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There was so much going on at the Go Red Ball, what with David Vickers finding out he is the Buchanan heir and the three way fight between John, Todd and Wes, that I forgot to ask about the identity of Layla’s (Tika Sumpter) date. 

Before I continue I must confess that I often find myself fast forwarding through the police station scenes so if he’s a cop there’s a good chance I missed his introduction. I know that he has a crush on Layla and that he went home with Gigi’s sister Stacy, but other than that I’m drawing a blank? Please help me and my confusion.

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    On OLTL, he is a policeman who works with Bo, Antonio, Talia and is friends with John.

    In real-life, he is Chris Evans’ (of Fantastic Four fame) younger brother.

    In both incarnations, he is a very handsome man. :-) And a pretty good actor.

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    That’s Fish. I believe that he works, or used to work, at the Cherryvale police department while Talia was working there. He’s a computer expert, and he helped John out quite a bit with some research that was of questionable legality while John was trying to figure out what Todd was hiding in his house.

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    That’s Oliver Fish and, yes, he is a cop. He’s been around on and off for about a year or so. When Talia and Antonio had some stupid fight, Talia had the bright idea to transfer to Cherrydale, which is some quiet retirement community near Llanview.

    When Antonio and Talia made up and she wanted to transfer back, Fish took her place in Cherrydale. He met Leyla randomly at the coffeehouse months ago and they sparked, so I guess they wanted to pick up that thread again.

    Fish was also McBain’s computer-savvy sidekick (his Spinelli) during the search for Marty and most recently did a background check for McBain on Wes. He saw Leyla there and they discovered they were both going to the Go Red Ball.

    Hope that helps…

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    Luke Kerr

    Chris Evan’s younger brother? I just watched Chris with Dakota Fanning in PUSH. It wasn’t a half bad movie and Evans was the best part of FF4. It will be interesting to see how his brother’s character is incorporated into Llanview.

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    He seems to help John a lot with hush hush work. He was the one who was able to decypher the picture of Marty that John had on the computer, he also was the one who got all the dirt on Wes.

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    Is anyone watching OLTL live in Central Time? They have McBain in a collarless leather jacket much like the one Jason wears on GH. That, along with the new shorter ‘do and it’s downright disturbing!

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    Thanks for asking the question Luke, I had no idea who he was either because I FF through the police station scenes too!

    And nothing wrong with the Fantastic 4 – Julian McMahon and Chris Evans – what’s not to love -lol!

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