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Sebastian Roché (ex-Jerry Jacks, General Hospital) and Annie Wersching (ex-Amelia, General Hospital) aren’t the only daytime stars to appear on this season of 24. I’m a bit behind on 24 this season, but I had a chance to watch it live last night and all of a sudden I spotted  Eyal Podell (ex-Adrian Korbel, The Young and the Restless) as what appears to be one of the bad guys. I wasn’t the only who noticed him, Daytime Confidential reader Jenna also spotted the former daytime star. It’s unfortunate that The Young and the Restless wasn’t able to figure to keep Korbel around.

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    I was too excited to see Grant Morshower (Aaron) and Carlo Rota (Morris), though I couldn’t remember who Carlo Rota was, but I knew he was a past regular, to look for Eyal’s name. However, I don’t think I would have recognized his name if I had seen it.

    I first heard his voice and just knew I had heard him before. When I saw his face, I knew immediately. It looks like he will be on next week as well.

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    J Bernard Jones

     Daytime stars have been all OVER the dial the last few weeks:

    Alexa Havins (ex-Babe, AMC) and Bailey Chase (ex-Chris, ATWT) on Cold Case.
    John Anniston (Victor, Days) as Olympia Dukakis’ stud muffin on Worst Week.
    Kristin Connolly (soon-to-be ex-Josie, ATWT) on Life on Mars.
    Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas, B&B) on CSI.
    Stephen Schnetzer (Cass, AW-ATWT-GL) on Fringe and Damages.

    There are so many it’s hard to keep up!

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    Also, MacKenzie Mauzy was on the last week’s episode of Law & Order. Her performance really showed that B&B killed the wrong twin.And Michelle Ray Smith was on Law & Order: SVU a couple of weeks ago. Although, her performance was less inspiring.

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    Usually I can tell if a TV show, movie, or commercial is filmed in New York (or the east coast) based on who is in it. Law & Order has had so many soap actors on it.

    Yes, I am one of those annoying viewers who just cannot thoroughly enjoy something until they know where they have seen so and so and then I can’t keep my mouth shut and have to tell someone.

    I saw Stephen Schnetzer on both FRINGE and DAMAGES and it confirmed what I already knew, that both are filmed in New York. Too bad he didn’t get more air time. It was terrible what happened to him on FRINGE.

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    Dang, I mentioned to Jonathon all the soap actors in the first couple of epis of 24 and now I am having a brain fart. All I can remember right now is Mark Derwin is playing the Sec. of State.

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    I wish I’d been watching 24 from the start; I happened to catch it last night along with the fabulous Eyal Podell but unfortunately, it just didn’t grab me. His character on Y&R was one thing that LML’s regime did right until it was proven that he and Sursok were a fizzle.

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    *looks up*

    Ex-Annie (GH), Ex-Ben (OLTL) Ex-Red (that 70 show) Ex dude from the nine, Ex Olivia on AMC.

    I think thats it but you probably said more and i just can’t find it lol.

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