Explosive Days of Our Lives Promo

Color me confused. Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) tells Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) that Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) is cheating on him with Dr. Daniel (Shawn Christian) behind his back and Lucas blows up an apartment door? Either this is the most leading promo ever or the show is sending Lucas off the deep end.

On a NBC related topic: When looking at NBC’s sinking ratings in daytime and primetime has anyone considered that the thing connecting all these shows is the Heroes voice over guy? He was cool on Heroes, but now he seems to be doing every promo NBC has and he’s found his way into doing NBC Universal movie trailer voice overs. 

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    I wish that Maggie had told Lucas about Chloe and Daniel’s affair BEFORE she broke it off with him. I would have preferred him to break it off with her.

    Of course now his life will be “hanging by a thread” and Chloe will want him back because she’s feeling guilty.

    Watch out Chloe when Kate finds out that you are behind Lucas being in the hospital, again.

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    Yep, looks like Lucas will need to go back to AA. Isn’t Maggie his sponsor and shouldn’t she have thought of that first?
    Maybe DAYS is trying to do some kind of explosion a la GH for “sweeps”!
    I hope that they don’t reach back into history and give Chloe a scar a la Julie Williams in the 70s …which made her turn away from Doug.
    Would be nice if we never had to see that awful apt or apt building again, but we should be so lucky.
    Why do all the rich people live in a tiny place?

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    Gosh, I hope not, MrsNoahDrake… Chloe’s already done the scar thing with Brady, making him think she was dead, he grieved for months… THAT was a crappy storyline (imo), but I never thought Days would get THIS bad…

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