DC #363: CBS and Days Ho And A Half

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives Daytime Confidential episode Luke, Jamey, Melodie and Jillian discuss the latest in As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless news including…

Josie is out at As the World Turns while Lucy Montgomery is back in. Rachel Melvin quit Days of Our Lives and we discuss whether or not she’d make the perfect Lucy Montgomery.

The great car chase of 2009 took place on the Bold and the Beautiful this past week as Ridge and Rick Forrester turned into Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. Rick is supposedly going to join the army. Does anyone believe he’ll actually go through with it?

Rachel Melvin decided not to renew her contract with Days of Our Lives and the gang discusses which of the other seven soaps they’d like to see her end up on. What does the Chloe and Lucas breakup mean for Dr. Daniel and Chloe?

Grant Aleksander returned to Guiding Light as Phillip Spaulding, but was it Beth Chamberlin who stole the show? The gang share their first impressions Phillip’s return and prepare for a special Guiding Light episode to air later in the week.

The DNA test is in at The Young and the Restless and Jill is not Katherine’s daughter. Is undoing Katherine and Jill’s mother and daughter relationship a good or bad thing? Lily learns the truth about Billy and Chloe’s baby, but it looks like Billy is boinking Sharon next week. Why would Sharon want to have sex with her ex husband’s younger brother?

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12 Responses

  1. Profile photo of bonobochick

    HAHAAA on the Sad Ho. :bigsmile: There’s at least one on every soap. I guess it’s all about sexual healing.

    I know I am in the minority, but Josie at least grew a brain a few weeks in the whole Paul/Meg/Dusty crap, though why she still let’s Dusty treat her like sh*t indicates she’s still stupid in some ways. She’s more rootable than Meg and she’s got Meg’s number on being a cowardly, sniveling woman who uses men to fight her battles. Like Alison, I don’t see the appeal of Meg and why every man damn near loses his mind in trying to be with her. :|

    I wouldn’t mind Rachel Melvin on ATWT. There are a lot of good actors on the show but there are so many problems with the writing – though not as bad as Bold & the Beautiful judging from this podcast – and the pacing of ATWT. It’s frustrating. |( I can see why ATWT makes Jamey so angry. I get irritated a lot as well because it seems like so much potential and talent is unnecesarily wasted on stupid stories and bad writing.

    And the imbalance of screentime. Does ATWT have a breakdown writer? :quest:

  2. Profile photo of eriklovessoaps

    The problem with GL’s new look is that they make it so much more complicated than it should be. Like I said somewhere, Otalia works so well, partyly because they usually just put them at the kitchen table or couch (somewhere in the studio). I’m not against shooting outside, but it seems they are always behind with shooting outside, because they went into it like gangbusters to behin with and they have to do 5 episodes a week as it is. I like to know if they hired people that were accustomed to shooting outside on regular basis. I know I do like the look more than early last year when I quit watching for awhile. At least the music is overall better.

    Beith might as well be the heart and the soul of the show. They threw Reva away by hitching her to that serial rapist saint’s post to hatch his reptile spawn. Just make Josh the father and move on! Anyways, Beth is not interesting enough to be the heart and soul. Beth is Josh as in she is just a part of Philip’s life. Phillip isn’t the only one in the pair, but he is the one people are drawn to for his charasmaticness. And maybe that’s what’s wrong with Reva right now. She’s stuck with a guy that for some reason, people find charasmatic beyond belief. It’s prbably that Jeffery is played by the same guy that played Richard (A boring character in himself, so I don’t know where I’m going with that).

    At any rate, I take Olivia as my own personal heart and soul of the show and pray they just keep her far away from the serial rapist saint for my own viewing’s sake.

    As for ATWT, haven’t watched since Jennifer got killed off. Nice work Goutman!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan

    Jamey, I was just thinking about Kristen Alfonso going to B&B and actually being a Taylor recast, but I came to the conclusion that a new character would better serve the show. KA could definitely fit in well on B&B.

    I agree with most about Rachel Malven. I never liked Chelsea, but I can’t deny RM is a good actress. Zack died for this? I wish the last few years of Days could all be a dream.

  4. Profile photo of shale

    You guys this was a good podcast, not because GL was praised which it was not, but because you all covered storylines from the past week. I am glad you all are being real with your feelings on GL and still talking about the storylines.

  5. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I agree Shale. If someone does not like a show then they have a right to say so, the problem that a lot of GL fans had was that it was not pertained to storylines and they were not even discussed. For example I always suspected that Jamey wanted Josh and Reva back together as do most people but listening to the Podcast today I learned that he is not too fond of the Reva Jeffrey thing and Shaynes storyline.

    I cannot wait to listen to the GL podcast tomorrow, I want to hear everything good AND bad that you have to say!

  6. Profile photo of shale

    I know I had no clue Jamey was not found of Reva and Jeffrey, I hate that couple they are boring and lack passion. Shayne and Dinah story is boring, i am wanting Edmund to kick this story up but he is even being written boring.

    See Jamey i agree some with you, I just really like to hear everyone’s take on the storylines even if i do not agree with it.

  7. Profile photo of troymcclure

    Jeffrey and Reva are acting so stupid, how are people supposed to forget the passion that was Josh and Reva when we see her acting like a freaking 15 year old with Jeffrey. And she is pregnant, with leukemia! I had high hopes for Shayne and Dinah but I am bored. I like nushanyne but Dinah comes off as needy and I want Edmund to kick some ass ! Oh and I don’t even care about that Lara character.

    Thank god we have phillip back.

  8. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Thanks for the shout out Jamey lol, I do believe that GL’s cancelation will be a bad thing for the television industry as a whole, it’s the LONGEST running scipted drama in television and radio history, If it dies there is no reason for the house of mouse to say "Let’s keep this thing on" when its pulling in 100,000 more viewers then GL. And  if DAYS is gone as well (and doesn’t get saved by Frons) then we could lose at least 3 shows over the next year or so.

    THREE shows that have been on for generations, iconic shows that are known around the world. Not everyone watches soaps, but everyone knows who Luke and Laura are, we need to build on that, because right now who are we supposed to remember? Daisy & Grady?

    GL is improving, it has become a show i love watching and look forward to everyday and i never thought i would say that.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JAMEY DONT GIVE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I voted DAYS and BB off my viewing and i don’t miss it, just youtube the maggie scenes if you must, because you know they are not going to be as good as we want them to be lol.

  9. Profile photo of east.west

    Hey guys I have to say this episode is now one of my all time faves. I loved it that much. Jay, you are totally right about the stuff you said containing to GL. In the beginning of the new filming stuff, I was giving Ellen some props, b/c in my mind I thought she was making Friday Night Lights come to Daytime, w/the whole hometown feeling of it (which I stand by saying that it could work on this show & hell even ATWT b/c that show is unwatchable), but when they stuff came out that they cut down on the scripts and Ellen said it was suppose to be “The Hills lite” all of that was gone. And like you guys said, even though the story is good the show the filming doesn’t fit (I think I contradicted myself there, but oh well I am just rambling right now). Grant, Beth, Justin, & Marcy were the stars last wk. and if this is a preview of hopefully JLH version of GL then P&G have a returning viewer. Now getting back to what I wanted to say as fans we have the right to our opinions and as fans of this wonderful genre we have come to love we need to either learn to respect or agree to disagree w/other ppls. opinions. Like for you guys who still watch GH and love it. I respect yall devotion to IMO a bad soap, but I won’t tell yall not to watch.

    Well anyways like I said earlier sorry about the rambling and I hope what I was trying to say made some kind of sense lol.

    On an aside Jay you know you ain’t right for calling them girls homely looking lol. And I agree w/Jillian I would love to see Rachel cast as Steffy, b/c as much as I still hold out hope for JMW, the character of Steffy has the potential to be Jen Finnigan’s version of Bridget which got me hooked on the show, and I think Rachel would rock as Steffy. And Kristian Alfonso as Taylor Hayes, that could be intriguing. Like I have posted earlier I don’t think Hunter is a bad actress (the plastic surgery has made it kinda difficult to get into some of her dramatic scenes, but I think she good), but Kristian would bring a new twist to the role and she, KKL, & Susan Flannery in a scene would be all kinds of awesome.

  10. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    GL: I have some suggestions for them. They could bring back Amelia Marshall as Gilly Grant speaks and thrust her into Drama again. She could return and take control of the Network that she never quite got. She could this time be a no-holds-barns character who was out to get the scoop whatever the cost.

    On the other hand Remy’s father could return full-time and Gilly could know him since “THEY” had been having a relationship. She would think that he had been divorced and then figure out that he was still married. Mel would figure this out and her father would accuse Gilly of being the aggressor. Mel and Remy would work behind their mother’s back to try and get Gilly out of town but Remy would be drawn toward Gilly and somewhat sympathetic to want to believe that she is telling the truth.

    Seeing that Gilly was not going anywhere Mel would work to set her up with the help of Franks pretending to be interested in her. But Gilly does not take the bate so Mel hires man to seduce Gilly and plans to catch it on video so that she can blackmail her into leaving town. All this is done without Remy’s knowledge since she believes he would disagree with the tactics.

    Remy figures out that Mel is planning something and goes to warn Gilly. Sexual tensions arise and they end up making love while being caught on the video that was meant for the hired seducer.

    Mel discovers what happened when she sees the tape since the seducer never quite made it to see Gilly. She confronts her brother gets him to agree to stay away from her. Mel also has it out with Gilly calling her a cheap slut. She vows to do whatever it takes to get her out of town.

    Gilly interacts with other members of the town and soon starts feeling sick. After another heated confrontation with Mel she faints and is taken to the hospital. There they discover that she is pregnant.

    There is the beginnings of a good storyline.

  11. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Jeffrey and Reva have chemistry don’t get me wrong, but Josh should always be, well her always. That’s who they are to each other. I would be okay with Jeffrey/Reva if there were still longing glances between Josh and Reva, jealousy over Josh getting close to Beth and then ultimately Reva realizing she’s only been truly happy with Bud.

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