Christel Khalil on an LML-Free Y&R

I know I’ve been hard on Christel Khalil (Lily, The Young and the Restless), but the actress really impressed me in her scenes where Lily blasted Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and Billy (Billy Miller) about their dirty, little baby secret this past week. For the first time in awhile it felt like Khalil was holding her own and even showed that she has the potential to make the character every bit her late mother’s daughter. Finally, I remembered why I enjoyed the character and actress so much during her initial teen storyline stint opposite Michael Graziadei.  Khalil further impressed me in a recent interview with Michael Fairman, where she had high praise for new boss Maria Arena Bell, proving she didn’t drink from the LML kool-aid and actually knows the difference between good writing and bad writing for her show.

Michael Fairman: Have you noticed a difference in the scripts under Maria Arena Bell and the new regime?

Christel Khalil: Yes, I love Maria Bell. I love what she is writing. Honestly, I loved when Josh Griffith was writing the show, when Lynn latham was gone because of the Strike.  It was amazing and we miss Josh. I think with Maria it’s great, too. She knows the history of the show, which is something Lynn Latham did not know. So it’s great having someone who knows the show and how she writes it."


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    Preach it, Christel!

    LML’s reign of terror SUCKED!

    I love after she got canned how practically every character was seen carrying a water bottle as if to give LML the finger! (LML banned plastic bottles, diamonds, and a shitload of other stuff that she “ojected” to.

    And she fired the divine Eileen Davidson claiming she never “got” the character of Ashley! What an ass!

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    Yes, bless you Jamey! Colleen and Lily are my girls and I am glad you guys finally started taking notice. Now tell the rest of your DC Friends and Nelson Branco, to go apologize and kiss her a@#!

    Say what you will about Lily, but she makes every guy she is with spark! Daniel, Cane, Billy and even Kevin!

    Billy does have a few of his own sparks…but still, I’m saying!

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    Luke’s been watching “Are you being served?” lol.. I got that reference.

    As for CK. She’s doing good work. I’m not ringing any bells just yet. But I enjoy a bit now.

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    Luke Kerr

    Are you being served is one of my favorite shows and though I can’t usually remember the "speaking for myself, and I am unanimous in this" I try and get it in when I do and it applies. Not to many people get it so it’s nice to see that someone did. I love the show. In fact I was just watching it last night. Surprisingly it was an ep I hadn’t watched before. It was the one where Mr. Humpries find’s out he’s Old Mr. Grace’s son.

    This is one of those shows I can watch over and over and never get tired of it. It is hilarious.

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    Christel is on the money. LML did not know the history of the show and I still have not got over some
    of the firings of fan favorites, but most of all Cassie’s death.

    Christel has impressed me with her growth as an stress and she delivered big time with the way she let Chloe and Billy boy have it! Her miscarriage scenes were amazing to me as well.

    I love Lane and am hoping they get back together soon. Christel is Lily, that “substitute Lily” is no where to be found for a reason, she was horrible. That girl had one look it and was “confused”. Never liked Daily period but am crazy in l love with Lane, Christel, and DG, this combination is gold!

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    Dear Luke,

    I just wanted to let you know that NB gave Christel Khalil a back-handed complement in his column this week!

    I do believe hell is beginning to frost over.

    I understand you still like your grape hatorade, but perhaps it’s time to switch flavors.


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    Very true Season! But she didn’t say she didn’t like LML, only that LML didn’t know the soap’s history.

    I don’t know the story lines well enough to place them relative to LML’s tenure, but to her credit, she had some very engaging story arcs to me. For example:

    Brad never had a great backstory, and especially in light of the fact that he was killed off this year, I loved the anti-Nazi backstory she gave him and it really incorporated a lot of the ensemble cast in an organic way.

    She also created what started out as a great character Cane, until MAB got her hands on him, and Lane was one of the most romantic and engaging love stories I’ve seen until MAB started writing it.

    Further the death of Cassie and resulting Phyllis and Nick affair, was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen on soaps and really brought Joshua Morrow to a higher level as an actor.

    I understand from some reports that things were hectic behind the scenes, but to a sometime fan of the show who favored General Hospital, she made Y&R must see TV for me, until the dwarf raped Cane and they decided that Cane should be a chump and Lily should be the punching bag for “the man” and all hell started to break loose!

    From August 08 to Sweeps week this year, I’ve been cherrypicking Y&R on Youtube, but after today’s show, I think I’ll wait until this Quad crap reveal and then decide if a full episode warrants my attention again.

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