Are Todd and Blair Still The Endgame on OLTL?

Have Todd and Blair really reached the point of no return on One Life to LiveKassie DePaiva seems to think so. 

 TVG: After everything that has happened this past year, I can’t imagine One Life ever repairing Todd and Blair romantically despite the fact that historically they were always intended to be the end game due to their super-couple status. Do you think Blair and Todd are over for good?

KD: Yes, I think it’s over romantically. I can’t see them getting back together in terms of being a powerhouse romantic super-couple; unless, of course, there are some great transformations in Todd’s character."

 Check out the rest of DePaiva’s interview with TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco.


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    Oh seriously, if Blair ever gets back together with Todd any respect I had for her character will be gone. I get the whole self-destructive/dysfunctional relationship thing – but really, you’re almost 50 years old – grow the f*ck up and stay away from the psycho!!

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    I haven’t watched that long, but looking at it from a purely soap angle, I think the supercouple card is what soaps rely on when sweeps come and the soap is down in the ratings. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s anorm.

    The complex part is how it can happen. I think it goes this way. The door was opened back up when Star refused to testify against Todd and Todd had to confess. Couple that with Todd nearly dying and God knows what else the writers have up their sleave and it is very possible for Todd and Blair to reunite.

    Personally, I think it is twisted and quite fasicating to watch Todd. To see him thought of as a redeemed man disgust me. If they hook up again, I ask they keep it about passion and not love and adoration. As for Blair, she seems to of lost the respect thing a long long time ago.

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    I am a HUGE todd and blair fan, so this is hard to say, but definately for the next few years Todd and Blair should not reunite. Too much has happened and it would totally wreck the character of Blair if she went back down that road. I think they should stick with Blair and John (get marty out of it please) and keep tea around for todd. Then, down the road, after he has grown and changed, I could totally see Jack getting sick and that proximity rekindling the t-n-b magic. But NOT any time soon. I really think the writers are going to have to really give Todd some serious opportunities to grow and change. Maybe see him actually getting some counseling. And I think he has to pay in some real way for what he did to Marty, at least in some cosmic sense. Remember he took a bullet for her in Ireland and lost a year of his life. It has to be something akin to that, some major sacrifice for her. For me, he cant be forgiven and therefore successfully paired with anyone until Marty has forgiven him in some way – tolerance, acceptance,something. Its like Babe stealing Miranda on AMC. The only way I could even stomach her came AFTER Bianca forgave her. JMHO.

    OOOH if Marty gets convicted of being the serial killer, todd stands up and confesses to free her, saying he couldnt let her go to jail for a crime she didnt commit because he owes her. Then of course the real killer gets caught a few weeks down the road. Something like that would open the window up for Marty to get to a place where she tolerates todd.

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    Todd & Blair are totally toxic together. They bring out the worst in each other. After everything that has transpired, that relationship should be done for good.

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    I agree EricasEvilTwin. I love Todd and Blair, but there is just no way to put them back together right now or any time in the near future. Todd would have to make some serious changes. But as KDP points out, the writers can’t have him change too much or then he loses that edge that makes him Todd. I do think Todd and Blair will reunite before this show signs off for good (which I hope is later rather than sooner), but T&B are just not in the cards right now. I like John and Blair’s dynamic, but I do not enjoy Blair chasing after John while he makes goo-goo eyes at Marty. If they are going to make John and Blair a real couple, they need to have John make a decisive choice for Blair and stop acting like the same old emotional cripple.

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    Todd and Blair should be done. Too much happen between them to get back together, like Sonny and Carly. They need to be friends and parents to Starr, Jack, and Sam. I want Blair to be her own woman who don’t need a man to make her happy. I want her to live her life on her terms and be a mother bear to her children.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I am a HUGE todd and blair fan
    Well GH may divide us, but we both share a love for this couple! I like them apart now, but I want them to be the end game. Their relationship is no more toxic than Carl and Rachel’s on Another World. Carl tried to kill Rachel’s late husband several times, stalked her and her daughter Amanda, kidnapped various friends and family members and was a general menace. He even tried to off Rachel, twice, but at the end of the day, they were one of the show’s most romantic pairings. Of course in real life Blair should never go back to Todd, but it is a soap opera, and we’ve bought much worse hook line and sometimes stinker.

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    Jamey, I with you that this is a soap, but if they going to get back together, Blair can’t be a dumb fool when it comes to Todd’s behavior. I think that they should be on a even level and not be Todd’s doormat.

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    “KD: Yes, I think it’s over romantically. I can’t see them getting back together in terms of being a powerhouse romantic super-couple; unless, of course, there are some great transformations in Todd’s character.'”

    The only way I read this is she is saying, if the real Todd, RH, who she had mad chemistry with, ever came back, Todd and Blair would be romantically involved. Things are not the same since TSJ took over. There is no chemistry there. No vulnerability. Eeeesh, it makes me sad just thinking about it.

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