Nickelodeon’s attempt at capturing the High School Musical audience airs tonight (8/7c). Starring Ex-Home and Away and current The Young and the Restless star Tammin Sursok this movie is sure be a enjoyment for all. Will you be tuning in?

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    Awwwwwwwwwwwe, I am actually looking forward to it, I am not tuning in tonight (going to watch 24) but after seeing this song (and now having it stuck in my head. "EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE!!!") I think it is going to be decent, and they are already in talks to do a sequel.

    There are some cool casting tidbits in there as well if you are fan of Degrassi you will see Ex-Hazel Andrea Lewis :) 

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    But you can never recreate the glory that is High School Musical!

    Agreed, but see looking at HSM 1 now that i have seen 3 its just kinda painful, the stuff they did to the actors voices and such its just bad lol.

    I can’t wait to watch 3 again when the dvd comes out tomorrow :).

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    Sorry, I just do not get the appeal of Tammin at all, lol. But the song was cute and catchy. And I sincerely hope it’s a big success and spawns many sequels. Especially if it means Tammin leaves Y&R and Adrienne comes back :)

    Thanks for posting John!! Btw, I really liked AL/Hazel on Degrassi :)

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    Do you really think Adrienne would come back? After all of this time also don’t you think its just time for us (as fans) to move on? I know Adrienne will ALWAYS BE ‘certain people’s’ Colleen! but whatever lol, I guess I just accept recast and say ‘it could be worse they could kill off every character like EastEnders’ LOL *hands Daisy a tissue as she sobs over the loss of the Dyer family*

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    Oh John, you had to mention the Dyer family!! *sniff* *sniff* :(

    (Daisy, trying to compose herself…)

    Yeah, a recast is *def* better than killing off the character! I agree with that, lol. But I do miss Adrienne *a lot* Actually though, I might even prefer her coming back to GH as Brook Lynn. Career-wise Y&R is a better move, but I think GH could *really* use her.

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    I’d prefer they’d killed off the character of Colleen rather than Brad, instead leaving us with Tammin in the role. It couldn’t get any worse for this fan; Tammin has ruined the character for me. I can only hope that she finally acquires the stardom that she wants with this kiddie movie so she will move on from Y&R.

    This is a different regime and no one except Adrianne herself could answer that question. That said, Adrianne is making her comeback in acting this year, so stay tuned!

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    @Daisy– I am good at hitting the soft spots :( *mumbles the sprumors about Jay better not be true *

    I never saw Adrienne I hear about her getting fired VIA DC, Lisa explaining the whole "she got fired cuz she was overweight’ or something…

    @ktuc –

    See I don’t think there is really a comparison between killing off Colleen/ Brad, Brad has been around forever, and probably cost 3x what Tammin does lol, so i understand why they killed him off, also it was used for more storylines and not just a ‘kill a vet and lets forget about him.’

    I look forward to seeing AL in the future :).

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    *sigh* John, you know Jay and especially Jase are like my kryptonite! You bring them up and I lose the will to fight! LOL

    ktuc: Adrianne’s making a comeback to acting this year?? Awesome!!

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    I totally agree with you about HSM and how they changed the voices….Zac Efron can clearly sing, so why didn’t he get to in the first movie!? HSM3 was so great…..I hope they don’t ruin it with HSM4 and 5 and 3 million!

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    @Daisy –

    Hehehe your Dyernite?


    Because Disney sucks…lol, He is such a better singer when they just leave him alone -.-.


    Oh come on not feeling the teeny bopper love??????????? Actually I can’t see you sitting infront of the t.v. fanboying out everytime Tammin comes on screen, Now if Rebeca Budig ever does a musical you are so there right?

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    ROFLOL, I don’t know why, i took a drink as i was reading this and i came to your post Daisy and all the sudden i got chocked up and spit my water out LOL.

    I’d love to see his inner teeny bopper LOL

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    Johnathon… While I do understand why it was Don Diamont that was axed and not Tammin or any of the other newbies but I’d still preferred to have her (them) gone than him. I agree that DD probably was making a whole lot more $$$ than Tammin as a newbie makes. It just doesn’t make it any easier for me since I don’t see what the fuss is all about with her. To each their own though!

    Daisy… Yes, Adrianne is making her comeback and also working on her music. She will start filming a movie next month, I think, with Y&R’s former Larry Wharton titled “First Kill”; she is also listed as the Exec. Producer in the Independent Film, alongside LW. I’m unsure at this point what else she will be doing though but she does like to stay in touch with her fans.

    Jamey…I think it was the crappy LML writing that had her acting the manner in which you refer. She was also trying to help her fans with the crossover since she left GH one day and aired on Y&R the next.

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    @ ktuc–

    If I had to pick who to save just from a character perspective I would have picked Brad, I think its horrible that they killed him off and left no chance for a return (this is YR though so he can come back as a look alike).

    I guess its because I haven’t been watching long that i am able to enjoy Tammin/Colleen. Imo i would rather have Colleen on more then Lily..

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    I would totally watch it if I could! I’m a sucker for all kinds of films with singing, whether it’s Sweeney Todd, Mary Poppins, Grease or stuff like HSM and Camp Rock. :) But as I’m not living in the US, I probably won’t get a chance to see it…
    I haven’t been watching Y&R for very long, so I can’t compare Tammin to the previous actresses that played Colleen. I’m enjoying her. Gotta agreee with Johnathon there, I’d rather see Colleen more than Lily.

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    I managed to catch some of Spectacular and well, it’s a kids show so it doesn’t appeal to me at all but I guess I can understand the appeal of it to teeny-boppers since High School Musical was so popular.

    I think that all of 4 of the stars of the show did okay, including Tammin. What stood out for me about her performance on Spectacular vs. Y&R is that she looked like she really enjoyed what she was doing on Spectacular – she was really into it in a way we just never, ever see on Y&R. I think this movie-musical stuff is her thing and drama just isn’t. TS is woefully miscast as Colleen and I really wish that TIIC would wake up to that fact.

    Count me in as one who would love to see Adrianne Leon return to her rightful role as Colleen Carlton. There was a time when I thought that was possible but I no longer do, unfortunately. But then again, stranger things have happened.

    I hear they’re doing a sequel to Spectacular so maybe TS will decide that it’s safe for her to leave Y&R now and TIIC can finally cast the role of Colleen properly.

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    See I don’t think so, I think what will happen is she will leave YR for a few weeks/maybe 2 months, film Spectacular 2 and then come back to YR, I don’t see her leaving a safe job and persuing Spectacular (The Movie series) as a full time gig, even the High School Musical stars were doing other things… So i can see her staying just kinda vanishing like YR actors do when they get a movie lol.

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