Unto Us An Abbott Is Born

Unto us an Abbott is born, wrapped in swaddling, its mother lying in a cabin. I loved that Billy Abbott was there for the birth of his child on yesterday’s The Young and the Restless. Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson did great jobs in those scenes. The look on Billy’s face in the picture above was priceless and hearing Chloe make him promise to take care of the baby no matter what gave the character of Chloe a tad bit more humanity.

Then there were Lily (Christel Khalil), Cane (Daniel Goddard) and the snow storm. I understand the theory of sending someone out into the middle of a snow storm to get help, but to turn it into a telephone/walkie talkie relay seemed a little odd. I will give Lily this though, at least she was willing to help Chloe. As for Cane, wasn’t the death of Brad (Don Diamont) enough to keep the upstanding citizens of Genoa City from trekking through the forest in the middle of a snow storm? Chloe appeared to have made it to the cabin before the snow storm hit, but Cane went searching for a cabin he’d never been to as a snow storm hit? I understand love conquers all, but stupid is as stupid does and Cane proved once again that beauty does not beget brains. More pictures after the jump.

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    At the end of the show when Cane held the baby and kissed it, I was waiting on Lily to walk over there and slap him upside the head and scream that’s not your baby! I know he’ll find out soon enough, but I wanted Lily to do that so bad!

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    These scenes were incredible!!! Billy and Elizabeth were amazing! I can’t imagine having to fake giving birth and actually do it well. And yes the look on Billy’s face was priceless on several occasions!

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    Yeah, Billy and Elizabeth were really awesome in those scenes. Lily, however… meh. When she was trying to act upset about Billy and Chloe, she just kept making all of these hand gestures that completely distracted and weren’t believable at all. I just kept thinking “Why the hell is she waving around like this?!”
    And also, on a side note: Isn’t she supposed to have been a model? Why does the 8 month pregnant lady have more fashionable clothes than her?! She’s in her early 20s and has a perfect figure – why not let her have a little more exciting clothes?
    Oh and my favorite scene was when Chloe said she was stuck with Incubus and Succubus and then Billy had this adorable goofy grin on his face and she was like “Don’t you dare smile at me like that, Billy!” :)

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    All I can say is “WOW!” This was such a satisfying result in the story thus far. The acting from Elizabeth Hendrickson, Billy Miller and I cannot believe I am saying this, but Christel Khalil were all incredibly believable and the dialogue was completely organic, true to character and undeniably exciting. One of the best birth scenes I have seen on a soap in many years as well as serving the story in a superior way. Chloe was snarky right through the birth, Billy showed his heart and lily’s devastation turned to sympathy for the woman who has stolen, lied and manipulated the 2 men in her life. This is how a soap opera should work. Big kudos to the entire crew, cast and especially the writing team, who just keep getting better and better at creating THE best soap on air. The other stories in the episode were treated with the same care and quality as the main story of the birth going on. Cane bursting in at the last moment did require some suspense of belief BUT it made for a very effective cliff-hanger, which Y&R has been doing more and more lately, not just on Fridays. Cannot wait for today to see who is the first to tell Cane the truth that he is not the baby’s father. I was screaming at the end for someone to say something but the camera showed Lily look at Billy who looked at Chloe, successfully letting the viewer know that no one wanted to break Cane’s heart as he held the baby and instantly began to bond with her. I hope that he is told immediately because it would be so unfair for him to continue for one second more thinking he is “dad,” besides the fallout from him learning the truth will be a total shock to him. Unfortunately, I think that Chloe’s health issue is going to take precedent before anyone can say something to him. I think it is Chloe’s responsibility to tell him but it will probably be either Billy or Lily who has to let him know. The more powerful choice would be Billy because no matter what, this is going to cause an even larger drift in their sibling relationship. I think every single other soap writing team (even OLTL) need to watch these scenes and learn how a great story becomes an even better climax without any over-the-top antics, violence, bad acting, cheesy dialogue, plot-driven drivel necessary. This was soap opera at it’s true essence involving heart, soul, relationships, character-driven purposes and an organic set-up. Lily putting it all together with Chloe about how she was in love with Billy who did not return the feelings, also insecure about her being the maid’s daughter and feeling that having a Chancellor baby would solidify the image she has of herself. Christel was surprisingly solid and showed some sass and strength in what is normally a wishy-washy personality. Hopefully, Lily will take some time to herself to figure out how she ended up in this situation and not just run back to Cane so they can be fee to love and be happy together. Lily, as well as Chloe, have some true soul-searching to do withing themselves. The show is so good right now, I am having viewing parties almost every night with my few good friends and partner for either a home-cooked meal, take-out and a good bottle of wine to go with our favorite TV show.

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    Love what MAB did so far with Y&R!

    This quad, worst story EVER! Boring like hell!

    Put dumb and dumber together and call it quit!

    As for Billie and Chloe, where is the chemistry, and like Billie said “it was nothing, less than nothing!”

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    Yes, yes… a thousand times yes! (Commenter next to Miry, “I want what she’s having!”– Answer: Chilly baby birth, Baby!)

    Oh my, these scenes were amazing! EH & BM were on fire!!
    Even CK did a pretty good job, and for the first time since Davetta Sherwood, I was starting to see a little Dru in Lily (Dru would totally try to talk about the situation, even though clearly, Chloe was about to “drop a bowling ball”). I must have watched these scenes like 10 times. BM’s facial expressions were priceless. And you can just see the heartache and the fact that Billy loves his “(my) little girl” and even cares a little bit for her mother (you can’t go through something like that and not– he even holds her hand and tells her that everything will be okay– le sigh!).
    All I can say about EH is that she rocked the hell out of those scenes. I really believed that she was having a baby (my favorite line was the one that she said to Billy about him being trapped like the rat that he is… as she patted him on the back. Hi-larious!). I haven’t seen a realistic birthing since TB’s Carly on GH (you know, before she got shot in the sex brain). No offense to Eden R (I love her, hate Binks now), but she needs to get some tips from her BFF b/c that last birth on AMC was ridiculous!

    I actually didn’t mind the walkie-talkie action. I thought it was a brilliant way get Lily out of the cabin so that Billy and Chloe could talk freely, and bond some more. Things would have been too suppressed if Lily was there giving snarky looks while Chilly were tryin’ to do their thang. (I just loved how Billy was able to turn Lily “off” so to speak, until that baby was born). I even like Lily a little bit more b/c she was being self-less going out there in a blizzard like that to talk to her aunt FOR Chloe (2nd favorite EH line: “Will you stop making goo-goo eyes at her and go! I’m about to have a baby!”)

    The only thing that I felt fell a little flat was DG’s performance as Cain. I mean, when he was like “I’m your daddy and she’s your mommy, blah, blah”, I was like does he have a speech impediment? (Ya’ll might not have seen this part yet, it occurs on the episode after this one)… yeah, that whole next epi I was like ugh at his performance (except when he was being touchy/caring with Chloe, that seemed genuine, and of course when he was holding or talking about the baby). And I normally like DG. Anyhoo, as for the character Cain, I do feel bad for him, b/c you could tell that he loves that baby soo much and he is just gonna be crushed and will probably turn into the “bad” brother… b/c Billy really WOULD have taken everything from him (first his job, then his family).

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but personally, I sort of don’t want Cain to find out so soon. I want Billy to be tortured and to figure out that he really wants that baby (and Chloe!)! I want Lily, to tell Billy that he must tell the truth… but after she see’s how much Cain loves that baby (maybe the baby also has a health scare and he tells her how it would kill him if he lost another baby, esp. this baby b/c she is tangible), so she decides that Cain’s happiness is all that really matters, and tells everyone to keep the secret (I could totally see Lily guilt-tripping the BOTH of them to keep their mouth’s shut). Perhaps Lily starts to think about how HER life would have turned out had she known all along that Malcolm was her real dad. Then Neil wouldn’t have been, and she probably would have had a very different life. I want her to think about that shyt, and that now even knowing the truth, Neil IS still her REAL dad in every way that counts, and she knows that she wouldn’t change that for anything [in this case, Lily herself got the “good”, responsible dad… just like Boog (supposedly) is]. Now wouldn’t that be a fascinating use of history and a way to have Lily FINALLY scheme (a lil’ more Dru please), but you know, for all the right reasons? …B/c of course she and Cain will get back together, but you know once he finds out the truth and that she knew, they would be history [that way Lane fans could have their couple back, but the rest of us (about what? 98% of the viewing population, heh) could have something that is enjoyable b/c they wouldn’t be soooo freakin’ boring b/c Lily would be lying, and that baby would still come between them b/c we would know that any day he could find out the truth, and that vile coupling would be over!). Finally, I even want Chloe to feel bad about what is going on and want to tell the truth (not just b/c she wants Billy, but also b/c she feels remorse for what she is doing to Cain); but continue the lie anyway b/c everyone else (Billy and Lily) tells her that she must.

    Well, that was my little fantasy, but nonetheless, Y&R is on freakin’ fire and I haven’t been this excited about something on this show since hell, the O.G. Mac & Billy and the Glo by Jabot kids! (Ooh, someone needs to point out that that’s why Billy is soo messed up, he thought his one-true-love was his cousin! OMG– when are they going to reveal that they are NOT cousins!! <– hopefully AFTER Chilly is established b/c that’s just good soap).

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    I think Lily was pretty good in those scenes, even though her hand moves are a little distracting.

    You are spot on about the clothing, why is she always in mom jeans and a sweater, when her figure is amazing. Even pregnant, Chloe’s wardrobe is ten times better. I’m starting to think VR was right about some actresses getting sloppy seconds in the wardrobe department!

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