Go Red Ball Mystery Man Identified

A big thank you to the readers who helped me solve my Go Red Ball Mystery Man question. For those like me who wondered who the actor is, his name is Scott Evans and he portrays Oliver Fish. As I suspected, my fast forwarding most police station scenes (I watch the Bo, Rex and Nora scenes) is the cause of my confusion, since he’s a police officer. Thank you to all who commented and cleared things up for me. Now I have to ask, would you like to see Oliver with Layla or Stacy? More pictures from today’s show after the jump.

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    This guy is really goofy but I kinda like him!! He’s been John’s sidekick and came through for the dark knight everytime. I think he could be great for Layla as she desperately needs a storyline. Being with Stacy would keep her away from Rex…so I’m torn. I want to know what his story is though for sure!!

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    I would like to see Oliver with Layla and see a hot interracial romance/relationship. However, I too, like seasons1217 think Oliver could be the possible killer hinted by ABC’s marketing department in the promos. I am hoping he is not.

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    I keep coming back to Mr. J as the killer. He def. has a reason to kill Janet. I suspect Wes knew who killed Janet and that was why he was killed. But oliver makes some sense as well — janet could have fleeced him too and the person has to be someone able to stab a trained military guy without waking the neighborhood.

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    Just some extra information about Scott Evans. He is the younger brother of actor Chris Evans, who was the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, Not Another Teen Movie, the Nanny Diaries, and can be seen in the new movie, Push, in theaters now. And another thing about Scott Evans, he is gay in real life too. They both are definitely good looking brothers. :)

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    I can’t say that I’m too invested in this character, but I try him with Layla because he obviously has a thing for her. Anyways, Stacy doesn’t seem like a girl who is looking for a relationship right now.

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    I’m enjoying Fish very, very much. I love how soaps have bit characters who are just so appealing. I mean, he’s no Diane or Alice on GH, but he’s still actually entertaining. I hope he’s not the killer. I hope Sch-howeverthehellyouspellit isn’t the killer, either. But if I had a name like that, I’d probably want to turn a bit psycho and take it out on people.

    Fish looks a bit like Brody to me. And speaking of Brody, annoying new faux-aussie over at GH’s last name is Lovett, too. ABC soaps exist in the same world, so it makes me wonder.

    Maybe he *is* the killer, though. And he’s going after people who have hurt John in some way. Wes did. Blair’s gonna be a victim, too, and some could argue that her leaving John broke his (non-existent) heart. Maybe Stacy’s just a beard, and Fish’s passion lies entirely with John. It’d be like that Daniel Colson thing all over again… well, not entirely, but gay serial killer.

    Too bad Scott Evans is Chris Evans’s brother. I can’t stand Chris Evans!!!

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