CNN Covers “Rianca” Wedding

Today, CNN’s Lola Ogunnaike covered the Bianca/Reese nuptials in a video report for the venerable news network. Eden Riegel, Susan Lucci, and Tamara Braun are interviewed.

When mainstream media covers soaps, I am almost always more interested in the tone of the coverage  — which is usually sarcastic and campy  and full of "ish" — than the actual story itself (usually already featured in soap magazines and on the internet anyway). Therefore, kudos to CNN and Ms. Ogunnaike for a respectful report on All My Children and soaps.

Click Here for CNN’s report.

UPDATED: CNN also posted a longer entertainment story on it’s website. Click here for that story.

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    Of course, one of the particpants was daydreaming about marrying and actually did make out with a MAN right before the ceremony, but other than that its a perfect wedding.

  2. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    LOL Season!! Was that guy for real? I find it very ironic that the group he represents is called “Focus on Family” because he only seems to be focusing on the sex of the parents. I love how he assumes that he is talking for most viewers.

    Why wasn’t he outraged about AMC potraying reckless drivng or the safety issues of wearing wedding dresses on motorcycles? What about Cameron Mathison chewing so much scenery that it made his eyes bulge? That’s what I don’t want to see on my tv.

  3. Profile photo of LuvCoop1

    It’s too bad that Season is so narrow minded, that he can’t picture love in all of its possibilities. If he represents FOF, I wouldn’t even listen to him spreading lies about what the Bible teaches. The Bible is a agreed upon interpretation by many religious scholars. It is not written as gospel by Jesus or God himself. God created ALL the people on Earth in its various forms and colors. IMO, if you discriminate against one fraction of God’s people, you discriminate against God. God is all loving and loves all the people he created. Jesus does too. Jesus didn’t discriminate against any sinners or stoned them, because he loves them. Let’s spread love not hate. There is way too much hate in this world.

  4. Profile photo of season1217

    LOL, LuvCoop1! First, it’s SHE! Second, unlike GossipGirl, you didn’t get the fact that my comment was sarcasm. I know sometimes sarcasm doesn’t translate well in written form but that’s what it was.

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