Claire Coffee Lands A Pilot

Great news for Claire Coffee fans! What is General Hospital‘s loss is another show’s gain as Ms. Coffee has landed herself a pilot! And, she’s sticking with the alphabet network! Here are the details:

TITLE: This Might Hurt (single-camera, completed)
STUDIO: Guy Walks Into A Bar / 20th TV
TEAM: Jason Winer (w, d)
SYNOPSIS: Medical comedy revolves around a multi-specialty private practice in which a pediatrician, an internist and an OB-GYN all operate under the same roof.
CAST: Josh Dean, Hayes MacArthur, Vanessa Lengies, Missi Pyle, Tom Amandes, Alex Meneses, Claire Coffee

Thanks to Addie for the tip!

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  1. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Yay!!! Foolish GH idiots.

    Is it possible that this is why she was taken off contract or did she have time for this because GH wasn’t using her enough? When will Nadine disappear?

    Best of luck to her!! I will miss her.

  2. Profile photo of mrrsinger12

    I’m really happy to read this news!! I thought it was awful that GH just decided to let such a talented actress go like that so I’m glad this is happening for her. It sounds like it will be a good show.

    Congratulations Claire!

  3. Profile photo of Maura227

    I’m really happy for Claire.. they totally sacrificed her at the alter of Nem 2.0.. what a waste. They never even explored what could have been if they woke jolene up… which would have been completely possible w/ babe dead.. way to go Frons…

  4. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Courtney fan4life, just because she’s recurring doesn’t mean we’ll see her. Bobbie is recurring too and we havn’t seen her in close to a year, and she’s the head of nurseing.

  5. Profile photo of Trudi

    Great News! I just love it when one of the performers Frons’ passes over for his pathetic favorites goes on to accomplish far more then they ever could under the fiefdom that is ABC Daytime! Kick ***!

    May Beth Ann Bonner achieve the same success.

  6. Profile photo of ahanshew

    Congrats to her! As for the other cast, Tom Amandes played Dr. Abbott on Everwood and Vanessa Lengies was on that show about Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. I just can’t remember the name right now. I recognize the name Missy Pyle too.

  7. Profile photo of lizznJas4ever

    I am really happy for her. I can’t say that I’ll miss her because I haven’t been watching gh since they broke Liason up.

    I thought her & Nick had a lot of potential, don’t like NEM at all. I love her & think she is a great actress. To pull off her lines & keep a straight face was awesome.

    Basically, I like all the characters that tiic don’t, so I’m done watching. I will check out her new show. Now lets hope that Becky would look for something else. I would love to see the actors that tiic screwed over have a whole lot of success!

  8. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Nadine is amazing! She’s a throwback to the great GH characters old old like Lucy and Amy. I cannot believe they tossed her for a Faux Niokalas and Emily regurgitation. Cows chew cud, can soaps stop doing it please?!

  9. Profile photo of infomania12

    I love CC. She is wonderful actress. GH made a big mistake for letting her go. I can’t believe they got rid of her just to accomodate this Em round no3. They could do a triangle or would have paired Nadine with Matt.
    Nadine was a breath of fresh air on GH. There are not enough women on the show. They keep bringing in men. Enough already GH!
    Good for CC. I would look out for her in any show she is in. She is talented.

  10. Profile photo of taa2

    No, I don’t think so, petitejolie. As a viewer, I think that’s a real shame. As a minority viewer, it makes me damn angry. Furthermore, with the exception of the recent addition of the Hubbard family, there aren’t any minorities across any of the ABC soaps. That’s three full hours without seeing any people of color some days at worst and at best, two full hours. This, in a genre with a huge black audience. It is time someone or some organization (again) made a huge fuss. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happening.

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