorite character when i started watching, and I have felt like they have pretty much wasted him.

    Zoe/Darren were good, I am not really hating him with Cindy though. Zoe…I dont know what they can do with her.

  8. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Zoe needs to get back to Darren pronto or I will throw my toys out of the pram…

    Cindy is at least watchable, but a little one-dimensional… as for Justin, he had a great story with his teacher and then she went to prison for boinking him (or something), and subsequently got stabbed to death. Poor lass.

  9. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Yea I came in near the end of that storyline, Justin had the affair with Becca, then said she molested him because she said it was over. 

    The actress who plays Becca is now on Itv’s The Bill :)

  10. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Darren: Yeah, I’m really excited about watching Corrie, and I love Stephanie Beecham from back in the Dynasty/Colby days, lol. Darren, do you watch EE at all?

    John: thanks for the vid, I’ll check it out :) I missed a couple of eps after the Tony/Whit reveal so I must have missed Pat talking about Bianca’s situation – GRRRR!!! I’m so mad I missed that. AND I’ve missed I think about a week and a half of EE :( I’m soooo behind.

  11. Profile photo of Darren Lomas
    Darren Lomas

    Daisy – I catch occassional epis of EE, but I really don’t wanna start watching again… I watch too many shows as it is! I’m pretty familiar with it, and I caught a bit of Janine the other day… that was fun, but I can’t get drawn into another show… I just can’t!

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