Elisabeth Hasselbeck Weighs In On Wii

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is taking on a cultural passtime, the Wii. On yesterday’s show Hasselbeck took issue with the fact that young children are going to play the Wii Fit and in order to play the game they have to weigh in and it will tell them that they are obese. Her argument is that children shouldn’t be labeled with a title like obese by a video game they are planning to have fun playing. Watch the clip. Do you think that Wii Fit goes to far, considering its audience?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Dear God in heaven, what did Sherri or Joy or Babs have to say about it? LOL Why is everything that comes out of that vapid little Barbie’s mouth breaking news? Is she Erica Kane now?

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    I think if the little munchkins are obese, it’s better they know the truth so they can do something about it and get healthy. It’s ridiculous to spare their feelings at the risk of their health.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I want someone to invent a Survivor video game. Even if you lose, you still get to advise vice-presidential candidates and be the authority on everything from Michael Phelps to the stimulus plan to which flavored condom tastes best.

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    Jamey Giddens

     think if the little munchkins are obese, it’s better they know the truth so they can do something about it and get healthy. It’s ridiculous to spare their feelings at the risk of their health.
    Most obese kids have parents with bad eating habits too. The mom is scolding little Portly Peter while liquifying pop tarts in a blender for herself and the hubby. It confuses kids. They should lead by example.

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    I’m just saying if a child is truly obese–which does happen–and risking their health, there is no point in denying it. Just face the fact and try to deal with it in the most positive way possible. There has to be a line between making the kid feel terrible about himself and making the kid feel good about a situation (obesity) that is in fact not a good thing. And if the parents are part of the problem, they should be stepping on the Wii scale right with them and unplugging the pop-tart blender.

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    She’s right, hate to say it. Video games should not be telling you your obese. Vidoe games should also not be the only exercise you do. Hey, I’m a fat ass and I know it. I exercise (yes, us obese people do exercise) and I love my Wii for sure. I believe in telling kids the truth and making sure they are healthy and don’t do the same mistakes I did or do, but I’m not gonna do it in a way that will crush them. There’s a proper way of doing things. I don’t want the kids to end up puking there guts out every day. There’s a right way and there’s a wrong way. If your only healthy regiment is Wii fit, you got a problem.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Sorry Season, can’t chat now, I am busy writing Elisabeth to get her to explain the relationship between the First Settlers and the Native Americans to me. Here’s what she sent back:

    "Dear Jamey,

    So happy you are seeking to enlighten yourself in this way. Now then, once upon a time, the kind, benevolent Pilgrims tried to gently covert the wicked, angry savages into good-if not exactly equal-little Christians. Of course those Godless wretches had to resist, so the Pilgrims had no choice but to kill off as many as they could—those tommyhawks were early day weapons of mass destruction— and many years later give the remaining cry babies some parcels of land with Casinos. Now gambling was against the Pilgrims’ religion, but they decided that since the Savages didn’t worship our God, who cares if they were sentenced to the fiery flames of Satan’s Hell?

    Remember now, be a GOOD American and SUPPORT the president even if you disagree, never speak out because it’s un-American. Oh wait, scratch that last part, Obama won! Shoot, I keep forgetting that! Right, CRITICIZE everything the president does and also sound off with authority on any and all societal issues from Michael Phelps to video games and don’t you DARE let the fact that your only experience with human relations is playing with your Barbies and Kens and eating bugs on a reality show, intimidate you from voicing your opinions LOUDLY and PROUDLY (preferably in a high-pitched squeal only discernable to Dolphins). Don’t listen to nay-sayers! 

    Watch me on The View, weekdays on ABC and now online!


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    The birds and the bees in the outdoors don’t tell you you’re obese. Just sayin’…

    Yeah, but who wants to get pooped on. When it comes down to it you either have to contend with your Wii or a bunch of snot-nosed brats making you feel bad about yourself. Video games may be cruel but kids can be crueler. At least, you can turn off the video game.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Haters gotta hate,
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    I still can’t for the life of me even begin to contemplate the rational of wanting someone to urinate on you as a form of sexual pleasure. I wish somebody would ask me, "Can I pee on you?"

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    Hello it’s called WII FIT! It’s a uppity scale if you really think about it. If your obsese child or not it’s better you know now and use the Wii Fit as an aid to lose some weight. I stepped on it and I was not offended by being called obsese. I bet you if it said underweight it wouldn’t be this scandal.

    I though what Elizabeth said was just dumb.

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    As for the comment before mine… EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! But I have had moments where that was asked of me Jamey. Awkward times. Really awkard times.

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    I actually thought this aired a while back.

    At any rate, I teach a boy who is very tall and big. In fact, he is probably about 6’2″ and just ten years old. He told me that he was upset about the Wii Fit labeling him as obese. He also told me (and I don’t know if this is correct or not) that it asked his age but not his height — so, in his eyes the results weren’t really fair. His feelings were really hurt.

    I don’t normally agree with Elisabeth, but I feel like maybe she has a point this time. (By the way, my student told me about his experience before Elisabeth mentioned it)


    By the way, in the story the last line contains the wrong to (remember to, two, too?)

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