The Young and the Restless Promo

Damn is anyone else getting goosebumps? This has me talking in tongues right about now!

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    I’m so glad I started watching this show a few months back as it just keeps getting better and better. It is like watching the old Days as it keeps me wanting the episode not to stop.

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    ahhhh I can’t wait!!!! I feel like running home after work to see what happened on my favourite soap! Something I thought I wouldn’t feel again!

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    Though I’m not a Cane & Lily fan (actually not a fan of Lily in general), the prospect of Billy and Chloe bonding over the child and being able to enjoy more of their red-hot chemistry is must see television.

    I applaud the writing team for coming full circle with the Marge/Kay/Clint storyline from the 80s. Also I couldn’t be more excited that the DNA test revealed that Kay and Jill are not related.

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    I’m with you Jillian! Goosebumps have taken over! The promo that said “The best gets better” was dead on! This show has totally got me hooked. Great storylines, incredible acting, and hot boys! What more could a girl ask for!?

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    Nobody wants to see hot Billy and the pre-pubescent dwarf boy get together. I’m a Lane fan, but I’d rather see Cane with Phyllis and Billy with Lily than have a Chilly pairing together. BM has chemistry with the furniture, but if I want to see two boys together, I’ll watch reruns of Queer as Folk!

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    I don’t doubt nobody wants to see Billy with a prepubescent dwarf…but it is evident just by the comments here that lots of people want to see red-hot Billy and Chloe! Sparks fly when those two are around, and it looks like there will be all kinds of sparks this week on Y&R. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for posting the clip.

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    pre-pubescent dwarf boy……I know there was something I was trying to figure out about her. She does look like a little boy.

    I would be on the Chloe/Billy bandwagon if I saw a glimmer of chemistry. She is completely asexual with all the guys on the show except Jack. And let’s not go there.

    Billy and Lilly are boring and if Jack didn’t still love Sharon so much I would be on the Billy/Sharon bandwagon. I just don’t want to see Billy betray his brother.

    Mac’s coming back. Let Billy get back with her. I just don’t see it with Chloe and Billy.

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    Personally, I don’t give a rats @$$ about Chloe, but I am anxious to see the fall out, now that the baby is born. I was disappointed in CK’s portrayal odf Lily. Her righteous indignation came off as more of a lecture than anything else.

    Now, I am questioning whether teh DNA results were tampered with, or if indeed Jill is not Kay’s daughter.

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