Graham Shiels Has Our Numb3rs Tonight on CBS

The coolest guy General Hospital never gave a decent storyline to, Graham Shiels, is back on primetime tonight on Numb3rs. "I’m playing a henchman to an illegal arms dealer: prototype chump of the week. Haha." Shiels says on his My Space blog. Shiels is appearing on the hit CBS procedural Numb3rs tonight at 9 PM C/10 PM ET. Photo By Josh Negrin.

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    That is one fine male specimen. I loves me a tall drink of water. True GH screwed him…If you’re not Sonny, Jason, or Carly, you’re pretty much on your own. He has such beautiful eyes. Glad he’s moved on and found other work. Loved him in True Blood.

    Guza is a Loser!

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